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I Still Believe – Do You?

A good beat-down is (in my opinion) better than a 1-run loss.  They both count the same in the standings, and with the beat down, you just wave it off and move on.  Next man up!  Two out of three from the D-Bags in their park – I’ll take it.  Now a day of R & R before 3 against the Astros (Texas’ Triple AAA Team) and 4 against the Brewers to close out May.  Ted Lilly now have a 3.14 ERA – that’s

Bright spot of the game last night – Todd Coffey pitching an inning without giving up a run.

  • Lots of bloggers and real writers are surprised at the Dodgers success.  When will people learn that you can’t measure the human spirit with a statistic?
  • I was in Milwaukee 10 years ago when Shawn Green rocked the Brewers!
  • Matt Guerrier have proven why it is dangerous to sign aging middle-relievers who have pitched lots of innings to big contracts.  Bad Neddy!
  • Bobby Abreu is below average in LF and horrible in RF!
  • Adam Kennedy is almost hitting Todd Coffey’s weight – ALMOST!  (.250)  He needs to raise it 30 points.
  • AJ Ellis is our man, he’s the best catcher in the land!  SLG is .513 and he is OPS’ing .963.  He has to hit in the middle of the order, unless he can’t continue near that.  What a wonderful story.  Jon Weisman has always championed AJ Ellis – if he knew this was going to happen, he’s a genius!
  • Scott Van Slyke – the train to AAA is nearing the station.
  • Maybe a WIFE can get James Loney on track.  “You better start hitting because you need a new contract, dude!”  On the other hand, maybe that’s what is wrong with him.  James sure looks good and he has a sweet swing.   The style is great – It’s the substance that is lacking.  Get it fixed!










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15 Responses to “I Still Believe – Do You?”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    I only watched minutes of the game last night — had other things to do — and hoped for the best.

    IF Lilly would have been a better pitcher last night, the Dodgers might have won 4-0 or 4-1, or 4-2, or 4-3.

    But that magic Dodger pitching blew up with Lilly and Wright.

    But I think that Donnie was kind of doing what he was told by the league office — let some of the other teams catch-up, or attendance will fall all over the league.

  2. Badger says:

    I believe Adam Kennedy is a 36 year old bench player whose best years are WAY behind him. I believe Bobby Abreu is even older and should be a PH, and maybe on this team a DH during inter-league play. Herrera is a pleasant surprise, Sands and Van Slyke are both Albuquerque players, whose stats come back to sea level when they leave that mile high city. Loney is what Loney is, and will likely be what he always is – .275 with HR’s in the low teens and RBI’s in the low 70′s – maybe. I don’t know what is wrong with him, but he sure has been mediocre with the Dodgers. Maybe he should be shipped home to Texas. I think he would be a better Asstro than a Dodger. A.J. is a great story, but he will not hit .327 for the year. I still have him around .280 with a .365 OBP. It’s a long season for an everyday catcher.

    Most everything has gone right for the Dodgers so far. That’s the good news. The bad news is, all teams hit stretches. It’s always an up and down season. I am anxious to see how this new regime handles adversity. And you know adversity is coming.

    In the mean time, how’s our butt look gints?

  3. Reggie says:

    Of course!

  4. DRomo says:

    Last night was aq throw away game. I mean look at the lineup we ran out there. I’m OK with that for now.

    As for Kennedy, Van Slyke,Abreu and the rest of this B squad. They are doing what you would expect. Remeber this is why these guys aren’t regular starters anymore. We need to get healthy and get healthy quick. Herrera looks like he may stick. I would give hima shot at holding down 2B until Ellis comes back.

    I miss Matt Kemp in this lineup. Also Hairston would be a welcome addition.

    The magic won’t last forever with this group of scrap heap guys. We all knew it wouldn’t. But it is great to see they have held down the fort for now. Let’s get healthy and keep winning!!

  5. Badger says:

    Agree Romey. Getting a lead early in the year is nice, keeping it until the deadline will make it VERY interesting. I think most know this squad, as it is currently constructed, is not World Series worthy. But, a piece here, some inspired play there, and… who knows? We might have ’88 all over again.

    Why not us? It’s been 24 years. We have waited long enough.

    I believe now that McCheesy is history, anything can happen!

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Herrera might be a good player, late bloomer. Then again, we won’t know until he starts seeing a steady diet of breaking balls, etc., etc., etc. Not saying he’s bad, but how good he is only time will tell.

    Sands and Van Slyke might turn out to be good players, and maybe not. Only time will tell. I wouldn’t get down on a player everytime he had a bad game. Even Kemp, Ethier and Kershaw have those. What these guys will be over the long term remains to be seen.

