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Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid

That is one of my favorite quotes of all time.

I think it is THAT time.  You know, THAT time when you realize that you will be labeled as insane if keep doing what you’ve always done and believing the results will be different.  It is time for a change, actually CHANGES!  While I am not a fan of Uribe, I am not doing anything with him at this juncture.  If he is healthy, I let him play and hit him low in the order.

Here’s where I start:

  1. DFA Adam Kennedy.  Goodbye, so long!
  2. Call up FedEx to take his place (more on that later).
  3. Send Dee Gordon to AAA and tell him it doesn’t make any difference what his batting average is.  When he has accumulated 15 bunt singles, he will be recalled.
  4. Call up Alex Castellanos to take his place.  I know AC looked lost when he was up the first time, but like Gordon last year, he might bloom when called up the second time.  He is hitting nearly .380.
  5. Determine what the market is for James Loney and move him NOW.  Take what you can get and run!
  6. AJ Ellis is one of the Dodgers best hitters and needs to play every day.  He becomes the First Baseman at this juncture to keep his bat in the lineup.
  7. Treanor and FedEx platoon behind the plate.
  8. Call up Van Slyke or Sands (try one and then the other if the first one doesn’t hit).

Here’s the lineup:

  1. Herrera  SS
  2. Hairston  2B
  3. Abreu/Rivera  LF
  4. Ethier  RF
  5. Ellis 1B
  6. Uribe  3B
  7. Treanor/FedEx  C
  8. Gwynn  CF

That leaves this as the bench:

  • DeJesus
  • Castellanos
  • Van Slyke or Sands

That is not a terrifying lineup by any means, but it sends a powerful message.   “Get with it or get out!

Change can be good.

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39 Responses to “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid”

  1. Gionfri says:

    You just put a band aid on a broken leg… Ellis ain’t being moved from behind the dish.. They need to take a gamble on Youkilis @ this point.. He’s @.225 I know, but maybe the change will light a fire under him.. Offer Webster, Gould, or Angel Sanchez and they will bite because Middlebrooks went off again tonite and Ellsbury & Crawford are due back shortly, leaving Youk on the pine… It’s worth a shot..

  2. Gionfriddo says:

    User name got cut off

  3. Gionfriddo says:

    Under no circumstances can Uribe remain on the 25 man roster, let alone the starting lineup.. Once again, we will be better off if Kasten scratches him a check and DFA’s his ass.. Youk can play 3rd or 1B and at least brings some red ass to the club which is missing right now..

  4. ken says:

    Ellis has developed a Casey Blake hitch and is now a terrible hitter. Hope he goes back to his old non-hitch short swing very soon.

    DFA one player every two weeks. Or just trade them to the Pirates who need a lot of help. :)

    Pinch hitting for Gordon would be better because he would be extremely embarrassed when the whole world sees a pitcher hitting for him in a late inning bunt situation.

    Just platoon Loney and fine him $100 for every ball not hit between the 2B and SS players.

  5. jerry says:

    gordon will never learn..he has his head in the clouds. either is stuborn or stupid, but he wont listen..even rick mondays said he is not doing what he was taught.they have worked with him for hrs.. and he dont even have the basic fondametals.of bunting.

  6. Bill Russell says:

    We went from the best record in baseball to a team that can’t score runs and was swept by the Oakland A’s. This team has come to a grinding halt.

    No good deals to be made from what I can see so we need to ride it out. It’s going to get ugly in Anaheim this weekend.

    I’m not going to wear my Dodger cap around town this weekend in fear that someone might see me.

    Love the comment that Mark put a band aid on a broken leg. That’s what A J Ellis playing 1st would be.

    Just a quick comment on the last thread about giving us an education on selling high and buying low. Don’t forget to factor in injury prone players and players declining with age and ability. And don’t forget to see if their girlfriends are ugly, another great line from the movie Moneyball. To better days ahead. Go Blue…………………….

    June 15th to Allstar Break record now stands at 2-4

  7. Bill Russell says:

    I agree with sending Gordon to AAA to learn to bunt. Is Sellers ready to return? Hell play AJ Ellis at SS……..

  8. Badger says:

    Like I just mentioned on the other thread, since I didn’t figure this was a play-off team, I was fine with this being a learning year for Gordon. I still am. I don’t make the SS change Mark refers to. I leave Gordon right where he is, and tell him the shortstop job for the Los Angeles Dodgers is his. Then, I make him continue to put in the extra hours of infield practice and bunting practice. Larry Bowa used to take 100 grounders a day every day of the year. I put Gordon on that program, and I make him take live bunting practice right after the grounders. If he don’t like the work, he can go back to Albuquerque. He will learn through constant repetition. The kid does have the skills.

