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Bring Mickey Hatcher Back

Lest you forget, Mickey Hatcher was Kirk Gibson’s replacement for the 1988 Dodgers in the World Series.  He hit a home run in the first game of the 988 World Series and proceeded to sprint full-speed around the bases.   He has been the hitting coach for the Angels under his (former) buddy, Mike Scioscia for a long, long time.  It’s time to bring Mickey home and back to the blue.   We need one of the original “Stuntmen” back.  That’s all I have to say about it.

Chad Billingsley is maddening to me.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and thinking you will get different results.  I think it is time to quit thinking the Dodgers are going to get different results from him and turn the page on Chad Billingsley.  The Dodgers need a third baseman or first baseman with power – I would prefer to keep Loney at 1B for his defense, and get a bat for third base.  Who is available?

  • David Wright – While not a huge power bat, he would be my choice, but he would cost several top prospects, including Zach Lee.  Additionally, he probably isn’t available and it looks like the Mets will sign him long-term.
  • Hanley Ramirez – This guy is probably available and has huge potential, but again, would giving up Lee and others be worth it?
  • Kevin Youkilis – He’s not a great third baseman and has declined the last couple of years, but he is available and he wouldn’t require giving up top prospects.  Like Billingsley, he might just need a change of scenery.  Straight up:  Billingsley for Youkilis.  Boston needs pitching.  The Dodgers need hitting.  It’s worth the risk.  Someone mentioned Roy Oswalt.  He could be an option to take Billingsley’s place or call up Eovaldi.  Youk has warts, but he’s worth the gamble because the Dodgers don’t have to sell the farm.

Dodger News & Notes:

  • The Dodger ownership need to figure out how to do some damage control.  Steve Dilbeck of The LA Times has a pretty coherent argument.  Memo to Management:  Answer the questions and move on.  It’s time to put this to rest. 
  • I don’t know about you, but  I frequently see some bloggers analyze certain aspects of the game or a player ad nauseum, and wonder “do you have a life?”  Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I think they believe the more words they write, the better their argument is, and I am not talking about Jon Weisman – I read every word he writes!
  • Jared Massey’s Minor League Report -5/15/12

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23 Responses to “Bring Mickey Hatcher Back”

  1. DRomo says:

    I am glad you are giving up the fight n Chad Billingsley! This guy has been a dog and the bearer of fals ehope for several years now. The sad thing is he has the “stuff” he has the arm. But something in his head wants to be cute after the first 2 strikes.

    You have to have the heart to be great. You have to want it. Chad has an agent that was a fighter (Dave Stewart) he has a teammate that is a fighter (Kershaw) he is surrounded by examples of what he should and could be…. yet he doesn’t have it. Bye Chad!

    As for Mickey Hatcher…. maybe? But not at the major league level. Bring him back to the orginization, maybe. But no thanks on the big squad. Dave Hansen has done a fine job….for now.

    I like the list of potential canidates in a trade. Youklis may be better served as a 1B than 3B. But having that flexabilty is nice if he can be aquired.

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    I am remembering some of those games last season against the D-Backs. They could put up runs and more runs. They have not found that as much this season, but last night — they really held the Dodgers down.

    A brush with reality — was last night. Sometimes you just face a pitcher that keeps you off stride and cannot get started. The new BASH BROTHERS of Van Slyke & Sands were a total of 1 for 8. They struck out 3 times and left 6 runners on base. Oh well . . .

    Then again, Gwynn and Kennedy both came through with pinch-hits.

  3. Badger says:

    Bad Bills. Happens every now and then.

    But, Miley was on the money, and the snakes pen is quite good. Last night was their game.

    I don’t expect a lot out of this new Dodger lineup. If we don’t get the pitching, we probably will have trouble staying above .500 while Kemp is out.

    Bash Brothers? Funny.

    Upton looks heavy, and Goldschmidt looks lost. He OPS’d over .800 as a rookie, this year he is just over .600. When those two turn it around, Arizona will score. Kubel looks good in that lineup too. Don’t count them out.

    OK, a team we should beat coming up.

    Hatcher? Well, he’s now available. Heck, the Dodgers have one of the best natural hitters of all time on their bench. Mattingly should be giving some hitting tips. All he does is sit there and make up the lineup card. Ok, maybe he does more than that, but, why not make some suggestions if you see something?

  4. Bob says:

    I’d trade Billingsley for Youklis in a minute.I can no longer watch Billingsley pitch; it’s too infuriating. I disagree with DRomo; Billingsley has below average stuff. He has to lead the league in least swings and misses per pitch. Does anybody ever swing and miss? Just lays that 90 mph fastball or cutter over the plate. Rarely throws a curve for a called strike. Behind on the count. It’s too much to take.

  5. Bill Russell says:

    I liked Mickey as a player but I always thought he had a screw loose. Not sure why we would need him. The way Vin set up the story last night, I thought Mickey had passed away until Vin finally said he was fired. (Much better out come for Mickey between the two).
    Same thing that I said about Loney, we have been wanting Bills to turn it around for several years now. It’s time for a change. I watched Moneyball again last night and Youklis was high up on the chart as players that get on base. However that was 10 years ago. Not sure about Bills for Youk as even value.

  6. Badger says:

    Bills just throws too many cookies. Did you notice the difference between the two pitchers last night? Miley was on the corners, up and down, high and tight low and away and Bills was thigh high over the heart of the plate or he missed altogether. It’s almost like you know by the second inning if Bills will make it through 5.

