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Junkyard Dodgers – Act 42

There is no other explanation, but for the fact that these guys are junkyard dogs.

Cheated out of a run and motivated by their manager who had their back and got ejected as a result, the junkyard dogs battled and tied the game at 1 in the bottom of the ninth and won it in the bottom of the tenth.  No big flies, nothing spectacular – just junkyard dogism! Donnie Ballgame seems to have an issue with Mothers and Fathers Day – he got kicked out early on both days.  I love his fire… and so does the team.

Does anyone still doubt Chris Capuano?  He’s an All-Star.  He should have 10 or 11 wins by now, but eight is not bad.

Belisario has been a Godsend and pitched two strong innings for the win.  It was a “gutcheck” for the Junkyard Dodgers.  I mean where do you start?  Maybe with Elian Herrera who has been a ten-year minor leaguer before getting his chance (like Maury Wills) or Dee Gordon who breaks your heart and then wins the game with a clutch hit.  His batting average is inching up as we speak.

The Yankees are the hottest team is baseball but the Junkyard Dodgers still have the best record in baseball and their lead is 5 over the Giants and 9.5 over the D-Backs.  Kemp and Mark Ellis are both ahead of schedule and are heading out with the team on a 9-game road trip.  This road trip is without a doubt the biggest and most important road trip of the year for the Dodgers – three games each with the A’s, Angels and Giants.

I would be happy with 5 wins, but the Junkyard Dodgers might have other plans.

Other Notes

  • Baseball needs to embrace instant replay.  The Dodgers have had some horrible calls against them this year that could be easily decided by instant replay.  It’s time for baseball to enter the 2oth Century and this is the 21st Century!
  • Insofar as Dee Gordon’s attitude, I have to say that on a personal level he is extremely polite and called me “Sir.”  On a larger level, the coaches, players and writers say that he constantly seeks advice and is one of the most coachable and polite kids around.  Today, Jim Peltz of The LA Times writes this:

With the Dodgers trailing by a run in the ninth inning, Dee Gordon three times tried to bunt his teammate to second base and three times Gordon failed, sending him dejectedly back to the dugout.

I was frustrated with myself,” Gordon said. “But I couldn’t dwell on it.”

So after the Dodgers tied the Chicago White Sox later in the inning, Gordon refocused on his next at-bat and lined a walk-off single in the 10th inning to drive inTony Gwynn Jr. and give the Dodgers a 2-1 interleague win.

“It feels great to come through for my teammates,” Gordon said after they mobbed him on the infield dirt between second and third base. “We fight to the end.”

  • Andre Ethier = Gold Glove Right Fielder – He won’t move for Kemp and Kemp will go back to CF.  He was awesome yesterday and has been all year on defense.


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22 Responses to “Junkyard Dodgers – Act 42”

  1. Badger says:

    I would sure like to see Kemp in a less stressful defensive position. I wonder who the up and coming center fielder might be out there. Whoever it is, I would trade Zach Lee for him today.

    I don’t know that anyone doubted Capuano. The doubt was in your prediction for 20 wins. That just seemed nuts. Still does to me, but, would I be that surprised? Well yeah, I guess I would if I think it’s nuts. Too many things have to go right for something like to happen. But, I am pulling for him.

    I don’t know if Gordon has an attitude problem, but I will take your word on it.

    Agree about baseball using replay. If it’s about delays, just have a guy upstairs. Everyone else can see it right away, so should the blue. Scoring plays for sure. I would also like to see Managers have an option to challenge. Two a game. I bet the fans would eat that up too.

    The Yankees look good. On paper they always do. That’s what I like about their organization – they always have a great roster. Obviously, that doesn’t translate to championships, but it keeps you in the running.

    Kemp in the hot tub and we are maintaining our lead. “We fight to the end.” I am eating this up.

    Me unt the mrs are heading down to Chase on Sunday the 8th. Sitting row 11 behind the Dodger dugout. I’ll have my black LA hat on. I’ll wave at you guys.

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    I have been for instant-replay for several years now.

    Note: Football and basketball both use instant-replay and it has made major differences in the out come of numerous games.

    Note: prior to TV and then the beginning of instant-replay — umpires were the only and final word. BUT — so many times the action happens so fast, and it seems, more than ever —— umpires are many times out of position and do not see the entire play or angle necessary to make the right call.

    So, attitude change. Umpires are important, but should not be the final word when a game, a record, a season is at stake. Baseball is a game of records — and getting it wrong and not changing the call — is just, what Mark — STUPID.