    I still don’t really believe that this team, as it is currently constructed, is a play-off team. I think the Giants and dbacks are actually better, and there are a few teams in the NL that I figured would have better records at the end of the year – Philadelphia, St. Louis, Atlanta, Milwaukee and Cincinnati. That’s just how I honestly saw it. Now that the Dodgers have started so strong, there are, in my opinion, unrealistic expectations being applied to the team. I still believe the pitching could be good enough, and having one good bat added to a healthy team could be possibly be enough to make the play-offs.

    But in all honesty, I still don’t think this is a championship team. Not with guys like Uribe and Kennedy in uniform. Gwynn, Abreu, Rivera, Herrera, DeJesus – are all still back-ups in my book.

    We need Kemp back. We need Ellis back. We need Lilly (or another arm) and we surely need another potent stick. How this is all done, I don’t know. Time for Jed to do some GM magic. And really, with his history, can we expect something like a Manny miracle to happen again?

    This looks like it could be a two year project to me.

  9. El_Che says:

    Every1s acting like chickens with no heads. Lol..

  10. Bobby says:

    As the song goes, “we got 99 problems but a ….. ain’t one”.

    well, we may have more than 99 problems, but I’d put Gordon’s bunting low on the list. One of our biggest worries isn’t sending down our rookie SS who’s improved a lot the last month, because he still can’t bunt (and I admit, his bunting sucks!)

    Problem #1 is Uribe. DFA him. Utterly useless. Problem #2. Sit Loney unless we need a defensive replacement in the 8th. There is no reason Rivera can’t play 1b, and there is no way either Sands and/or SVS can’t do any better than Loney given full time PT. Between DeJesus, Castellanos, Hairston, and obviously Herrera we got 2b covered for now. Herrera should be playing every day, whether at 2b or 3b.

    Clearly even with Kemp we won’t have the world’s best offense. And there right now aren’t a ton of big bats available (probably some decent ones like Carlos Lee, etc, which just may work). I say go big with the pitching staff. Aside from Kersh, and mayyyyyyybe Cap, I don’t trust the other starters in a playoff game. Bills and Harang would scare me in a playoff game. Lilly has to be perfect or he’ll be down 7-0 in the 3rd. Eovaldi has the 2nd best stuff on our staff, but he’s a kid. Imagine Kersh in the 2008 and 2009 playoffs, and that would be Eovaldi this year.

    I say go see if we can get Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, King Felix in Seattle, or, even Garza. Let’s get that dominant staff with guys that can go deep in games and play small ball.

  11. Michael says:

    I’m not sure if it’s a misprint but over on the Dodgers homepage there is an article on “Loneys illness” In it there is a statement of James desire to “pitch”. Maybe someone forgot to put the word hit after pitch but sounds good to me.Babe Ruth and Rick Ankiel used to be pitchers and were moved to hitters. I’ve never heard of a hitter who became a pitcher but what the hell. Nothing to lose, he could be a LHP out of the pen/defensive replacement 1st baseman.Could be lightning in a bottle.

  12. Badger says:

    I just read even the Pirates will be looking for offense. It won’t be easy to find what we need – at the right price.

    The saving grace here is that the gints are also 4-6 in their last 10 so they haven’t gained any ground. Arizona is 5-5. So once again, we will still be in first place starting next week. Another week closer to the deadline and we have not lost any ground. Amazing. I also just read Chase Utley is ahead of schedule and should rejoin the Phillies next week. That is good news bad news. The Phils need him, but with both Howard and Halladay out, I don’t think Utley will make a major difference on that club. Justin Upton is day to day and Drew is expected back with Arizona next week. There are some good teams with injury issues right now and three of them are in our division.

    And here is some more potential bad news for the NL West – Trevor Bauer may be joining Arizona before too long. Also, Stephen Drew is just about ready.

    I can’t help but wonder what this division would look like if all teams were 100% and Lincecum found his groove. Oh well, thems the breaks.

  13. ken says:

    The sky is falling or at least the team batting average which has plummented to 12th after a 29th worst .220 so far in June. WOW talk about hitting a brick wall and nothing else!

    All of the players have lost their magic pills so no more “Next Man Up”.

    “Pride Comes Before a Fall”.

    Good thing the pitching is still great.

    Time for Ned to earn his salary and for the three stooges to pitch in and help Stan with a little cash to be thrown around the league.

