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A Titantic Problem

The team that had not lost as many as three in a row has now lost five in a row!  The iceberg has destroyed  the hull.  The ship is taking on water.  There are no lifeboats.   The rats are jumping off the ship.   The world is ending.  We will all be killed!

Now, take a deep breath and remember that things are not as good as they once seemed – the Dodgers were not going to play at a nearly .700 clip the rest of the season.  However, may I suggest that they are not as bad as they seem right now, ESPECIALLY IF DONNIE BASEBALL DOESN’T HIT JERRY HARISTON AT CLEANUP!  What got into you, Don?

So, it’s five loses in a row, now what?  Well, I think there are a few lessons to be learned:

  1. Curveballers like Capuano often struggle at Coors – it’s just a fact of life.  Now, Caps wouldn’t have looked as bad if his defense hadn’t betrayed him… which is the next point.
  2. Play players where their defense will be maximized.  Hariston has seen the most time at 3B this year – leave him there.  If DeJesus was going to play, it should have been at 2B (where is is most comfortable).  Why that switch was made is beyond me.    Hariston had 2 errors and DeJesus had 1.  Out of position problems.  Treanor’s error was an anomaly – he is a defensive specialist.   It happens.
  3. Hot bats have to play.  SVS got two hits last night and even though there is a right-hander pitching tonight, he needs to play.  Loney does well in Coors so SVS has to play the outfield.  How do you work him is with Abreu who needs to bat against a RH?  Even though I don’t like it, it looks like SVS is the odd-man-out tonight.
  4. Tony Gwynn is seizing the day – leave him in CF and at lead-off for the foreseeable future.
  5. Castellanos has to play.  DeJesus may be the best defender at 2B, but Castellanos is a stone-cold hitter.  He has to play.  I ranked him as the Dodgers #4 prospect this year – most blogs ignored him!  He was 2-3 last night with 2 RBI.  He can play LF, RF and 2B and has quite a bit of experience at 3B.


  • Jamey Wright and Todd Coffey are train-wrecks.  Shawn Tolleson needs a shot – Coffey, turn in your cup!
  • Tony Jackson of ESPN/LA has a very, very interesting piece on Chad Billingsley.  Here’s an excerpt:

Chad Billingsley is challenging to cover. Challenging because he is a good guy, a classy guy, a fan- and media-friendly guy. The type of guy even a veteran, cynical beat reporter tends to root for because that reporter wants so badly to write that Billingsley had a good game, that he pitched well, maybe even that he dominated the way we all thought he would one day do with regularity all those years ago as he was climbing through the Los Angeles Dodgers minor league system and we were all salivating at the thought of what it was going to be like when he got here.

Sadly, though, following the Dodgers’ fourth consecutive loss to the Milwaukee Brewers on Thursday night, this time 6-2 before 26,773 at Dodger Stadium, I am once again at a loss for the right words to use. I want to be diplomatic. I want to be tactful. I want to be delicate. But I also want to be credible, and so, I say this:

This is the same thing we have been watching for six years now. It hasn’t changed, and it probably isn’t going to. If Billingsley were a No. 5 starter, that would probably be OK. But he isn’t a No. 5 starter. He is a No. 2 starter, a former first-round draft pick, a guy with a three-year, $35 million contract that runs through 2014.

And he is average. Maybe even a little above average. He has, after all, reached double-digit wins in all five of his full seasons in the majors. He entered this season with a very respectable career ERA of 3.68. He was an All-Star just three years ago, at a point when it appeared he finally was blossoming into the reliable, consistent pitcher he always was supposed to be. Even now, he has a career won-lost record 72-56. That is a .563 winning percentage. Nolan Ryan‘s was .526.

  • It’s time to do something different with C-Bill – trade him or put him in the pen.  I’d offer the Red Sox C-Bill for Youkilis – Take it or leave it!  Move on, there’s nothing to see here folks!
  • Rumor has it that the Dodgers are interested in Ryan Dempster.  – Yawn!  Maybe…
  • Ethan Martin could be  called-up very soon.  Last night, he pitched 7 innings, allowed 4 hits, ZERO RUNS, struck out 7 and walked 3.  He is still a little wild, but has awesome stuff. – major-league top-of-the-rotation stuff!
  • Jared Massey’s Minor League Report – 6-1-12



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19 Responses to “A Titantic Problem”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, I have to hand it to you –

    “Castellanos is a stone-cold hitter”

    Yes sir ‘re bob — he got his first two major league hits — last night !!!!

    Put him in the #4 hole behind Ethier.

    Funny – the first several weeks of the season — I wondered if the Dodgers would loose no more than 1 game a week.

    Now — I wonder if the Dodgers can even win 1 game a week.

    Still leading the league, the Dodgers #1 & #2 pitchers combined are 6 – 7 after starting 22 games between them.

    There is no real help in AA or AAA. Just a few maybe nice players.

    Early game today. The Rockies are hot and on a roll.

    Dave Hanson will have to do his best to fine-tune these guys and their bats.

  2. Pete Matthews says:

    Even with the losses, I’ve been happy to see finally a few of our top MILB prospects. Welcome to the show EO and Alex C.You seem at this point in time both maybe ready to join the ranks. Having always been a C. Bills supporter, I’ve seen enough. The idea of straight across for Youk or going to the pen seems the only thing to do.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Youk will be history as far as a career goes . . . and C-Bills can still turn his career around elsewhere I guess.

