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Kemp to the DL Was the Right Move

Matt Kemp didn’t want to do it, but happily the Dodgers training staff erred on the side of caution and didn’t want Kemp’s Grade 1 Strain become a Grade 3.  This will force him to rest, because I think Matt only knows one way to play – flat out!  It will also give Scott Van Slyke and Jerry Sands (just re-called after a 3-3 night with his 7th HR) opportunities.   This is character-building time for the Dodgers.  James Loney needs to step up or step out!   James has been hitting well of late and his defense is stellar.

It wouldn’t surprise me if AJ Ellis were elevated to #3 or #5 in the batting order.  I mean, why not?  Jon Weisman made an excellent argument that Ellis should be the starting All-Star catcher. If it were up to me, I’d bat Ellis #3 with Kemp out!

Andre Ethier is making a bid for NL MVP.  Wouldn’t it be something if Kemp and Ethier were 1-2 or 2-1?  It could happen.

Wade Miley, a good lefty is pitching for the ‘Backs tonight.  This would be my lineup:

  1. Hererra  3B
  2. Ellis 2B
  3. Ellis  1B
  4. Ethier  CF
  5. Van Slyke  LF
  6. Sands RF
  7. Sellers  SS
  8. Treanor  C
  9. Billingsley P
  • Kenley Jansen is proving that I was wrong in saying he wasn’t ready to be the closer.  I guess he is.  My apologies, Kenley!
  • Tony Gwynn is playing an awesome CF and throwing pretty well too.
  • Clayton Kershaw hasn’t really pitched well all year and yet has a 2.22 ERA.  Wait until he gets in his groove.
  • If you haven’t read TJ Simers interview with the Dodgers’  owners, you might not want to.  If ignorance is bliss, you should not read it.  There is still something about this deal that doesn’t pass the smell test. If it upsets you that I say that, you aren’t facing reality.  The LA Dodgers have the best record in baseball and the attendance was just 24,312 last night.  Yes, I know the Lakers were playing (they were on the court, but not really playing), but fans aren’t exactly embracing the new ownership.  McCourt’s stench remains.
  • Jarred Massey’s Minor League Report -5/14/12

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31 Responses to “Kemp to the DL Was the Right Move”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I must say even though he’s only had a couple of opportunities to close I’m impressed with Jansen and he definitely has closer stuff. He has a slider that he never throws and why should he? You rarely see a hitter get good wood on his cutter so keep throwing it until they prove they can hit it. Last night he didn’t strike anyone out (extremely rare) but all three outs last night were weak popups to the infield. This tells me the hitters are just going up there hacking against him without a plan. I know people want to compare him to Broxton but they are different pitchers. The Ox threw harder but his heater was straight, Jansen has a nasty cut that is equally effective to both righty’s and lefty’s.

  2. Mark_Timmons says:

    Plus, he gets the ball and throws it right away. Broxton took way too long between pitches.

    Jansen doesn\’t mess around. I like his presence on the mound.

  3. jerry says:

    i heard that jensen .cant pitch back to back nights..if that is true ..then he cant be a real closer.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well considering he’s done it 4 times already this year I’d say that’s not the case.

  5. el_che says:

    24 thousand n kershaw pitching i guess majority are only kemp fans.excited to see what van slyke n gerry can do hopefully there in the lineup.

  6. el_che says:

    lol cubs.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    I believe the Dodgers will be forced to move from one closer to another closer to another closer and so on . . . for the rest of this season.


    Too many close games — causing a closer like 5 out of 6 games. No one other than the great Mike Marshall (Phd) can do that.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Loney has picked it up with the bat lately, but we’ve seen that before. And it appears that he still can’t hit lefties, which opens the door for starts at first by either Sands or SVS. Probably Sands, if only because I’ve heard (on this site) that SVS is not all too good at 1B.

    I still start Gordon at short. Has AJ Ellis played 1B? If not starting Loney, why not replace him at first with either Sands or SVS? Might it not be a bit early to be placing Herrera in the leadoff spot? By position why not the following order:

    1B = Sands
    2B = M. Ellis
    SS = Gordon
    3B = Herrera (i.e., anybody but Uribe and Kennedy)
    LF = SVS
    RF = Ethier (I don’t think he has the speed to cover CF, in spite of what he says)
    CF = Gwynn (despite being lefthanded, he’s still a huge asset on defense)

    DL’ing Kemp was a no-brainer.
    C = AJ Ellis

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    The part about Kemp obviously should have been AFTER C= AJ Ellis.