    As for A.J. Ellis, when the season began I figured he could hit .260-.280 with a high OBP. Clearly he’s exceeded that, to date. And he’s shown more power than anyone expected. Maybe he’ll do well for the remainder of the season, but whether he does or not, bumps in the road are probably inevitable.

    And I still have hope for De Jesus. But like the others, only time will tell.

    Ned is going to have to make the judgment as to what’s needed going forward. Third base is a vast wasteland, and won’t be filled successfully by either Kennedy or Hairston. The former is what Badger says he is, and maybe even worse. And Hairston is what I’ve said he is, i.e., a nice utility player, nothing else. Put them out there everyday and they might give you decent numbers, but nothing close to what’s needed by an everyday third baseman. More than likely 3B is not going to be successfully manned by one of our young players, and definitely not by any of our bench/utiility guys. That’s an area where the Dodgers are likely going to have to seek help on the trade market.

    Loney seems to be OK vs. righthanders, but appears helpless against lefthanders. Again, Badger has him accurately pegged. If Sands/Van Slyke cannot fill that position (possibly in a platoon with Loney), then the Dodgers will need to seek outside help there.

    And LF too might need to be filled from the outside, unless of course it too can be successfully filled by a combination of Sands/Van Slyke and Bobby Abreu. Maybe Abreu can hold up in a platoon and DH’ing. But he certainly can’t be depended on to play everyday.

    The good news is that the Giants are not exactly a powerhouse, so a 7 game lead will not be easy for them to make up. And besides, I actually think the Dodgers are the better of the two teams. And Arizona and Colorado have dug pretty deep (but not totally insurmountable) holes. The Dodgers need to use these next couple of months adding to what is essentially an offense still wanting in firepower. A little pitching wouldn’t hurt either.

    Maybe I don’t have the year or the numbers exactly right, but I recall that in 2006 the Dodgers followed up a period where they lost 14 of 15 with one where they won 18 of 19. In other words, you never are as bad as you seem when you’re at your worst, nor are you as good as you seem when you’re at your best. I think the Dodgers are a good team, but they definitely have holes, and over the course of a long season those holes will show. So while I think the Dodgers will be in this for the entire year, I expect that there will be some bumps in the road. There usually are.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’ll really start to believe if this proves to be true.

    And if the Dodgers are in the process of re-entering the international market in a major way, then, as I’ve noted before, it becomes more palatable to include Zach Lee type players in deals to fill current holes. I’m not against trading prospects, as long as the game plan includes replenishing the system with new young talent. In the end, it’s the size and quality of the pipeline that counts.

    • Ken says:

      Is there a ranking service regarding these international signings? Hopefully the Dodges will sign quality not just quantity.

  8. Ken says:

    Actually Houston’s pitchers are MLB quality and have a MLB leading team ERA during the last 30 days of 2.75. It is their position players that are really bad with only 4 hitting above .250 in the last 30 days. Better have the veterans in the lineup against the Astros. The three starters that the Dodgers will see have ERAs of 2.70; 0.45; and 3.18 respectively in their last 3 starts.

    Loney is on one of his post April streaks hitting .360 and leading the team in RBIs during the last 7 days. Lucky for Loney the stats do not subtract DPs from RBIs.

  9. Badger says:

    I just checked Loney’s splits and I got it figured out…

    in the second inning he has a 1.059 OPS and in the eighth inning he has a .982 OPS.

    Just don’t let him hit in the middle of the game. Easy peasy.

  10. Joe says:

    It looked like they were running up the white flag with the lineup last night or Mattingly felt everything was going the Dodger way regardless of the lineup he put the craziest lineup he can field (: . Anyway it make the comeback win the night before even more important thus winning a road series. I have been impressed so far by Herrera so far, has some tools and can play about anywhere.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    Folks, at the season started, I had A.J. Ellis hitting about .230 tops, with 6 HRs, and limited RBIs. He really has surprised myself and most Dodger fans.

    I do not like Loney’s present swing. I wish I could be at the batting cage to watch and offer some help. I think his arm swing is too close to his body, trying to do that opposite field hitting. When he hit that big HR the other night — I believe his arms were out in front and farther from his body.

    Funny, Brooklyn, I feel that the new ownership will go out for a third baseman by August if not sooner.

  12. Ken says:

    Early June trade proposal

    To SD
    Elbert LHP
    Uribe 3B
    Alex Santana 3B
    Lots of Money

    From SD
    Thatcher LHP
    Headley 3B

    Use Headley as possible trade bait in Late July

  13. Badger says:

    Thatcher and Headley make us better.

    The “lots of money” makes the Padres better. The rest of that does nothing for them.

    ok by me.


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