    Another outcome like the Cleveland deal . . . for a third baseman then

  4. Badger says:

    If we are honest with ourselves, we knew this stretch was coming. It’s here.

    Bills. He has regressed in his career. Why I don’t know, but he had his best year when was 23 years old. He is only 27, and maybe with a new approach, with help from a new pitching coach, he can get back on track. For now, he uses more pitches to get less done than any #2 starter I can think of.

    This team just needs to settle down and work on an identity. You guys are right about the position thing. But in Donnie’s defense, the Dodgers have 5 second basemen on the team. Somebody has to play 3rd. Who is that? Herrera, Hairston, DeJesus, Castellanos, Kennedy – they are all the same guy except Kennedy is past whatever prime he ever had.

    This is a no brainer to me. Whoever hits plays. Van Slyke gets the at bats. Put him in lf. Castellanos plays until the hole in his swing is found out by Major League pitchers. Herrera plays. And Gordon plays. Why not? Hairston, Kennedy and DeJesus are all back-ups. Let them back-up. If the other second basemen aren’t hitting, then DeJesus and Hairston get more at bats.

    It isn’t going to make a hair ball’s difference how you stack this lineup. We have one good Major League hitter in the lineup and 7 .250 hitters scattered from top to bottom. What we need to play .500 until it gets figured out is good pitching. If we don’t get that…..

    what a weird time for the Dodgers. They are in first place, and it seems like they are on their way to the bottom. Surreal.

    • ken says:

      Amen Brother!

      After just 2 Texas League hits Bills gets that Deer in the Headlights look. A Headcase is a headcase whether as a starter, reliever, or on a different team until they deal with their insecurities.

      Donnie began losing the Manager of the Year award on Memorial Day and flat lost it last night.

  5. ken says:

    Play the Kids, Play the Kids, Play the Kids

  6. Bill Russell says:

    Nothing left to be said.

  7. ken says:


    Line up based upon who is hot – Last 7 days.

    1. L Gwynn CF .269 w/5 SBs
    2. R IDJ 2B .333
    3. R Casty LF .667
    4. L Ethier R .345
    5. R Ellis C .300
    6. R SVS 1B .273
    7. R Hairston 3B .524
    8. L Gordon SS .304

    9. Herrera .273 w/10KOs
    10. Abreu .286

  8. RogerCraig says:

    I like that lineup a lot. I have watch the Castellanos kid for about three years now. I think he’s a .300 hitter with gap power. Can he play 3B? I have seen him there and he looks like he has a good glove.

  9. Badger says:

    That lineup works for me. I can see them scoring 3 runs.

    Dodgers 3 Rockies 2. We win. Make it so.

    • Mark_Timmons says:


      • Badger says:

        hmmmm…. ok, we can win this 4-3…… 5-4?……


        We need our pitchers through this stretch. This month could get ugly very quickly. Harang handled the Rockies rather easily in early May and I think he threw a no-hitter at Patrick Henry High School, so, he has all that going for him. He also has a belly button……….

        I think I need a popcicle.

  10. ken says:

    Donnie the Moron

    Kennedy’s Splits
    LHP .294
    RHP .190

  11. Jae says:

    Why is Castellanos not playing?

    Mattingly is an idiot!

    Complete Idiot!

  12. Bobby says:

    Adam Kennedy is now batting .205 after today’s 0-3 so far.

    He provides no offense, no defense, and yet he bats 5th at 2b for us. A dead cow would be a better option to hit 5th and play 2b for us.

    Why Castellanos isn’t being given every opportunity to prove himself at 2b is beyond me.


  13. Michael says:

    If I said is once I’ll say it again. Herrera should be in the lineup everyday.
    I think Donnie dumbfcks time will come. Stan and Guggenheim are going to expect accountability.
    So Happy Trails to Ned, Donnie, James and all the other culprits: the New boss is watching.

    PS Chad needs Goggles, see above” deer in the headlight syndrome”

    PSS I seen at least 3 plays in the previous 2 games that SVS misplayed and Loney would have easily made, just sayin he is NOT a 1st baseman not matter how hard some parties wish he was

  14. ken says:

    See Kennedy gets a hit against a left handed pitcher and ofers against right handed pitchers.

  15. ken says:

    The secret is scoring 5 runs or more = 23 – 1.

  16. Badger says:

    “The secret is scoring 5 runs or more = 23 – 1.”

    The team that can average 5 runs a game will win the NL pennant. Only three teams in MLB did it last year – Boston, the Yankees and the Rangers.

    This Dodger team won’t do it. What they are going to have to do is play great defense, don’t give away any outs, play fundamentally sound baseball and win the close ones.

    Donnie needs to take a few games and see who it is that is going to step up. Everyone will get a fair shot at it, including Kennedy. He is veteran, and he should be given due process. I wouldn’t wait very long with him though. But if the young guys don’t get it done that is a double negative for the Dodgers. We learn who can and cannot play, but so does the rest of baseball. If we intend to use any of these guys to get a proven ML talent, they had better show the rest of baseball they can get it done at this level.

    This is a unique time in this organizations history. You can bet the new management team is watching very closely.


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