  10. Mark_Timmons says:

    I would not have suggested AJ Ellis playing 1B, if he didn\’t have prior experience.

    He has play 5 whole games there.


    He knows where it is….

  11. Bill Russell says:

    I still think Donny and his management team are doing a great job this year dispite what others are saying. Donny still doesn’t look fully comfortable with interviews and Q & A sessions however, maybe with more time. As Brooklyn stated, DLing Kemp was a no brainer. I would love to see Abreu get some work at 1st base. I just love his bat in the lineup. 2 days per week in LF and 2 days a week at 1st.

  12. Bill Russell says:

    Yes Mark but, it would be nice to have a good hitting LH at 1st. However Loney has looked better lately.

  13. Badger says:

    Miley was in the PCL last year for a while. Throw a PCL lineup at him.

    This is going to be an interesting stretch sports fans. We get to see what this lineup can get done without the motor that drives it. I see small ball in our future.

    Mark, what about this ownership and this deal is troublesome to you? Is it the fact that an insurance company/banking investment monster that likely has no heart and no soul now owns the Dodgers?

    Well, if you are going to put it that way, I guess I am a little worried now too. Thanks a lot.

    I think you are right. The stench of McCockroach still lingers in the Ravine. Might take a while to air it out.

    • Mark_Timmons says:


      Here\’s what troubles me: The other bids were all 1.4 to 1.6 billion and all wanted the parking lots.

      So, Guggs and Co comes in and essentially says \”Oh, well let you keep half the parking lots and we\’ll beat that offer by another half billion.

      McCourt HAD to sell, so why did they do that? They needed to play hardball. I can\’t see why they paid what they did and took him back as a partner.

      Walter says that the parking lots were not for sale. Evidently they were. Guggs and Company bought half interest.

      It just doesn\’t make sense…

  14. Bill Russell says:

    I was watching MLB Network this morning and the question came up “Who is the most athletic baseball player currently playing the game.” Both players and Fans picked Matt Kemp by a landslide.

  15. Badger says:

    Was it a sealed bid?

    Yeah, it does sound… odd. But, maybe they know something about the upcoming television contract, or whatever, that convinced them to just blow the bid open. I mean, Forbes wasn’t even close in their estimate of franchise worth. If they don’t know, how does anyone know?

    I am just glad the greaseball is gone. I trust that Kasten knows what he is doing and that the Googenscheister group will write the checks.

    The Dodgers need to do something to get the people back in the park. If a first place team doesn’t do it, what will?

    Matt Kemp is a great athlete. Best in MLB? I don’t know, that list is long. Joe Mauer was all state in three sports in Minnesota, and was recruited to play qb at Florida State. Carl Crawford was recruited to play basketball at UCLA and football at Nebraska. In high school Jacoby Ellsbury lettered in 5 sports, averaged over 23 points a game in basketball, can do a 360 dunk, stole 65 bases his senior year, rushed for like 7,000 yards and was offered Division I scholarships in multiple sports. There are a number of other great all around athletes in the league. But, I won’t argue with the Kemp choice.

  16. Kayla DeAngeles says:

    As for Clayton getting his groove back, I couldn’t watch last night only listen, but Kevin Kennedy’s assessment was that Kershaw gave 7 excellent innings — fastball, slider, changeup, all good. Manly Kenley saved it for him.

    Looks like the D-backs want to continue the nastiness that started last year with Parra. This incriminates Gibson as well, which is a shame. If they want to continue the attitude, they lose.

    Gotta love Sellers’s hustle and the news that Sands was called up: music to my ears. Let’s see what Herrera can bring. I’ve noticed Donnie wasts no time using all available talent.

  17. Kayla DeAngeles says:

    We have lineups for tonight. Gordon leading off (he got that hit last night and scored). A.J. in #5 spot. The yutes are all in the game:

  18. Bball says:

    Any chance maybe oswalt to dodgers. I think that will make a splash. Use billingsley for trade bait

    • RogerCraig says:

      I was thinking the same thing. We could trade Billingsley to Boston for their 3B – Youkilis. He could play 1B or 3B, depending what was the biggest need.

