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Former Dodger World Series hero to join club as Special Assistant to the General Manager

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers announced today that former big league infielder/outfielder and well-respected hitting coach Mickey Hatcher has been named Special Assistant to the General Manager. Dodger General Manager Ned Colletti made the announcement.

“Mickey’s been a World Series champion both as a player and coach,” said Colletti. “His baseball experience, legendary passion for the game and tremendous attitude will be a huge positive for our organization.”

In his new position, Hatcher, 57, will devote time helping with player development as well as assisting the Major League staff.

“It’s a great feeling being a Dodger again, it feels like I’ve come back home,” said Hatcher. “This is where my roots were and where I was taught everything about the game and where I learned about professionalism. I’m excited about the opportunity to meet everyone in the organization and about the energy created by the new ownership. I couldn’t be happier right now.”

Hatcher is best remembered by Dodger fans for his starring role in the 1988 World Series. In that Fall Classic, Hatcher hit .368 (7-for-19) with two homers, five RBI and five runs scored in five games, leading the Dodgers to the sixth World Championship in franchise history. In all, the Ohio native played in the Majors for 12 years, hitting a combined .280 with the Dodgers (1979-80, ’87-90) and Twins (1981-86) in 1,130 games as a first baseman, third baseman and outfielder.

Following his playing career, Hatcher coached and managed in the Dodger organization for Albuquerque (1991-92), Great Falls (1995-97) and San Bernardino (1998). He also spent time as the Texas Rangers’ first base coach (1993-94).

After a brief stint on the Dodger coaching staff in 1998 (first base coach/hitting instructor), Hatcher began a run of 13 seasons as the Angels’ hitting coach (2000-2012), where he helped the club win a World Series (2002) and capture six playoff berths. Under Hatcher, the Angels set several club offensive season records including batting average (.285 in 2009), hits (1,604, 2009), home runs (236, 2009), runs (883, 2009), RBI (841, 2009) and extra-base hits (517, 2002).

Following a standout career in both football and baseball at the University of Oklahoma, Hatcher was selected by the Dodgers in the fifth round of the 1977 First-Year Draft. He and his wife, Patty, reside in Buena Park.

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  1. Voldomer says:

    I thought something like this was probably going to happen. Good move.

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    Way to go, new ownership hires front office . . . If there is not a trade by noon tomorrow noon — I want a new owner. Enough of this stuff . . .

  3. ken says:

    Good move. Maybe now an appropriate amount of agressiveness will occur when Dodgers are at the plate. Swing sooner, swing often, do not let first pitch fastball down the middle of the plate go unpunished any longer.

    When the other team’s pitchers start throwing breaking pitches on the first pitch then go back to the current strategy of taking pitches.

    Just don’t do the same d… thing every night. The pitchers have adjusted to the Dodger hitters, now adjust back you dummies.

  4. ken says:

    AJ Ellis, no longer an All-Star, has been slowly lengthing his Casey Blake hitch since Memorial Day. Maybe a second set of eyes, like Mickey, will help him adjust back to his old swing.

    Why does it take so long for these FULL TIME Coaches to see what is going on?

  5. Bobbie17 says:

    Can he still hit?

  6. Badger says:

    ken said:

    “When the other team’s pitchers start throwing breaking pitches on the first pitch then go back to the current strategy of taking pitches.”

    One of the most important points I could ever try to make with young hitters. You go up there looking for a fastball down the middle and if you get it, you punish it. If it ain’t right there, then, you can look at it. Strike one is the most important pitch of the at bat and you don’t want to get behind in the count on the best pitch you will see in the sequence. The stats show there can be a 50 point difference between 0-1 and 1-0. You want to be a .250 hitter, take the fastballs down the middle. You want to hit .300, put those cookies in play.

    Hatcher will help. But to Bobbie’s point, I think we need more better hitters. As I have said many times in here, it’s a long season. AJ will wear down and the rest of those guys, sans Kemp and Ethier, are just not natural born hitters. Yes, they are a scrappy bunch, and kudos to them for getting the team to this point. But we really shouldn’t expect them to play like that for a whole year. I think most of us know that.

    • ken says:

      Dodger averages As of Sunday Night

      0-0 0.343

      1-0 0.373

      0-1 0.337

      2-0 0.340

      1-1 0.322

      0-2 0.205

      2-1 0.285

      3-0 0.200

      1-2 0.181

      3-1 0.245

      2-2 0.192

      3-2 0.197

      • Badger says:

        Have to admit I am surprised by those numbers. I think they are reflecting our fast start. Good research ken.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    What if –

    What if the Dodger had new ownership a year ago –

    And over the past winter, The Dodger had signed C.J. Wilson and Albert Pujols instead of the Angels!!!!!

    Would have helped to anchor the infield, power needs, and helped the middle of the batting order. Would have added a key solid pitcher to the rotation that is now very iffy.

    What if . . .

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      What if Victor Martinez hadn’t blown out his knee?

      Fielder would be at 1B.

      I’ll bet he wished he was with the Dodgers right about now.

  8. DRomo says:

    This is such a great hire. Now our we can see the full potential of Adam Kennedy and Juan Rivera. Maybe we sign Troy Glaus to man 3B? Brad Fulmer off the bench?? Scott Speizio @ 1st? I’m in!

    Ok I’m kidding. I just couldn’t resist the chance to make fun of yet another Angel retread. Even if I do love Hatch! Anyone else think his 2 HRs in 1988 were just as important if not more important than Gibsons? Even if they weren’t as dramatic.

    Welcome home Mickey! It’s nice to see the Dodger family members come home.
    I hope the next move is on the field help!!!!!

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    Have to watch the game on the Giant’s feed on DirecTV.

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    Dodgers just up their lead in baseball by hitting into the most DOUBLE PLAYS. Wonderful.

  11. mike says:

    Yeh Mickey


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