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Memo To Stan Kasten

Dear Stan,

I’m sure you know that Ned Colletti was forced to operate with one arm behind his back and could basically sign only “bargain basement” free agents over the past couple of years.  Actually, he hasn’t been horrible at it… OK – well, he was pretty horrible at it.  But, don’t hold it against him – he had to fill lots of holes with warm bodies and he did the best he could with what little he had.  However, there comes a point where fans just get tired of seeing these guys out there all the time.  I’m sure that you had Frank McCourt’s name taken off his office.  This is kind of like that.  Just get rid of the guys that Ned got on the cheap who continue to remind us of Frank.  Here’s the list:

  1. Adam Kennedy
  2. Juan Uribe
  3. Todd Coffey
  4. Matt Treanor (wait until his BA dips to below .200… it will)
  5. Juan Rivera (he’s probably done for the year anyway)

We really don’t care who you replace them with, although I think you will allow Ned to be busy from now to the trade deadline.  Hopefully, it will be sooner than later, but here’s 5 guys you can add:

  1. DeJesus
  2. Castellanos (when he comes off the DL – which should be very soon)
  3. Tolleson
  4. Fed-Ex
  5. Hariston  (when he comes of the DL)

That would be just fine with me and the fans could return to the Ravine without having their noses rubbed in McCourt doo-doo.”

Thanks for listening, Stan – I know you are a regular reader… even if you don’t ever comment!

Dodger News & Notes:

  • Don’t look now, but the Dodgers #5 starter is 3-2 with a 3.83 ERA.
  • How long do the Dodgers ride with Dee Gordon’s 10 Errors, 12 SB. .247 OB%?  The rope is growing short.
  • Capuano & Harang have been dramatically superior to Hiroki Kuroda just like I predicted.
  • I figured out why they keep Todd Coffey on the roster.  Here’s the Reason  So, he lowers the risk of death.  I mean, who knew?
  • Orlando Hudson was waived by the Padres to make room for old friend Eric Stults.
  • Jared Massey’s Minor League Report – 5-17-12

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31 Responses to “Memo To Stan Kasten”

  1. the truth hurts says:

    Pull the plug on Dee Gordon, stick a fork in him!!!!!

    No power, can’t hit, to many errors, even with his speed he can’t steal a base

    Put Ellis in the lead off spot…

  2. Mike Dixon says:

    Ted Lilly on the mound tonight….dude is 5-0…damn!!!….

  3. Gonzo says:

    I think too many people were expecting too much from Gordon too soon. I’ve always thought he was a Willy McGee clone that played SS instead of CF. Anyhow, I think his bat will come around, but it should happen in the minors.

    I’m hearing that SD might waive Bartlett. Good glove not so much bat. No team is trading their SS right now unless he happens to be playing 3B in MIA.

    I agree with cutting bait on the Colletti player list Mark. I saw Coffey on the mound for the first time the other day and I thought that some fan had snuck into the clubhouse and put on a uniform.

    If there is a way to get Hanley without Lee explore that option. Try and get Leo Nuñez or whatever his name is too just in case Jansen has trouble.

  4. Gonzo says:

    Nevermind on Bartlett. For some reason I always thought he was a decent glove. Dodgers are in a bind at SS. Who’s out there?

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “Pull the plug on Dee Gordon, stick a fork in him!!!!!”

    You would have said the same thing about Mike Schmidt when he hit .196 his rookie year.

    You probably had similar negative things to say about Matt Kemp until he finally put it together. Apparently cooler, more intelligent heads on the Dodgers think differently. Dee Gordon is not the first young player to struggle early on in his career. There is no guarantee that he’ll ever put it together, but some of us understand that patience is a virtue when making decisions regarding what appear to be very talented young athletes. And keep in mind, that much like Matt Kemp, Dee Gordon was primarily a basketball player in his youth, who didn’t start taking baseball seriously until his senior year in high school. In fact, Matt Kemp probably played a lot more at that age.

    But if Gordon put it together elsewhere, you’d probably be among the first to complain that the Dodgers gave up too early. And besides, exactly what are the alternatives at shortstop now?