      That way, it would not cost the Dodgers any top prospects.

  19. Bball says:

    What does Hanley Ramirez contract look like. I like him at third change of scenery for him might be good

  20. Badger says:

    6 years/$70M (2009-14)

    signed extension with Florida 5/17/08
    09:$5.5M, 10:$7M, 11:$11M, 12:$15M, 13:$15.5M, 14:$16M
    award bonus: $50,000 for All Star

    He could probably be had. He wouldn’t be cheap to get, and he isn’t cheap to pay.

    Is he worth it?

  21. Bball says:

    Ramirez or youk. I’d take Ramirez. Youk has got to be close to those numbers too

  22. Badger says:

    Announced attendance – 47K. Sure didn’t look like it. A lot of empty seats, especially behind home plate. Not a good look on t.v..

    This is a lineup that won’t score enough to win when they give up 5 runs. Oh well. Won’t win ‘em all.

    Gordon still doing some troubling things at the plate. Looks at strike 3 down the middle, and swings at ball 1 6″ inside. He also has a loop in his swing that a guy his size will not get away with. Hitting coach needs to work on that.

    Don’t know if you guys are aware of what the dbacks have for starting pitching on this team and in the minors. They are looking very good for the future. Miley, Corbin and Kennedy are already here, and Bauer, Skaggs and Bradley are all A prospects that should see some action by the end of the year. The Dodgers will need to get some better sticks or it could be tough to score against the future snakes.

  23. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m very aware of it. In fact, in a post not too long ago I mentioned Bauer. Bradley was drafted out of high school last year, so unless he’s extraordinarily precocious, he’s likely to take another year or two, at least. I know a little less about Skaggs, but he got a nice writeup in Baseball America’s Prospect Handbook, where they have him rated # 3 in the D-Backs system just behind Bauer and Bradley. And even then, he’s not likely to jump to the big leagues as a polished pitcher. It’s taken Kershaw a while to put it all together, and that’s likely the case with any of these young guys. But there is no doubt that they definitely have some good young pitchers going forward. And then again you never can tell. I don’t know what he’s doing this year, but I do remember Max Scherzer being touted very highly. But even with his electric stuff, he doesn’t appear to have reached the lofty level of performance that was expected of him.

    However, the Dodgers have a few of their own, and with ownership that will be putting an emphasis on the signing and development of amateur talent, I’m not overly concerned that the Dodgers will be in short supply of young talent. The first signs should come this summer, when we see if the Dodgers jump wholeheartedly into the international market that they’ve mostly ignored under McCourt.

  24. Badger says:

    Bradley is 20 is August and will be at AA next year. Skaggs and Bauer are both 21 this year, at AA and doing well. Each could get a late season call up, though Bauer is further along. All of them could be pitching in the bigs next year, and all of them likely will be in up two years. Bradley maybe three. All three are A prospects. Scherzer has been in Detroit for two years.

    Last I looked, the Dodgers top prospect, Lee, is a B+ rated prospect. And, I don’t see a lot of hitters in the organization.

    Gould and Webster show promise. Eovaldi is back at AAA after a 3.27 ERA at AA. Lindblom is already here. Don’t know about the other guys. Maybe. All of them are B-. Make no mistake, Arizona has some great young arms, including Shaw and Hernandez, currently in their bullpen. The West will get tough over the next few years.

  25. Mark_Timmons says:

    Sanchez is right there too.

  26. Badger says:

    I read Sanchez has a live arm, but he had better get it turned around quickly. He is a 22 year old in A ball with an ERA over 5.

    It might take this new regime a year or two to fix the system. Depending on where you look, we are ranked somewhere in the middle, with San Diego and Arizona much higher.

  27. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    He’s no longer considered a prospect, but that’s just semantics. RDLR should recover from TJ, and could be better than ever when he returns, being that he’ll have added two years of maturity and will probably benefit from all the rehab. And if the Dodgers want to spend money, there will probably be some available to go after somebody like Hamels next year.

    Bottom line. The D-Backs appear to have a nice stable of prospects, but things don’t exactly look bleak for the Dodgers.


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