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The Yeahbuts Are Out

The Dodgers are now 6-1 with a 3-2 win over the Pirates.  Chris Capuano looked great through 5, but got in trouble in his last inning, clearly running out of gas.    Hopefully, he can extend his arm strength so that he can go 6 or 7 innings.  If he’s going to do it, this would be the year.  He certainly exhibited this same pattern last year, but now with one more year removed from surgery, hopefully he can build his arm strength.  He’ll never be a complete game guy, but 6 strong innings would be good.

Of course, now we hear the “yeah, buts:”

  • Yeah, they won, but the only played the Pirates and Padres.  Let’s see what they do again a real team.
  • Yeah, but, they have been lucky.
  • Yeah, but Loney and Uribe aren’t hitting.”
  • Yeah, but, “Yeah, but, “Yeah, but.”

The last I checked, the Pirates and the Padres are in the NL, not AA.  Enjoy the ride.

We have owners who will get more players if needed.  We have a better locker room.  We have a more mature Andre Ethier who is not sulking and rude (as of now).

We have an energized, excited bunch of guys, and the fans still don’t show up. 

Yeah, but Frank McCourt still owns the team.  BS – The Dodgers are off to their best start in 31 years and the Stadium is only half full?  These guys need the fans.  If you are a Dodger fan, get your butt to the Stadium.

I’m traveling from Indiana to LA to see the Atlanta series the 23, 24, 25 of this month.  You have no excuse now.  These guys need you!

Jared Massey’s Minor League Report – 4/12/12

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24 Responses to “The Yeahbuts Are Out”

  1. Mike Dixon says:

    Hey a 3 game series with the Pads….High five….

  2. Bobby says:

    It is early (obviously)

    but I’d rather be 6-1 than not!!

    Plus, I’d really rather be 6-1 while we have so many “yeah butts”

    wait till everyone wakes up!!

  3. Xeifrank says:

    Yeah, screw the “Yeahbuts”. You play whoever is on your schedule. Let’s analyze this for a second. If you look at the Vegas win expectancy on the first 7 games the Dodgers should have 4.39 wins and 2.61 losses for a .627 win percentage. In reality they are 6-1 with a .857 win percentage. They have basically put 1.61 wins in the bank. Meaning if you projected the Dodgers as an 81 win team you now need to bump that to an 82.61 win team. Yes, the schedule has been pretty easy, but the Dodgers have outplayed their expected win total. So good for us.

  4. RogerDodger says:

    Mark said:

    “Yeah, they won, but the only played the Pirates and Padres. Let’s see what they do again a real team.“
    “Yeah, but, they have been lucky.“
    “Yeah, but Loney and Uribe aren’t hitting.”
    “Yeah, but, “Yeah, but, “Yeah, but.”
    The last I checked, the Pirates and the Padres are in the NL, not AA.
    True, two of the worst teams in the majors. They probably should be in the AAA. But from the other side: some of the good teams are struggling the first week of the season. All will blend out over the long season.
    And last night, if Loney and Uribe did not get their hits, maybe the Dodgers lose that game.

    We have owners who will get more players if needed.
    The deal is not complete yet!! The possible new guys are walking around, but they are not writing checks and making changes officially as of yet.
    Mark: If you are a Dodger fan, get your butt to the Stadium.
    If I lived in L.A. I do not want to give McCourt some last minute hope, and have him find some rich Chinese or German or South African or whoever from wherever — and say: I am keeping the team. I have new money now. He still needs to see that folks want him out.
    Mark: I’m traveling from Indiana to LA to see the Atlanta series the 23, 24, 25 of this month. You have no excuse now. These guys need you!
    Me: April 21-22 (Sat-Sun) I will be in Houston with my son, for the two games against the Astros. Have seats in the first row of the Crawford Boxes on the left field pole for Saturday nighjt. Will get the Sunday tickets later this week.

    Other than that, you were right on Mark.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Yeah, but aren’t the good teams supposed to beat up on the bad ones? 6-1 is good, even against bad teams. I’ll take it. Besides, by winning now, the Dodgers are that much more likely to be in the thick of the race after new ownership takes over. If there’s money to spend, the Dodgers will be in a position to make a deal that makes a difference. Maybe Loney will hit, and maybe he won’t. And I’m certain that Uribe won’t. In any case, in both instances the Dodgers will be in a position to upgrade if the opportunity presents itself. That wasn’t the case in the past. Besides, even if the Dodgers slow down, what team in the NL West is going to run away and hide? This year there is hope, last year there was none.

    Logical as it is or not, there are likely fans who intend to boycott the Dodgers as long as they’re under McCourt ownership. We’ll likely know about that after the transfer of ownership. If I lived in LA, I’d be a Dodger Stadium.

    If I had to choose a pitcher to go, it wouldn’t be Lindblom. My choice would be MacDougal or Wright. And I lean towards MacDougal. I didn’t like him last year, simply because he’s not a consistent strike thrower. Also, last year he was reaching the mid to upper 90′s frequently. Not so much this year. And he still has problems throwing strikes.

  6. Reggie says:

    At least we know for sure that Roger is a yeahbut!

  7. RogerCraig says:

    I remember the last time the Dodgers started this good. It was 1981 and I was a younger man. They went on to win it all that year. It was a magical season. The fans who stay away from the ballpark because of Frank McCourt are like people who cut of their head because they have a pimple. That’s a silly reason to stay away, and Roger, Frank McCourt cannot keep the team. He has to sell. That is the agreement. He has no choice, even if Warren Buffett gives him five billion.

  8. Bobby says:

    Hiroki Kuroda was great today vs Anaheim.

    With real run support behind him he will easily win 15+ in NY

    • Jae says:

      Uh… I think I would take Aaron Harang (9 K’s in a row) and Chris Capuano at the the same price as Kuroda. No offense to Hiroki.

      • Bobby says:

        I totally disagree. I”d take Kuroda with Eovaldi as the 5 over Cap/Harang and their 2 year backloaded deals.

        Of course, now that we have Harang and Cap, I hope you’re right

  9. Bball says:

    The fans staying away cause of McCourt. I find that stupid if ur a dodgers fan get ur ass out there or don’t call yourself a fan. If they went 1 and 161 you would still see me out there

  10. Bball says:

    This team is hot. Hotter then the Miami fans over the guillen comments. Go dodgers

  11. Bball says:

    Watching this team gets me fired up hell ya kemp

  12. Bball says:

    Hell ya dodgers

  13. Jae says:

    I smell 7-1. Wahoooooooo!

  14. Bobby says:

    I am a HUGE fan of Lindblom!

    Wow with Tolleson due to join the bullpen sometime this year, we have some ridiculous young bp depth!!

  15. Mike Dixon says:

    Come on Loney…do something….

  16. Mike Dixon says:

    Ethier will win this…guaranteed….

  17. Mike Dixon says:

    I’ll take it….lol

  18. Bill Russell says:

    Coffey needs to pack his bags. Is Jensen going thur the Broxton syndrome. Velocity is down …..

  19. the truth hurts says:

    agreed Bill, coffey needs to go…..

  20. ODRC says:

    Yeah but the 2005 Dodgers started 12-2, it way to early for a thread like this, but it is fun to watch.


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