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Cut the Crap!!!

Memo to Dodger Management,

Dodger fans have seen enough.

Quit treating us like we are stupid.

You are stupid if you think that doing what you have always done will get different results.

This team needs to be sent a message.

Adam Kennedy, Jamie Wright and Todd Coffey need to be DFA’ed.

Cut the cord.

Send the message.

Make a change.

Do the deed!

In place of Kennedy, call up (GASP) Aaron Miles.

In place of Wright and Coffey call up Tolleson and Antonini, or Rivera if he is ready (keep Castellanos, you morons).

The players need to know that if you don’t produce, you are gone.

Next on the bubble:  James Loney and Chad Billingsley!

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16 Responses to “Cut the Crap!!!”

  1. Badger says:

    Patience glasshopper.

    In due time.

    For a few games, there will be lots of dust kicked up. Let’s just see where the dust settles.

    • ken says:

      I did not say that the Dodgers need to average 5 runs a game I just said that when they score 5 runs or more they win almost everygame. That is because they have good pitching most of the time.

      If the Dodgers score 5 or more runs 60% of the time and win those games 80% of the time and score less than 5 runs 40% of the time and win those ganmes only 20% of the time, then they will win 91 games or a record of 91 – 71 which should win the division or the wild card slot.

      • Badger says:

        “If the Dodgers score 5 or more runs 60% of the time and win those games 80% of the time and score less than 5 runs 40% of the time and win those ganmes only 20% of the time, then they will win 91 games or a record of 91 – 71 which should win the division or the wild card slot”

        ok. I trust your math. I sure as heck am not going to check it.

  2. Bobby says:

    Amen my brother!

  3. Dodger66 says:

    The beer goggles have worn off, and the warts on this team are now visible!

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Guaranteed that management is watching. Guaranteed they have been watching since McCourt chose their offer. And guaranteed they’re talking to anyone that will listen, and that there are things in the works. And chances are they have already identified likely candidates for DFA. And probably when we least expect it something will get done. Haste makes waste, and I’m sure that Kasten does little in haste, and loathes waste. Patience, things will get done. Whether we like it is another matter. And rest assured it will not necessarily coincide with the our timetables.

    I think 3B is a problem. And if Castellanos can play there, then I’m fine with it. Herrera looks like a nice utility guy who can play all over. Maybe he’ll earn a spot in the lineup regularly, but I’m guessing that in the long run he’s got a chance to be a valuable utility guy. And unlike most, while Mark Ellis is out, I’d like to see IDJ2 get more playing time at 2B. He’s actually looked pretty good to me, and I suspect he would get better with consistent playing time. I have a feeling that the injury he suffered three years ago was one in which complete recovery takes multiple years, and that he’s now finally fully recovered. Like Mark, I was at the “B” game in which he was injured. I was standing directly behind the fence on the third base side of home plate, and had a bird’s eye view of the collision he had at the plate. There was a definite thud when he hit the catcher’s shin guard, and he was clearly in agonizing pain. Maybe I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t be too quick to write him off. Actually, the very fact that he’s worked his way back to the Dodgers is somewhat of an indication that he’s got the fortitude to succeed at the big league level.

    Billingsley should probably be in the bullpen, no matter how large his contract. He’s been inconsistent as a starter for too long. If he pitches a no hitter next time out, I’ll still be wary the next time after that when he starts. He might be like Gagne, a guy that works better in short stints, and loses focus when he’s out there too long. He was also hitting 97 when he came out of the pen in 2007. Might be a hard guy to trade because of his contract, but I’d trade him to Boston straight up for Youkilis. Don’t know whether or not Boston would do it. But maybe. If Youkilis is healthy, adding his patient bat to a lineup that already has A.J. Ellis and Bobby Abreu would force opposing pitching staffs to work awfully hard.

    Yes, the warts are visible, but every team has them. There are no powerhouses in the NL West, so I suspect the Dodgers will be in this until the end. And keep in mind, no one is as good as they look when they’re at their best, and as bad as they look when they’re at their worst. That goes for teams and individuals.

