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Junkyard Dogism

The game was blacked out on last night (Indy is too close to ChiTown I guess) so I was relegated to watching the highlights on  Drat!

Junkyard dogs never say die.  You gotta’ kill ‘em or they will kill you in the end.  What a motley crew!  They just keep on winning.  They are too stupid to know they aren’t that good so they just go out and win.  Everyone’s favorite 3B got 2 hits.  If he can stay healthy I think 3B is not a huge issue.  Remember, in about two weeks the Dodgers should get Kemp and maybe Mark Ellis back.

Kenley Jansen threw all cutters last night, except for the second to last pitch to Gordon Beckham, which was an 81 MPH slider that Beckham looked at.  The next pitch was a 94 MPH fastball that just froze Beckham for the final out of the game.  Maybe it wasn’t a change up, but that drop-off to 81 and back up to 94 is hard to handle.  I hope Kenley has learned a new trick, if not a pitch.

If the Dodgers just play .500 ball the rest of the season, they will win 90 games.  I think they will play a lot better than .500 the rest of the way.  These guys are Junkyard Dogs!

Clayton is obviously in pain with his foot.  It may not affect his throwing, but it’s affecting his pitching.  His ERA has ballooned to an ungodly 2.88.  OMG, he is toast.  I doubt that it will hurt his arm, it’s just whether he can endure the pain in his foot.  Missing one start could be an option.

It is becoming apparent to me that Ted Lilly may need surgery.  I think he’s done for the year.  The Dude can’t throw and that’s a problem.

If the Dodgers could get Matt Garza on the cheap, I would endorse that move – the problem is that the Cubs would want Lee.

The A’s release The Manny – I would be shocked if this isn’t the end of the line.

6/15/12 – Jared Massey’s Minor League Report



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11 Responses to “Junkyard Dogism”

  1. ken says:

    That was no slider. That was a sweet change. No slider breaks straight down like that pitch did. Badger gets his wish.

    Clayton both (1) has a bum foot, and (2) is not following through toward the plate on every pitch. Therefore his motion is not consistent and neither are the results.

    Ellis has a hitch and therefore has gone from 1 KO every other game to 1 KO every game. Where is the batting coach. Oh yea, working with Loney and Uribe, and getting results.

    Mark – Doesn’t your cable provider carry WGN?

    Partially platooning Loney is doing wonders for his game.

    I guarantee that if Donnie models the 2012 Dodgers after the 1950 Yankees then the Dodgers will be in the World Series.

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    Thought I heard Vin say last night that the White Sox have twice as many HRs as the Dodgers.

    So I looked up on, teams and HRs.

    Wow!!! 30th or last: Padres with 35 for the season.
    Then the Giants with 43.
    3rd to last team – the DODGERS with 44 HRs.
    White Sox are the 5th best with 82 HRs.
    Best of all 30 teams — you guessed, the YANKEES with 97 (or, 53 more than the Dodgers whole team).

    Bring back Manny and he can play for free with the money the teams is already paying him this season.

  3. Badger says:

    Roger you mentioned yesterday the lift that a guy like Manny gave the entire organization a few years. We are still paying for that one year lift by the way, but at the time it was huge and a fun thing to be a part of. Mannywood. Is there another out there that could come in and do something like that, or was it a once in a lifetime move? Because it was basically a give-away from Boston, I think we won’t see anything like that again.

    I think I would seriously consider Lee for Garza. Garza, 28, is an innings eater and on the right team could win 16 every year. Is this the right team? Could be. Garza is a California guy.

    Uribe will not keep getting 2 hits a game. Enjoy it when it happens, but he IS the blind squirrel everyone talks about.

    90 wins? Wow. Well, I would win the 500 push-up bet – again. I keep saying the same thing, so I won’t do it again here. As long as the team keeps winning, I don’t care how ugly it is. Junkyard dogs are usually pretty ugly, but, the good ones get the job done.

    • El_Che says:

      No way u trade Lee for Garza , he sucks!

      • Badger says:


        In 7 ML seasons, Matt Garza has never had a negative WAR year. (2.5 in ’11) He has a 1.12 WHIP in 12 starts so far this year. Last I looked, Lee has never pitched above A league.

        • El_Che says:

          I still wouldnt trade your #1 prospect for a mid rotation innings eater specially after u spent 5 mil to sign him. N i stll dnt understand y were trying to get a starter inless somthings really wrong with Lilly i guess they dnt trust eovaldi.

          • Badger says:

            Your point is well made Che, but I would say Garza could be a lot more than JUST an innings eater. He has a sub 4 ERA in 7 years in the Majors, mostly in the AL. That’s pretty good. And it would likely go down pitching at Chavez. He could easily be the #2 in L.A.. Nobody knows how good Lee is going to be, and if he doesn’t light it up soon, he could go back to LSU and do what I thought he should do in the first place – qb the Tigers. I don’t know if you have seen his splits, but he doesn’t appear to like pitching with runners on much – 1.72 ERA with nobody on, 8.14 with runners on base. He needs to learn how to pitch out of the stretch. Guess he didn’t do that much in high school.

  4. Badger says:

    1 more thing….. if that pitch WAS a change-up, Jansen might have just become a big league closer.

  5. Mark says:

    Wasn’t on WGN here last night.

    Gameday has it as a slider. I am just saying what they said. Either way, at 81 it was a change.

    • ken says:

      It was a sweet pitch. I jumped out of my chair when I saw the break!

      Garza is averaging less than 6 innings per start. Not currently an innings eater but that is ok if the Dodger Management would ever understand the philosopy of making up for non-innings eating starters with 1-2 real long relievers who can go 3-4 innings when the non-innings eating starter has one of his bad outings and only lasts 4 innings.

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    That’s not the first time Jansen has thrown that pitch. I’ve seen him throw similar pitches in the past. He just doesn’t do it very often.

    Even Uribe is going to have a good game every now and then. After all, he doesn’t hit .000. He might even get hot for a spell. But overall he’s a drag on this team. A replacement with a consistent bat, and on-base skills is needed. Everyone will be more productive if the lineup can be lengthened.

    I haven’t gone back to look at Garza’s stats this year, but before this season he had a lifetime ERA of 3.83 in 152 games. And as Badger pointed out, much of that was in the offensively superior DH American League. And pitching in the NL West where fly balls die in the night would certainly not hurt. He is also only 28. If Garza is as good as he appears to be, I’d pull the trigger on a Garza/Lee deal without any hesitation. Let’s not forget that the Dodgers have other good young pitchers like Eovaldi, RDLR, and others. And as I’ve noted before, if new ownership is serious about winning they are going to replenish the farm system, and fill in current gaps via trade and/or free agency. The $5 million spent on Lee is probably pocket change to this ownership, and the acquisition of a good starting pitcher could mean the difference between getting to and advancing in the postseason, something that is worth far more than $5 million.


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