  6. RogerCraig says:

    Anyone who knows baseball should know that a player like Dee Gordon is a work in progress. He may have to go back to AAA and get it together, but I would doubt that he needs to be there long. Maybe he just needs to sit for a few days and maybe he will break out tonight.

    Young players are maddening at times, but like Brooklyn says, some of the great ones have really struggled in the beginning.

    I’ll give you a better example than power-hiting Mike Schmidt. How about Hall-of-Famer Barry Larkin?

    In his first full year (1987), he hit .193 in May and .184 in June. The Reds stuck with him and he ended the year at .244. The next year he hit .296, followed by many years above .300.

    He and Gordon are the same age at the same stage of their careers and both players hit over .300 in their first part season.

    You don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    • Dodger66 says:

      It is way to early to give up on the Dee. What concerns me most about Dee is his defence, that hopefully will improve with more games under his belt. This is what I like best about being a Dodger fan pulling for our guys from our system.

  7. Bill says:

    What they really need is some right-handed hitting to get them through the next couple weeks.

  8. the truth hurts says:

    brooklyn, you do quite a bit of “assuming”

    i assume you were a broxton supporter as well?

    the truth is, when i see the color blue, i call it blue…when i see dee gordons stats, i see a AAA player at best and certainly one you do not keep in your lead off spot….

    you are absolutely right though, dee gordon is not the first to struggle early in his career, but he would not be the first to fail in the majors either….he has a 150 pound frame which is not very promising, matt kemp was never 150….actually, comparing the two is ridiculous…gordon is 24 years old, not exactly a child

    more intelligent heads???….your argument is based upon your assumption that he will turn it around

    my argument is based upon facts

    • Reggie says:

      Were you dropped on your head by truth?

      Is that why it hurts?

      Maybe Dee Gordon needs to go back down, but you must “assume” that he does not have the talent and that is a lot of assuming.

      That dude has undeniable talent.

      Will he be a star? I cannot say, but I can say that he has the potential.

      Albert Pujols just passed him in batting average yesterday. It is too early to say he is a bum.

      • the truth hurts says:

        I believe the kid has potential…he has talent…he could become the best shortstop that has ever played the game (I hope he does!)……BUT, from what I have seen so far in the MAJORS, he is a BUM!

        how long do you let potential lead off and bat .207?

        • DodgerDude says:

          The Reds let Barry Larkin bat under .200 for over two months. They were rewarded for their patience.

        • Mark_Timmons says:

          Hey, didn’t you used to be DodgerDave and weren’t you the one who said to wake you up in 2013? And weren’t you the one who said how good the Pujols signing was?

          Is that why you have been scarce?

          Just asking. I’ve been wrong plenty of times too.



          • the truth hurts says:

            Mark, very good IP research, I am indeed LADodgerDave and since there is another DodgerDave, i changed my name….I stand by all my posts…. ;)

            As for Pujols and Fielder, I think we all wanted one during the off season at some point…including yourself…hindsight is 20/20

            wake me up in 2013 stemmed from my frustration with this awful lineup, which is…..awful….

            someone has to be the devils advocate, all is not well in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    The fact of the matter is WE ARE WINNING! If we were in last place I can guarantee you Gordon would be in the minors but we have a comfortable lead so we have the luxury of letting him figure it out in the show. Donnie is doing the right thing. We don’t have a better option at SS and Dee has the talent to turn it on any day. Don’t forget we beat the Dbacks the other day basically because the pitcher was worried about Dee on 1st base and made an errant throw which resulted in him taking third and scoring on a ground out. Have some patience and just enjoy the season my man!

  10. Kayla DeAngeles says:

    (Assuming Kasten is reading this since you wrote to him, Mark:-)

    Hairston, heck yeah. Can’t wait for him to come back, he da bomb.

    Gordon is minor league, at best. Now everyone notices what I was talking about weeks ago.

    I’m looking for Tony Gwynn Jr. to become a regular this year. Playing CF has added to his confidence. There is the player coaches should invest in.

    A.J. Ellis, what is there to say: Good Lord!