    I mentioned “patience” above, and so did Badger when he advised “Patience grasshopper.” Let’s not forget that patience is a virtue. And if the Dodgers are anything, they’re virtuous (SMILE!!!).

  5. ken says:

    Patience ?

    SVS should go to AAA when Rivera returns
    Kennedy should go when Uribe returns

    Coffey should go now and bring up Antonini or Darsi for long relief.
    Wright whould go when Hawks comes back.

  6. tdf says:

    Mr. Timmons , you my friend are right. No more patience , some of these players have been on this team for a long time without earning their keep. Its the major leagues, produce or go home, some of these guys havent produced in a long time and we keep waiting. Yeah you said it mark and it was about time.

  7. Bobby says:

    I wonder if Anaheim would take Bills and Loney for Mike Trout?

    Just curious, thats all…..

  8. Badger says:

    Brooklyn, I agree with most all you said there, and, as I have mentioned before, it would appear we have a team full of back-up utility 2B type guys. Herrera is a 2B, DeJesus is a 2B, Ellis is a 2B, Kennedy is a 2B, Castellanos is a 2B…. who am I leaving out here?

    And, on many teams, every one of those guys would be a utility back-up player.

    Somebody has to play third, somebody has to play LF, somebody has to play 1B (Loney), Gordon needs to learn how to play SS at this level and the rest of them have to sit and wait for an inning or two when they can get ‘em. I believe Donnie is trying to find out who does what. I give him this entire month to figure this crap out. We are still 4.5 games in front. Play .500 and everybody else has to win about 67% to catch us. I like where we sit. I just don’t like the holes that are appearing in this team. Take Kemp out of that lineup, and we look like a pretty average team.

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I wonder if Anaheim would take Bills and Loney for Mike Trout?

    Bobby, I’m guessing you completely forgot that the Angels have a guy named Pujols at 1B. Did you maybe say it with tongue in cheek?

    Trout is their top prospect (and one of the top prospects in the game), and it appears he’s playing well. Why would they trade him for Bills?

    • Bobby says:

      I was completely joking. I’m watching Trout right now and man, he’s the real deal.

      In 2 years, there will be a legit question: who’s the best CF in LA, Kemp or Trout

      • el_che says:

        Isn’t bourjos their center fielder?. Hes gnna be really good but he wnt hit 30 to 40 homers like kemp.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    The above is from MLB trade rumors. It appears as if the Dodgers are at least in the discussion regarding Youkilis. Of course, you can’t really believe anything you read, so really, we don’t know. In fact, not having watched him play much, I’m not even sure I want him. I’m just guessing I do. And besides, he’s got to better than what we currently have, unless Castellanos is a star waiting to happen.

  11. Badger says:

    The Dodgers are in talks with EVERYONE. Who knows, maybe now that the greaseball is gone, negotiations will be smoother.

    Are any of those .900 OPSers from Albuquerque going to be “stars” Brooklyn? I thought Sands had the po, not sure anymore. Heck, BCG has only been there 3 weeks and he has a .900 OPS. Van Slyke was over 1.000.

    Youkilis would improve our lineup. What is it going to cost to do it? Kemp, Ethier, Youk and Loney (if he finishes like he usually does) could actually produce close to 5 runs a game…. if anyone can get on in front of Kemp. Don’t know who that is though. Gwynn and Gordon aren’t .360 OBP guys. Neither is MEllis. Herrera MIGHT be. Alex might be. Come on Dee. If he figures it out, this team takes on a whole new look. Gordon, Herrera/Castellanos, Kemp, Ethier, Youk – we can figure out where everybody plays later. We need to get some people who can get on and take an extra base now and then.

    I got hope with a couple of the new guys. Herrera and Castellanos look confident and ready to make their mark.

    .500 ’til the All Star break. We can do this.

  12. Anonymous says:

    You people are idiots.


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