    When a MLB team experiences a Sweep they should think about who will be teh next player swept off the roster. Time to make a point. Time for a little overtime boys. Time to watch film, rehab those swings, adjust to new pitching approaches, and more fundamentals. Start playing the Dodger Way again.

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    Well, aren’t we all chipper this morning. Dump him, grab him, move him, send him, throw him . . .

    Good stuff.

    At the first of the season, the way the Dodgers were playing, I said they could win 6 games a week and only loose 1.

    NOW — I feel, they could win 1 game a week and loose 6.

    If I am Kershaw, I tell my agent — to communicate to Dodger ownership, if this team does not do something major about hitting — I am out of here when my contract is up. In his last 6 starts, Clayton is 1-2 with 3 no decisions. Averaging about 7 innings a start.

    It is no fun pitching for a team when you pitch solid ball game after game — and after 15 starts have only won 5 games. Ownership needs to hear that Kershaw expects the Dodgers to be a winner.

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    AJ Ellis at 1st base. Mark is saying that because when Mark and I first saw AJ Ellis back in Vero Beach at Spring Training, years ago — He was a late inning replacement at 1st base many games.

    Just looked, he played 5 games at 1B in the minors. Not sure I would do that now, but it is an option, too bad this was not Spring Training where they could work on it in a serious way. But the other concern I have is this — I know he has a nice average, but I see his approach to the plate as a defensive approach. Like he is not up there to get a base hit, but wade a pitch out for a walk, or a broken bat single somewhere. But he is getting the job done.

    Federowicz this season at AAA. Hitting .292 with 7 HRS, 41 RBIs, 0 stolen bases. He is learning his trade.

    My present hope is that A.J. becomes more aggressive at the plate — and goes up there to hit and less of a spectator.

  16. Badger says:

    AJ Ellis and FedX could both be nice players, but neither is an A prospect. I just checked and fangraphs standard has AJ at .274 with 45 ribbies and 40 runs scored. I would say by the end of the year that will be accurate. If he is a great catcher, I could live with that, especially since his OBP is above average. As Roger mentioned, FedX is having a decent year at Albu, hitting .292 with a .350 OBP. How do you think those numbers translate to the Major Leagues? I think we can use both Sands and Van Slyke as good examples. Van Slyke has a .996 OPS down there, and he looked lost at the plate when he was up.

    It would appear to me the Dodgers have no Major League position difference makers in the minors. Any move bringing up a minor league hitter will probably result in, at best, another .250 hitter being added to the ML roster. The best move I can see now is to cut Kennedy and bring up Castellanos. Other than that, what you see is what we get until July the 31th.

  17. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, you are right on. Agree.

    I think one reason that the Dodgers do not have a real hitter ready to come up — is that they have been drafting more pitchers and many of them fell thought the cracks over the years. Down and out.

    Hope that will change now.

    • ken says:


      Unfortunately it appears that every time someone shares that opinion they are attacked for blaspheming Logan & Colonel Mustard.

      • Badger says:

        Well, it has changed already. On some prospect lists, Valentin and Seager are already rated ahead of Sands and Van Slyke.

  18. Kevin says:

    We shouldn’t move A.J. Ellis anywhere. We have many problems but catcher certainly isn’t one of them. I mean would you really rather have Treanor and Ellis in the lineup at the same time over Loney and Ellis?

  19. Badger says:

    The guys we had in the minors that can hit at this level, are already here, or have been given a shot. Joc Pederson may the one exception. Albuquerque numbers are just no way to gauge these guys.

    I just read a June ’12 prospect update list from the Times Bleacher Report, and it’s amazing how quickly these things change:

    Our top picks THIS year have already passed our two Albuquerque sluggers, Sands and SVS. Really? Players who have never played a game in the pros are better than our top AAA sluggers? Guess they don’t think much of Sands and Van Slyke. I don’t believe I do either.

    Where is Alfredo Silverio?

    • ken says:

      Is Alfredo the player that is out for the year with a concussion?

      Has LA signed Seager?

      • El_Che says:

        Yea Silverios out with tommy John surgery he got hurt in a car crash in the offseason. N I dnt think they signed Seager yet but prety sure they will.

  20. Kevin says:

    Roger what exactly do you expect ownership to do? Like it or not we’re stuck with these players until the trade deadline. If Kershaw threatened to leave because of our offensive woes I’m sure ownership would laugh in his face….and rightfully so. Thankfully I don’t think he’s that type of person so I wouldn’t worry about that. What you failed to mention about Kershaws last 6 starts is that he’s given up 18 earned runs. He’s not exactly killing it out there.

