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Good for Mattingly!

  • I am really proud that Don Mattingly got himself tossed after Andre Either got thrown out for arguing balls and strikes.  It doesn’t matter if the call was right or wrong.  Stand up for your player and you will have their undying respect.  You just have to do that sometimes.
  • AJ Ellis has earned the #6 spot in the batting order. Leave him at #5 or #6 unless he shows he can’t handle it.  This guy has been a real surprise to me.  I thought he would be solid, but he is All-Star Caliber!  That’s a surprise to me.
  • Scott Van Slyke is making a bid for the LF job and everything he does seems to be right.  Look for him more – he could become a fixture.
  • If Jerry Sands goes on a tear at AAA, look for him to be traded for a bat at 1B or 3B.  David Right’s .400 BA could be Wright for the Dodgers if the Mets fall out of contention, which I think will happen.
  • Gonzo asked me who I would take – Pujols or Loney?  Let me see, Loney for $7 million and 1 year or Pujols for 10 years and $240 million?   I’ll take Loney, unless you can guarantee he’ll return to form.  I said it would be a bad deal after the first few years.  I had no idea it would be bad already.  Pujols does not look the same.
  • Elian Herrera is a 27 year-old switch-hitting infielder, who can play SS who may get called up tomorrow according to Tony Jackson of ESPN/  Gordon could be going down or he could replace Kemp after the MRI (if needed).  He’s a late-bloomer who can steal a base and has put up excellent numbers at AAA.  He’s not an everyday SS in my opinion, but he could fill-in for a few weeks.  Personally, it looks to me like Kemp will just miss a few games and not be DL’ed.  He wasn’t that hurt.  A bad hamstring strain will drop you like you’ve been shot.
  • Tony Gwynn is a heck of an outfielder.
  • Still the best record in baseball!

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17 Responses to “Good for Mattingly!”

  1. Badger says:

    I’ll take Pujols and laugh til I throw up. The Gaggenheister cabal are a global investment/insurance monster that have more money than Malibu. $240 million to them is lunch money.

    I just checked Herrera’s minor league stats and he has earned his shot. .358 at a mile high. That could translate to .258 at sea level, but, he could be an improvement. 27 year old career minor leaguer, but looks like he can hit and run a little bit. Could be exciting.

    If we are going to start talking trade this early, I need to hear from our resident Swap Meat (that would be you boss) who the Dodgers think they have that anyone would want. Last I looked, we are without any A prospects. You want Wright? Who you gonna cough up? You can start with Lee (I wouldn’t) and go down from there.

    Best record in baseball. If we still have it in mid July, I am going to pee in my pants. Wait, that didn’t sound right………..

  2. RogerCraig says:

    They may have a lot of money, but Stan Kasten has said they will spend wisely and build from within. I don’t think Pujols fits the mold at $240 million. I could see them trading Sands, especially if he gets hot, like Mark said.

    I also don’t think it will hurt Gordon if he is sent down for a few weeks. If he’s made of the right stuff, he will re-bound.

  3. Ken says:

    Best record in baseball means the Dodgers should rest some players, DL some players, and play the scrubs more.

    Talking about scrubs – the worst in the last 30 days list is getting smaller and that bodes well for October.

    Sellers .176

    Kennedy .185

    MacDougal GONE 10.80 and 3.00 WHIP

    Coffey NEXT 7.71 AND 3.00 WHIP

    Guerra AAA? 7.20 and 2.20 WHIP

    Guerrier DL 6.75 and 2.25 WHIP

    GOOD NEWS Best in the last 30 Days

    SVS 1.000

    All-Star C Ellis .344

    Kemp .333 DL?

    Hairston .311 DL

    Abreu .304

    Belisario 0.00

    Jansen 0.71

    Capuano 1.07

    Lily 2.11

    Lindblom 2.92

    5 Stars and everyone else playing average with proper platoons will win this thing just like Stengel’s first couple of Yankee championship teams.

    Leave Ellis at #8 and let him concentrate on the pitchers, who are the key to winning.

    Required Platoons





    Gordon is going to Repko someone if he does not watch out.

    • Kayla DeAngeles says:

      Capuano and Lilly our top two starters, now that’s the big surprise of the season thus far.

  4. Badger says:

    Guys like Pujols bring in BIS revenue. People pay to see him. Heck, I did at ST. Drove all the way to Salt River Fields the first day the Angels played there. So did thousands of others. They set an attendance record there that day. Pujols wasn’t there. His day off. Not even in the park. People pay to see him when he isn’t even there. The Dodgers have two of those type guys – Kemp and Kershaw. Another everyday BIS player would be nice.

    I still leave Gordon on the field. I initially figured this was his OJT year, and part of the reason I figured that was because I thought the Dodgers were not good enough to win the West. Not so sure about that now.

    But geez, it’s still mid May. It’s a long season and so many things can happen. One month at a time. Gordon needs to play everyday, and Kemp and Ethier cannot play everyday. Our bench is better with Abreu, who I just don’t believe is an everyday player, but come August, what is that bench going to look like?

  5. Mike Dixon says:

    I read the Mets were preparing a contract extension with David Wright…hopefully they do so we can end this nonsense of the Dodgers acquiring him…..I like the idea of acquiring Youlk for low level prospects….he blows right now, and is injured but dude can hit and it might serve him well to play in another city….