    Like the the Detroit Tigers Armando Galarraga’s near no-hitter, when umpire Jim Joyce missed the call. And he admitted it!!! Even after Joyce’s tears and apology — the missed call stood.

    Baseball needs to get into the 21st century (gee, we are some 12 years in the 21st century now) and make the change.

    Last year I typed out an article I have on my computer about this — and the short of it is: have one extra umpire in the booth with a tech, screens and all — and it is their job to do re-plays on the spot and back to the field with the call. Charge an extra .20 cents per person per ticket — and it pays for itself.

    That would create 15 extra umpires each day, 15 tech’s — plus several extra for illness and some off days (say 21 umpires and 21 tech’s in all).

    Before TV and instant-replay —– fans just accepted good and bad calls, because they happened so fast and we learned to just get on with it. But now, the camera coverage is so good — baseball needs to get on with improving the game and getting over this old tradition of umpires total authority — even though wrong calls are made and the decisions kept is still accepted.

  3. Badger says:

    Well said Roger.

    Found this over there —————–>

    MLB rumors

    “Sherman points out that people in the industry see California native Cole Hamels heading toward a big payday from the Dodgers after the season when he hits free agency.”

    “Philly should trade Hamels to Dodgers right now for Zack Lee and Chris Reed(sic). He’s going there anyway in winter.”

    Would you do this trade?

  4. Dave says:

    I know challenging the tagging up at 3rd base on a fly ball out is nothing knew and is strategic, but this one just seemed real “bush league” to me. I was screaming at the screen, at Robin Ventura, “That’s chickensh$t.” I was more mad at him for raising the challenge than at the umpire for getting it wrong. After settling down, the thought occurred to me, too, that if an opposing manager can challenge such a call, the other manager needs to have a defense if the call is changed. . .the right to request an instant replay review. As for feeling it was chickensh$t for Ventura in this case, it seemed to me that because Treanor had placed a perfect bunt and stunned the defense, then tagged up and scored when Chicago’s catcher couldn’t hold onto the throw and make the play, Ventura took the lowbrow approach. Not to defend the umpire, but he probably thought he had missed an obvious call since a catcher scored and the other team raised the issue. I doubt he would have made the same decision had it been Gordon running home from third.

  5. Badger says:

    One basic rule of umpiring is – if you don’t see an out, you cannot call an out. Evidently that ump was convinced he saw an out – or – was he guessing?

    Another basic rule that I see violated on a regular basis is “get the 90″. You must be in a position to see the tag in order to make the call. As a coach (and former ump) I used to watch umps on calls like this to see if they were even watching. If I noticed an ump not looking to see if a runner touched the base (amazing how often that happened) I would appeal just to bring it to his attention. ML umpiring, in general, is often technically unsound. They are out of position, they are “moving” when they should be standing firm with the 90, and the strike zone seems to vary with each individual. It’s often maddening for me to see it. Some of the crap they do would have had me called into the super’s office on a regular basis. (I later WAS the super). I don’t see the level of umpiring itself changing any time soon, but the idea of getting certain calls right is one that can be done immediately.

    The Phillies may be dealing Hamels if they don’t get it together by the deadline. They will probably wait (I know I would) and up the bidding. But, teams may know Hamels and the Dodgers are the perfect fit and for that reason they may not match what the Dodgers offer. The Dodgers could let it be known they WANT Hamels, and if he wants them, the FA offer come next year will beat anybody’s. I can see a guy like him coming back to the West Coast as part of the Dodgers build to a Championship.

    I too would make that trade Dude. I am sure the Phillies would think about it too.

    • Dave says:

      If an ump sees the out in the first place, why doesn’t he call it? Why wait for an appeal? I say he was guessing and got caught up in the moment and was afraid that others saw Treanor leave early when he did not get the proper angle to see the entire play.

      • Badger says:

        It’s an appeal play Dave. By definition, the ump does not call it.

        But, you make a good point.

        And if you are right about that ump, he does not belong in the Major Leagues.

  6. ken says:

    Yes the Yankees are the hotest team in baseball and are the only other team with 40 wins and a winning average above .600.

    But the Dodgers are the best team with the best record!

    MLB Hitting – Down to 6th

    Pitching – Still Second

    Fielding – 19th OOPS!