  21. ken says:

    In the last 7 days Rivera is the only one of the 13 position players with a batting average above .250 and he is only hitting .267.

    Now that is a recipe for a losing team.

  22. Badger says:

    Not exactly a juggernaut are we ken.

    Tread water until the end of next month.

    Kershaw is not eligible for free agency until after 2014. He can talk to his agent all he wants, and I am sure he does. If the Dodgers don’t have it together by then, and they don’t lock him up, I am sure he will be telling his agent to get on the phone with the Rangers. He will ask for $100 million. Get ready Guggenstein.

  23. Kevin says:

    Don’t have it together? We have the best record in the NL Badger and I’m sure Kershaw knows that the new ownership is going to spend $ to put a winner on the field. Patience my friend…

  24. Roger Dodger says:

    Kevin you asked: what exactly do you expect ownership to do?

    Well, I expect them NOT to act like the last owner — and sit on things and see if they will be ok as days move on.

    5 1/2 weeks or so, and the trading deadline will be over. As Badger suggests many times — tread water and hope the Giants and D-Backs to not make a serious running streak and the Dodger have some kind of lead with Kemp and Ellis coming back shortly. Then see what needs to be done — and do it !!!!

    Uribe, Kennedy, Loney, and left field do not have to be still there and a problem in 5 1/2 weeks from now.

    That will means some of the farm hands will be gone. But most of them are trading chips anyway. Of the 223 minor leaguers the Dodgers have (some more when they sign from draft day) — just how many will ever see time on the BIG roster of 25. Not that many.

    I do not think that ownership will sit back and possibly watch the Dodger keep playing in a loosing style very long.

  25. Badger says:

    I am well aware of the record Kevin, and I am the guy who has been saying to have patience about the deadline.

    I don’t think it’s out of line to suggest the Dodgers have been playing over their heads is it? And, do you really believe this team will finish the year with the best record in the National League? If so, I feel another 500 push-up bet is in order. You should know, I haven’t lost one of those yet.

    What would I have the owners do? Isn’t that what we have been talking about in here for the last several days? I would have them do the best they can to plug the holes at 3b and in LF. While they are at it, another starter would come in handy, as would another LH reliever. And if possible, a first baseman that can actually hit like a corner infielder would be nice.

    This team has played well and I will give them credit for it. But, I don’t see them as the best team in the NL. Not yet.

    • ken says:

      Donnie was the “Juggler” but is “not” preventing the balls from hitting the ground any more!

      The Dodgers were the best “Team” in MLB because they were playing like a team with sacrifice bunts (Not Dee Dee), Scoring Fly balls (Not Looney Tunes), Timely hitting (Most of them but not any more), great pitching, and good fielding (Not any More).

      Now they are playing like they are Clueless in Seattle.

      People should be careful when using stats. Is the historical profitability of a travel agency on 9/10/2000 a basis for determining the value of the agency on 9/12/2000. Hell no. Neither are the historical stats of an injured player the basis for determine their worth going forward. A lot of guessing goes into determining the future value of an injured player and as you say) an older player.

      July 1st is the day to begin determining the extent of the proactive position of Guggenheims.

      Negotiate the first trade during the All-Star break.

      Trade for 3B Headley, give them a mid level player and some cash. Maybe even take another high paid player off of their hands like their SS. Certainly he could platoon with Dee Dee.

      Then DFA Kennedy and Uribe.

      Mid July – Offer to trade Loney for Morneau strait up and absorb the $10 mil salary hit. Keep Rivera to platoon with Morneau.

      End of July – Trade Lee and whatever it takes for Hamel.

    • Bill Russell says:

      Either Badger has a bad memory or forgot all about Andy LaRoach.

  26. jerry says:

    i think we need just a set line up..the one,s who are hot..i know no body is hot now..but just go to the numbers..mybe the best defence..since that has been bad lately.we keep give run s away..

  27. Gionfriddo says:

    Kennedy starts tonite @ 3rd and Herrera sits?? that make sense to anyone who has a pulse…. there is no reason for Kennedy to be on a MLB 25 man roster let alone start over a kid who has earned a full time spot … Mattingly should know we are hamstrung enough offensively without Kennedy being in there….

    • Badger says:

      Have to agree.

      So, with that, we will watch as he gets 2 hits.

      • Gionfriddo says:

        really… how bout 0-2 and .219 thru 6 innings… every time Donnie Baseball writes Kennedy’s name on lineup card to start this team deserves to lose… unless Herrera is sick and sick bad, Kennedy has no business starting from here on out til he’s DFA’ed..


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