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Rant & Rave Wednesday

  • Nate Eovaldi was better than advertised with 7 strong innings – he only threw 90 pitches and allowed 2 Earned Runs (all in the first inning).  He only walked 1 and struck out 4 while only allowing 4 hits.  After the first inning, he allowed 2 more hits the rest of the way.  He looks ready to step into the rotation to me, but then again, so did John Ely (for a while).  The proof is in the consistency.
  • With Matt Kemp back, it looks like everyone just dialed it down a notch.  They better crank it back up today with Kershaw pitching.  It’s time for “Beast Mode.”
  • I would like upgrades at 1B and 3B, but there is a dearth of third basemen and you will have to overpay for a good 1B (that’s why I suggested Morneau).  That said, James Loney will probably get hot here soon and by the end of the year will have a .285 BA with 80 RBI.   Not a slugger, but not horrible if you factor in his defense.  David Wright and Mark Trumbo are two of the best that could “possibly” be available, but you would have to break the farm to get either one.  At this juncture, the Dodgers have to hope that someone can step up at 2B and that Loney and Uribe can have their “average seasons.”  Finally, Dee Gordon has to be able to hit leadoff, so that Rivera and Abreu can platoon in LF.
  • It’s a long season and pitching trumps it all.  The Dodgers are 2nd in all of MLB in pitching.
  • Lots of teams are having offensive woes.  You think the Dodgers hitting is bad?  They are 4th in batting average, 3rd in OB%, but 10th in runs scored because they are 23rd in home runs.  A power bat is needed.
  • Jared Massey’s Minor League Report – 5/29/12

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17 Responses to “Rant & Rave Wednesday”

  1. Badger says:

    I think the Dodgers offensive ranks will be dropping. Like was mentioned on the other thread, there are several guys on this team hitting over their heads. Logic says they will come back to earth.

    Somebody went 7 and it wasn’t one of our front end of rotation guys. Good for Nate.

    What is up with James Loney. Last year at this time he was hitting .239 and ended at .288. The year before he was hitting .298 on this date and finished at .268. Why can’t he put together a full year? His inconsistency is hurting himself, and the team.

    Dee Gordon has to hit lead-off. I agree. Put him back there and let him learn how to do it.

    “It’s a long season and pitching trumps it all. The Dodgers are 2nd in all of MLB in pitching.” That’s right. It is a long season. And the Dodgers pitching will remain good. 2nd in MLB good? I doubt it, but they could very well be in the top 5. Hitting? Unless some additions are made, this team won’t be anywhere near the top 10.

  2. I’ll throw out a name for you guys – Kevin Youkilis.

  3. ken says:

    Gordon went right back to trying to pull every pitch. How do you teach this kid the differrence between confidence and arrogance.

    Vinny is right again. The Dodgers are leading the MLB with a .235 BA with a 0-2 count. No team is close to their BA. The Dodgers are also first in MLB with a 1-2 count.

    However they comparatively suck with a 2-0, 2-1, 3-0, 3-1, and 3-2 count. Still not convinced, was not last year, that taking all of those pitches is that great for ALL of the Dodger batters.

  4. Badger says:

    There are other teams in our division sniffing up Youk’s skirt. If we are going to do it, better move soon.

    Gordon just needs time and patience. Mattingly is in the dugout. I find it hard to believe he can’t take that kid and show him how to bunt, drive the ball opposite field and up the middle and go deep in the count. Like ken just mentioned, you watch him hit and just cringe at all the mistakes he makes.

    I think those stats ken mentioned will change before mid summer.

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, I believe that Wills has been working with Gordon and bunting for several years now, especially in Spring Training. Bunting in practice is not difficult. But with live game pitching can be a bitch. With 40,000 people watching, the ball moving, and all the other factors . . . some just never get comfortable.

    If Loney’s ball in the 9th inning goes through the center of the infield, the Dodgers would have probably won another game. But the tide is turning of some of these.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Look if Hairston gets the bunt down we at least tie the game. For the most part this team has been executing and winning the close one’s. It’s inevitable that some breaks were going to start going against us….the bad call on Monday night for example which resulted in 2 runs for the Brewers.