    I agree 100% with Dilbeck.

    I just read the Rockies are very interested in Youk, and might be willing to offer pitching, including their 2009 first round pick. If the Dodgers want him, it is going to cost.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    That continual question — if you want a key piece (player) to complete the present team ————– are you willing to give up a future blue chip youngster to do that????

    To say that another way, try and hang on with some holes in the roster — and keep the kids because they MIGHT be something tomorrow???

    I always remind the fan board about this time of year — the new draft will be here in a couple of weeks — and presto, maybe there will be better suspects there.

  8. Mike Dixon says:

    Bills for Youlk would be great…then sign Oswalt….sounds so easy…make it happen Ned…..

  9. dogleg says:

    The Rangers have a 3rd baseman at AAA and AA that look great
    no one can move because they have the Dodgers old 3rd baseman.
    A trade should not be hard.

  10. GoNzO says:

    Bills is frustrating to watch. But I’d rather see if we could get Beckett in a deal for him. Beckett is an ahole but a change of scenery will do him good. Put him in the 2 spot and let it roll. Or kick the tires on Jurrjens with the braves. I knoe he has a dead arm right now but the kid can pitch.

    The players that stood out to me last night were the ellis boys. I love their approach to the game. They seem to not take anything for granted and play for the name on the front of the jersey and not the back.

    I’m done with Loney. I want him gone Yeah he’s a great glove but his AB’s were terrible last night and everytime I’ve seen him this year. It was time that he turn the corner. How many at bats is a MLBer afforded until he is categorized into what he is as a batter? If Mickey Hatcher can still play first base I’d take him their over Loney.

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Can Hatcher still play 3B?

    Maybe things have changed. But I still remember Bills being lights out out of the pen for a time in 2007. Maybe he’s better suited to short stints. Worth a try, at least. Certainly he’d be better than Coffey. And we really don’t know if Tolleson is ready, or will ever be.

    Keep in mind that Bills is signed through 2014, with the club having an option to buy him out of 2015 for $3 million. As currently structured his contract is as follows:

    2012 = $9 million
    2013 = $11 million
    2014 = $12 million
    2015 = $14 million club option, $3 million club buyout

    Not sure if his contract status makes it harder or easier to trade him. Guess it depends on the circumstances of the interested club.

    The Dodgers don’t need a power hitter at either 1B or 3B. A gap to gap hitter who gets on base and gives is lots of extra bases hits, is all that’s needed. Any thought that Loney can provide that gets more remote everyday. It’s becomes more than a little clear that Loney does not provide the consistent bat the Dodgers need. And his inability to hit lefties is a major downside.

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    By the way, big Dee Gordon supporter that I am, he just looks confused at the plate taking fastballs down the middle for strikes, and swinging at pitches up in his eyes. Maybe he’ll suddenly put it together, or perhaps he needs some time at ALBQ to get his act together. Unmistakable talent, but not performing right now. I guess the coaching staff talks to him regularly, so for now I have to just trust that they have a coherent plan.

  13. Kayla DeAngeles says:

    Chad gets rattled too easily and doesn’t recover, not a good sign in a pitcher, esp. a starter.

    A.J.’s pick-off move is golden. If he wasn’t a Marine sniper, he should have been.

    I actually feel bad about Dee having so many problems. I think he is over-eager to “help” and gets geeked out. Learn the fundamentals and don’t think fancy thoughts. Sounds simple, right? The talent is there but it needs soooo much remedial work.

    @Bill Russell, I also thought they were going to say last night that Hatcher had died and then it was just that he had been fired. What was all the dramatic build-up about?

    Gwynn starts in CF for the SD series.

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    So we get the NEW LOOK Dodgers in today lineup !!!!

    Gordon — another concern, his going into the outfield for high popups. Sometimes maybe too far when an outfielder is right there and he does not back away sometimes when called off.

    The other night, on that last out (?) he almost collided with another player on a popup, like he was not listening. Maybe is mind is so focused he is . . .

    Got the Padres TV feed tonight.

  15. Bill Russell says:

    I don’t understand today’s starting lineup. Why are both Ellis’s sitting? Why is Abreu playing against a left hander? Why is Kennedy playing against a left hander? Oh well so far we are winning 2-1.

  16. Roger Dodger says:

    Well, I knew the old Dodger ways would finally show its face.

    Playing one of the worst teams in baseball, getting beat up like old times = San Diego.

    Maybe the guys can come back. But I have confidence in Capuano because Mark said he will win 20 games. Just wait until AJ Ellis and Mark Ellis, and Dee Gordon, and James Loney, and Matt Kemp all get their hits in this game –

    – oh, wait. Those guys are on the bench. Not playing.

    Wow, Donnie really has confidence with his entire roster.

  17. the truth hurts says:

    the sky is about to fall……

  18. Bill Russell says:

    Boy does the truth hurt. The Blue colored glasses are about to turn another color.

  19. Roger Dodger says:

    Those Padres really looked like a championship team today, I tell ya.

  20. Badger says:

    Capuano with 20 wins? Really? Come on.

    That was one sorry looking Dodger lineup. 5 hits and no BB. Richard was 1-5 with an ERA around 5. Yoiks.

    OK. .500 without Kemp. We can do this. Not with that lineup, but we can do this.

    Back to the Laker game. They won’t tube two in row…. will they?

  21. Joe says:

    We had the AAA lineup out there again today. Luckily we have a 6 game lead so hopefully we can weather the storm till Kemp gets back.


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