    Dodger record based upon runs scored

    5+ 29-1

    4 4-5

    3 4-4

    2 5-8


    • ken says:

      OOPS Button

      1 0-5
      0 0-2

      30 Days
      Casty .143 AAA
      Sands .167 AAA
      SVS .174 AAA
      Kennedy .196 Please say Goodbye when Ellis returns

      Lilly 21.60 DL
      Toleson 9.00 AAa

      7 Days
      Kennedy .000 4 ABs OLD?
      Hairston .000 14 ABs Tired?
      Gwynn .067 15 ABs Tired?

      Kershaw 6.00 Starter #1
      Bills 6.00 Starter #2

  7. Badger says:

    “Kennedy .000 4 ABs OLD?
    Hairston .000 14 ABs Tired?
    Gwynn .067 15 ABs Tired?”

    Predictable. And in fact, predicted.

    Next? Herrera and DeJesus.

  8. Bill Russell says:

    June 15th to Allstar Break record 2-1

  9. jerry says:

    i agree with the instant football they go down a tunnel .then it take about 3 minutes..but baseball can bring in up on the big screen..instance could only take about 30 seconds. it should not slow play down..

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    Jerry, maybe you saw it. the other night in the NBA game — late in the game, confusion around the basket. I believe they called the ball out on a team, but then reviewed it carefully. The review showed that the other team, a player’s arm touched the ball but it took several angels to see it — and they reversed the decision.

    I go back to the Detroit Tigers Armando Galarraga’s near no-hitter, when umpire Jim Joyce missed the call. And he admitted it!!! Even after Joyce’s tears and apology — the missed call stood.

    Here is one video:


    The Commissioner’s Office upheld the umpire’s call — IF this were a football game or a basketball game — instant replay would have changed the decision on the spot.

    There will be a ton more of these missed calls. Umps out of position. The human blink on a eye. The wrong reaction from the umpire. These umpires do a great job night after night. But their human, and can miss a call. Gee, the umpires should want the game and these plays to come out right.

    Bud — make the right call . . . bring in instant replay.

    If we hear that old phrase, it is tradition no changes —- then get rid of these big gloves the players wear, and lets go back to the little gloves of 1912 or so.

  11. Bobby says:

    Ryan Dempster, one of our “targets”, just went on the DL with some lat strain.

    Not to wish ill on anyone (except the SF Giants), but hopefully this injury prevents Ned from going and acquiring a guy who I’d rather not have.

    Now, if the Cubs offer Garza, I’m interested. Anyone who looked good vs the Red Sox and Yanks would do wonders in the NL West!

  12. Bball says:

    Agree on Garza. Another name I was thinking of. Don’t even no if he’s available but if the phillies r sellers would hunter pence be available. He would be a great addition. Again don’t no his current contract just a thought

  13. Badger says:

    Imagine the Dodgers pitching staff with both Garza and Hamels added to it. That could happen.

    Good timing on Dempster. I keep saying this and I do because I am adamant on the issue … we need to get guys that are at the beginning of their 27-33 year old run. Those are the most productive years for players. They are out there. Jed just doesn’t seem to find them and I believe it’s because he is Sabean trained.

  14. Badger says:

    You are reading my mind Bball – I was just perusing team rosters yesterday, looking for that young outfielders to add and Hunter Pence’s name leaped out at me. He is 29, so he still has 4 1/2 years in that window I like. He would be at the top of my list of outfielders to target. Don’t know why the Phillies would be moving him but, when looking at him, I did notice he is listed at Cots as a Free Agent next year. He would be 30 and would be making close to $12 million. Also, though he has played CF when he was younger, he isn’t there now, so, Kemp would have to stay out there.

  15. Bball says:

    I don’t no what the dodgers will do by the trade deadline. I love thinking about it though. I really feel like they r going to do great things. I no zack lee is suppose to be the next great dodger. But I would rather have proven MLB talent but like badger said u have to get proven younge talent. If they were to do that. For me clear the farm because they would have ample time to revamp it.

  16. Gonzo says:

    Badger I am most likely going to the game on the 8th as well. I am sitting behind homeplate with the scouts.

  17. Badger says:

    Really? Well, I think we should at least say hey. You can get my email address from Mark.

    Bball, maybe we will know better what the Dodgers intend to do by the end of July. That is, if nothing is done earlier. They will probably pick up a pitcher before that, but I think what this team really needs to compete is another middle of the order bat, and those guys may not become available for another month. Of course, if they do go after Garza or Hamels, they may not have enough stock left on the farm to interest teams who have the big bat. Whoever we get, unless it’s another salary dump vet, the asking price will begin with Lee.


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