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    Ken, you say play the scrubs more . . . well, I think that the regular Dodger lineup have several scrubs in it . . . 2B, 3b, LF, and some of the relief pitchers.

    It is amazing that the Dodgers have won as many games as they have — and some of the power based mature teams like: Detroit, Boston, Angels, Brewers, Arizona, Phillies — none have winning records.

    So far, a fun season for the Dodgers and fans.

  7. Bill Russell says:

    This team has heart. Even most of the games that they’ve lost have been close. Kemp showed passion yesterday by throwing his glove in the dugout when Donny pulled him. Kemp also stayed in the dugout rooting for the team uptil the end of the game, after he was pulled (I love that about him). I also loved the fact that Donny got tossed. It was a inside pitch that Ethier got rung up on and then thrown out of the game for arguing the call. The crowd gave Donny a standing Ovation as he left the field. This is not what we would have seen out of Torre. Hillman handled the pitching staff pretty well after Donny’s departure. I only hope that Kemp can get a few days rest and not go on the DL. Lilly wasn’t fooling anybody early but settled down after the first few innings. So far we are holding up very well.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “Personally, it looks to me like Kemp will just miss a few games and not be DL’ed. He wasn’t that hurt. A bad hamstring strain will drop you like you’ve been shot.”

    I figured you knew better. Surely you understand that a slight hamstring strain could become a lot worse, and “drop you like you’ve been shot” if it’s further aggravated. Why even take any chance that Kemp’s hammy could turn into a serious matter, when just a couple of weeks rest and rehab can get it completely healthy. And if his hamstring injury is so minor, why is it that his current slump coincides so closely with the onset of his hamstring problems on May 5. He’s clearly been more cautious in his movements since then, and perhaps his hitting has suffered due to the fact that the legs are a hugely important component in hitting.

    The Dodgers won pretty much w/o him yesterday, and his absence will also give a player like SVS some real playing time. Maybe something good can come out of his being placed on the DL. And although Kemp is critical over the long term, the Dodgers can probably get by in the short term without him. It might even be a good idea for them to find that out.

    It’s long season, the Dodgers have a solid lead at present, and the competition in the NL West isn’t exactly stellar. In this case, I believe that discretion is the better part of valor. Let’s get Kemp healthy and then move on from there.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      I do know better.

      Personally, over 40+ years I have had several Grade 1 Hamstring Pulls. I used ice and whirlpool treatments and rested for 3 or 4 days and was fine. With a Grade 2 Strain you really can\’t run and with a Grade 3, you have severe bruising on the leg and you go down like you are shot. I had a Grade 3 once and was in therapy for two months and was supposed to be on crutches for a month. It was over two months before I could run. I have never had a Grade 2.

      Kemp probably has a Grade 1 strain and with electro-therapy, platelet-rich injections and other modern medicine, I think he can be back in three or 4 days, but I would play him in left for a while.

  9. Bobby says:

    Yeah, I don’t want to take any chance with Kemp, regardless of what he says.

    DL him and let him rest and then stretch that hammy out. Any good PT will know how to treat that injury.

    Time for other guys to step up

  10. Michael says:

    I’m hoping Matt does go on the DL. He is hitting a Mendoza line [.207] in his last 10 games and would never have gotten to the ball Gwynn caught yesterday. Instead of screwing around and not letting it heal all the way we risk losing him until after the All-Star game instead of May 28th.
    Dee needs his confidence back and he isn’t going to get it facing ML pitchers. 10 days in ALB won’t hurt and should get his head back on straight. It’s not like we’ll miss his OBP, Sellers or this new guy can match that.
    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” AJ keeps turning the line-up around, leave him at the 8th spot.

  11. Kayla DeAngeles says:

    Tony Gwynn Jr., that’s my guy!! Someone here was looking for a clutch hitter; look no further.

    Interesting rumor re Herrera replacing Gordon, since this is what I suggested last week should happen.

    A.J. Ellis, scary crazy monster… in a good way.

    Scott VanSlyke seems to be a guy who really has fun out there.

    I was wondering if it’s too soon to start calling Mattingly a genius.

    Looking for Kershaw to get it together tonight.

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Agree with you Michael. A.J. is a perfect # 8 hitter. Keeping him there to turn the lineup over makes the best sense. 3B, 1B and LF need to begin providing us with solid #5-7 guys. There’s still some hope for Loney (but not much), and as far as I’m concerned, no hope for Uribe. And for now I’m satisfied with Abreu/SVS in LF.

    • Ken says:

      I agree that several of the starters are scrubs. Platoon all of the scrubs not just some of them. Then all scrubs get to play like in little league. The Dodgers will be better off in October. With a very good pitching staff you can win the wild card and make the WS. The West is weak.

      Rest the weary, play the scrubs, and win at a rate of .500 until Memorial Day. Oh I said that a month ago. Still a good idea.

  13. Badger says:

    I had severe bruising with Grade 3 myself. It came from Mrs. Crabtree’s ruler on the back of my hand. She motivated me to get to Grade 4.

    These are the tests that great teams pass. Kemp might be down for a while. Certainly a few days rest is a good idea, and if it’s worse, put him on the DL NOW.

    I got the Dogs on local cable tonight. The dbacks have been struggling. They are a better team than they have shown. Hope they don’t break out in this series.


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