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The Stars Are Aligned


What I mean by that is that the Offensive Stars in each of the three games this season have been different.  Opening day it was Matt Kemp.  In game two it was the former Mr. Softee, Andre Ethier, and last night it was AJ and the kid (Dee Gordon). Chris Capuano looked like a 20 game winner for 4+ innings and then looked like he should be in Low-A ball at the end.  Hopefully, that is an ‘early-season” thing that won’t plague him again.  Until he walked everyone in the stadium he looked like a solid addition to the rotation.   The real Chris Capuano is more like the one you saw the first 4+ innings, not the human walk machine you saw at the end.

Momentum is real- one only has to see Capuano lose the ability to hit the plate and it just carried over to the rest of the pitchers:  Wright and Elbert caught the disease too.  Momentum works the same in the other direction too and the Dodgers recovered to continue their winning ways.  Todd Coffey even looked good.

Other Stuff:

  • You have to love Vin Scully and what he said to TJ Simers:  “I love it when I come across something; I’d cut it out of your column if you ever had a good story.”  TJ Simers of the LA Times writes a “feel good article” about Vin.  TJ is very good, especially when he uses his writing prowess for good.
  • The Dodgers used 8 pitchers yesterday, so they will need 6 or 7 strong innings by Aaron Harang today.  He pitched pretty good in this park last year, so let’s hope it continues.
  • Juan Uribe has 4 strikeouts in 8 at-bats.  What amazes me is that he has made contact at all.  How the heck did he hit the other four pitches?
  • I think you are seeing how Mattingly is going to use his subs.  3B, LF and 1B are going to be areas of flux.  If a player gets hot – he might see more time.  At this juncture, the manager sees Loney as a platoon player,  It’s up to James if he wants to change that.
  • According to Ken Gurnick of, the Dodger coaches have corrected a flaw in Kenley Jansen’s delivery which should help him become the pitcher he was last season.  Let’s hope so.
  • I know most of you loved the minor league reports by Jared Massey, so I will post Jared Massey’s report each day for you to read.  Here it is today:   The days before is here:
  • Jared’s April 5th Summary is here:
  • In the future, I am going to add a link at the top of the page so that you can go right to Jared’s Summaries.  I wonder if Jared remembers us little people now that he’s a star?  ;)

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6 Responses to “The Stars Are Aligned”

  1. Bobby says:

    Those are both the same link, Mark :)

    Yes, I did miss Jared’s minor league updates; please link them for us!!

    Loney was very anti-clutch yesterday, but 3 of the balls were line drives (only 1 was a soft line drive). Hopefully they fall in today and he wakes up.

    Gordon is a superstar in the making!

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Sorry Bobby, I fixed it ABOVE and added the link to April 5th as well. Thanks for pointing out my error.

  2. Mike Dixon says:

    Loney looks horrible…Couldn’t help but think what would have happened if Fielder signed with the Dodgers…Unreal…..

  3. Bill Russell says:

    The Dodgers began to unravel faster then a roll of toilet paper pulled around the house by my dog yesterday. The great sign of this team was that they were able to gather themselves back together to get the win. Teams of the past few years would have let this game get away. Dee Gordon is becoming a star and a force to be reckoned with. If we only had better corner infielders as Mike points out from above, what this team could be. Well get the brooms out Dodger fans and let’s sweep this first series of the year. Go Blue

  4. DodgerDude says:

    I think Aaron Harang will be motivated to stick it to the Padres. He needs to pitch about 8 innings because the Dodgers used about everyone but Lindblom yesterday.

  5. Mark_Timmons says:

    As if it\’s news, the Dodgers released Carlos Monasterios after a couple of arms surgeries. Maybe he\’ll catch on somewhere else and resurrect his career, but it seems unlikely. We remember you, Carlos.


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