    Nice recovery last night, Dodgers. Now we have serious business starting tonight.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Your name is Kayla…..nuff said.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      At least she has a name. If that was meant to be sexist, then why hide behind your keyboard. That\’s a cheap shot!

      • Kayla DeAngeles says:

        Honestly, Mark, was there something wrong in what I said? Or do some guys just automatically want to beat down on girls. Now that is shameful.

        • Jae says:


          There was nothing wrong with what you said. Some people just cannot disagree without being disagreeable.

          Forget it!

          He’s a cretin.

    • Kayla DeAngeles says:

      Hey, you keep that anonymity, bud, you need it!!

  12. Ken says:

    Oeltjen is toast – Why was he even on the 40 man roster? Oh yea to make Kennedy look good.

    Gwynn should lead off until Kemp returns. Gordon should bat 8th until he listens to the batting coach and learns to deal with the stress of MLB.

    Coffey is improving (getting lucky) but he is on a short lease.

    Bills – 15 BBs in the last 24 innings. where is the pitching coach and the catcher? Who is calling the game? Where are his brains? Talk about Mr. Softy!

    Dispite the ovious problems, the Dodgers are finding ways to win and have a very good record currenlty dependent upon the #2 pitching in MLB.

    Elian – Welcome back from Cuba. :)

  13. Bill Russell says:

    Still wondering why Kennedy is in the lineup batting 5th. Why Gordon is leading off and why Gwynn is batting 8th. There must be a reason someone/anyone “splain it to me Lucy”.

  14. Bill Russell says:

    Oh and Kayla, keep on bringing it. One more, Mark why so down on Juan Rivera? I still think he can let the big dog eat. (Tin Cup).

  15. Mark_Timmons says:


    You are just fine. Some people don\’t know how to talk to women. I happen to like them, so I talk good to them. My wife has also taught me that if I don\’t talk good to her, she will beat the hell out of me! ;)


    Maybe Donnie is pushing the envelope and making Kennedy play himself on or off the team. Gordon needs to be at #8. This is about the end of the line. Two more weeks and that\’s it!

  16. jerry says:

    i have been watching a.j .allis seem like he let the ball get bye hime every night..has any one notice cost us a run tonight.

  17. Bill Russell says:

    You can’t get Kennedy out. Mr Perfect in the 5 spot. Furcal is still helping the Dodgers win. A J Ellis comes up big in a walk off walk. Dodgers win. Mattingly gets run again.

  18. Ken says:

    The ultimate insult. I would rather have Kennedy leading off and not Gordon hitting 8th.

  19. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    By the way, add Dustin Pedroia to the list of star players who got off to rocky starts in their rookie year. I don’t have the stats in front of me, but I recall he hit next to nothing in the first month of his rookie year, but managed to win ROY. I think he ended up hitting over .300, but again, I don’t have those stats in front of me. And last I looked, he’s not a big guy.

    It may well be that Gordon needs to go down for a while, or even move into the 8th spot. Either of those moves could do him some good. But ultimately, I believe he will put it all together. And for the record, I assume nothing, because if there’s anything I know, it’s that there are no guarantees (something I mentioned in my post up top).

    For now I believe that the most important thing the Dodgers could do is to find some bats at the two corner infield positions. Uribe is a waste, Kennedy won’t go 4 for 4 every night, Justin Sellers hasn’t shown enough bat, and Jerry Hairston is best suited in a utility role. Loney still doesn’t inspire confidence with his bat, and has not given any indication that he’ll ever hit lefthanders. If the Dodgers can add those bats at the corners, and also another one in LF, then Gordon would be surrounded by enough bats to enable him to be carried until things start to click. And perhaps Sands/Van Slyke/Castellanos can provide a bat at one of those positions. Whatever the case, I believe the Dodgers are looking, and will have the money to pick up some dollars to fill their needs. At what cost in prospects/players, that’s to be seen.

  20. jerry says:

    not impressed with some of the rookies..if they are going to use them..then only one purr night.not all in the same night.

  21. Ken says:

    If Gordon would just try to hit the pitch back through the middle then I would bat him 8th but he is trying to pull every pitch so back to AAA for you boy.


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