  7. jerry says:

    for the guys who take a lot of have to be able to hit before you can do that..a j.elis .looks like he trys to walk every time. sometimes he dont even swing at any thing.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why swing if they don’t give you anything in the strike zone?

  9. Badger says:

    With a team like this one, it’s all about OBP. I think that is why we are seeing guys trying to work the count. AJ Ellis is really good at it. If Kemp only swung at balls in the strike zone, he would maintain a .400 OBP the rest of his career. And you are right jerry, in order to make that whole “deep in the count” thing work, you have to able to punish the mistakes. If a pitcher leaves one over the middle of the plate, you must barrel it up and put it in play with authority. You just cannot miss that one. We have two guys on this team that can do that. Everyone else (cept may Abreu) is a crap shoot.

    I still see a loop in Gordon’s swing that is troubling. That kid should put EVERYTHING he hits on the ground. If he did, he could hit .300 with that speed. He must learn how to get the infield moving and out of position and players like him do that by mastering a few moves: bunt, fake bunt hard slap, fake bunt soft slap, drag bunt (very effective against pitchers falling toward 3b). There are so many things a kid with that kind of speed could do to improve his OBP. I haven’t seen him doing them.

    If you take an honest look at all our utility players, there isn’t one of them that looks like a .300 hitter or a .350 OBP guy. fangraph projections, and fantasy site projections are remarkably accurate. Of course there will be players that will project up from likely numbers, but how of them have come to L.A. and had career years? Having Kemp and Ethier in the lineup helps every one of these guys get better pitches to hit, and one more thumper would make it even better.

    This team, as it is currently constructed, is going to win with pitching. I would stake my lack of a good reputation on it.

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    Jerry, I have seen AJ Ellis take the first two pitches right down the middle, take a ball, then swing at a pitch that is borderline, and make an out.

    But I think his operational approach is to go deep in a count hoping for a walk, and then hits a Texas leaguer somewhere. But if the pitcher works too hard, a walk many times results.

    But it is working for him so far and I cannot fault that.

  11. Bobby says:

    Buster Olney came on 710 LA this morning and thought that Ryan Dempster from the crappy Cubs would be a good fit here. He said that since we’d be able to absorb Dempster’s entire remaining contract, the Cubs might bite to save money, and thus get a lower quality prospect.

    If w’ere going for pitchers, let’s go big. Greinke or King Felix!!

  12. DRomo says:

    Dempster would be an upgrade from Billingsley…. Could he be had for lower level prospects and we spin Bills for a bigger bat? But WHo?

    Is King Felix even gonna be available?

  13. jerry says:

    there are many times.that ellis take one or two strikes right down the it still looks like he is always tring to walk.and yes i agree if there is no pitch to hit you must walk.but dont go up there trying to walk.

  14. Bill Russell says:

    Like they said in the movie Moneyball,
    “Do we care if it’s a walk or a hit?” “NO” You get on anyway you can and AJ Ellis has done a great job of getting on base this year. A J Ellis seems to always take the first strike before he’s ready to hit and it hasn’t effected his average so far. I really like his approach this year. Jerry you should be happy with his OBP. Anyway that’s my take.

  15. Badger says:

    AJ Ellis only has a little over 300 AB’s in the bigs, but he is getting on a .389 with those AB’s. If the Dodgers did that as a team, they waltz to the WS Championship.

    Personally I don’t think pitchers need to be so fine with him. Make him put it in play. Check out his career splits. He winds down in the summer, and can be had if you get ahead in the count:

    If I am GM, I am looking for someone to put in CF between Kemp and Ethier. I also want a 3b that is on his way up. I can live with Loney if I have him hitting 7th in the order. (.292 .352 OBP 798 OPS) And fwiw – in limited AB’s (69) Loney has a .989 OPS out of the two hole. Just sayin’.

  16. jerry says:

    thanks to all the made comments on my take on a.j ellis..i love different views..thanks again.


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