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Corey Seager Taken With First Pick

The last time Logan White took a position player with the first pick in the draft was in 2002 on a pitcher named Loney.   Wait!  Loney was a pitcher too – he was just converted to 1B. Oh, maybe he’s going to convert Seager to become a pitcher.  You will read all over the blogosphere how great this guy is and how he was the best 3B in the draft, however, it appears that the Dodgers will keep him at SS for the time being.  Let’s hope he’s better than Loney.  Is it too late to convert Loney back to a pitcher?  With their second pick, Logan took another SS, Jesmuel Valentin, son of Jose Valentin.  Logan White says he is as excited as when he drafted Clayton Kershaw.

Speaking of Clayton Kershaw, it appears that he is in love with his new slider a little too much.  It’s good he has another pitch, but his bread and butter fastball and curve are being neglected.  He will figure it out.

When I was young, I used to be able to throw a baseball through both sets of goalposts on a football field (the goalposts used to be on the goal line at that time).  That was probably at least 340 feet.  I always thought that was pretty good, until one day at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, I watched Pedro Borbon stand on home plate and throw a baseball over the CF fence on the fly (404 feet away).  I mention this because Pedro died yesterday at age 65.  RIP, rubber arm.

Jared Massey’s Minor League Report – 6-4-12

Last night was a nice win on the road.  Now comes Bills – get the pen ready.  We will most certainly see Shawn Tolleson tonight and about 5 other relievers.

Good Dee – Bad Dee

Dee Gordon scored the winning run after hitting a triple.  He also had another hit to raise his BA to .229.  He also made a bone-headed play by letting his hand come off the base after easily stealing it.  He’ll learn, just like Matty learned.

I like the fact that Don Mattingly is getting tossed standing up for his team.  It’s a breath of fresh air compared to Joe Torre.  Donnie is passionate about the team and it shows in the team as well.

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16 Responses to “Corey Seager Taken With First Pick”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    Dee Gordon is hitting so low, that when he goes 1 for 4, his average goes UP.

  2. mike dixon says:

    Every year Mark has to remind us about how much of a great athlete he was when he was younger….lol

  3. mike dixon says:

    By the way James Loney pinch hitting in the 8th with the bases loaded was almost comical….

  4. Badger says:

    That replacement ump blew chunks. Donnie was right to go after him. A replacement chump needs to just suck it up. You don’t throw people out because YOU suck. That’s just dumb.

    Dee looked better. His swing is still too long. I am sure Donnie knows that. He also needs to at least fake the bunt to bring the infielders in. It would appear he doesn’t really want to bunt, and that is a shame. If I had his skills, I would be hitting .290 with 30 steals by now.

    Two infielders with our top picks. I am hoping this Seager kid has some pop. Valentin doesn’t.

    Kershaw was not great last night, but he battled. You’re right Mark, he isn’t using his fastball enough. With a 94 mph heater, all he needs to do is throw a two seamer now and then, and his curve, locate them, and who is going to hit him? Yeah, that slider is a good pitch, but, if it takes control away from your best stuff, which it appeared to do last night, leave it be for an inning or two. When he locates that fastball, he is dominant. He didn’t win a Cy Young by throwing sliders half the time.

    Bills. Good Bills or Bad Bills. We just never know, but yeah, grease the bullpan up.

  5. Badger says:

    “Every year Mark has to remind us about how much of a great athlete he was when he was younger….lol”

    Those of who had it once get nostalgic now and then mike. Maybe that will happen to you some day. Maybe not.

  6. Bill Russell says:

    The ump was as bad as I’ve every seen last night. Both teams were having issues with his calls. See ya back in triple A blue. Wow, after being struck out by a non call, Dee Gordon comes up big in the 9th. Looking for good Bills tonight.

  7. the truth hurts says:

    will the real chad billingsley please stand up?

  8. Badger says:

    Yeah, Bill, Papelbon was pissed. That had been a strike all night (might have been 2″ inside) and then…….

    but, the Dodgers have had lots of things break their way this year. Last night, they did what they needed to do and won a game on the East Coast. When Dee Gordon gets on base and runs around like that, the Dodgers are going to be better. Are they going to be good enough? We’ll see. One month at a time, one week at a time, one day at a time…..

  9. ken says:

    The Dodgers drafted 2 SS but they will end up playing 3B and 2B.

    If Seager gains 5 pounds per year he will be an awesome 3B. Better steal somebody’s meal money our use some of your bonus for good food.

    Thank God no pitchers so far this year. There are enough pitchers in the pipeline.

    Go Dodgers and Go Kings, playing like a great team.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    There are never enough pitchers in the pipeline. And we don’t know how many pitchers the Dodgers signed with their recent signing of 20 international players. And we don’t know how many pitchers they might sign when the international signing period begins next month. But a few bats wouldn’t hurt either.

    Don’t know if it did any good, but after Gordon struck out in the first inning Mattingly had a conversation with him in the dugout.

  11. SpokaneBob says:

    Trade Bills foe Youkilis. Boston is looking for starting pitching.

    • DRomo says:

      I would take that deal. I would slot Eovaldi in Bills’ spot. And live with the growing pains. I wonder if that is enough?

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    The Dodgers with the best recored in major league baseball has how many guy on the positions lists . . . let me see . . .

    No third baseman, no shortstop, no second baseman, no first baseman, no catcher – oh wait — there is Kemp leading the pack — but he has not played in a month of Sunday’s — and Etheir is 4th in the voting, but no more outfielders.

    How can a team have the best recored in the majors — and only two names even in the voting??? Oh, its the 2012 Dodgers . . .

    • Badger says:

      “How can a team have the best recored in the majors — and only two names even in the voting??? Oh, its the 2012 Dodgers . . .”

      The leaders in voting are up to the fans. Where are the people of Los Angeles on this issue?

      The Dodgers have 5 guys that could be All Stars – Kershaw, Kemp, Ethier, Ellis and Capuano. Heck, Jansen could be in the mix too.

      Now, if the All Star game were played at the end of the year, it would likely be a different story.

  13. DRomo says:

    Uh oh!!! Tommy Lasorda rushed to the hospital. Heart attack.
    Let’s all hope for a speedy recovery for Uncle Tommy!


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