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Rant & Rave Saturday

  • After seeing Chad Billingsley pitch last night, only a moron would say that he is not an ACE…. and the Dodgers only need him to be a Number Two!  Steve Dilbeck said he looked like a Number Two- No Steve, he looked like an Ace, but I’ll take him at #2.  Talk about pitching – he was incredible. If he can continue this could really be a magical season !  Now, it’s only one game and it’s only the Padres, but it has to help his confidence immensely.
  • I wrote yesterday that Andre Ethier would “pick up” Matt Kemp last night, having no clue that he really would.  Again, if Andre can hit lefties like this he will be in the TOP 5 MVP Voting.  I think he’s going to make me quit calling him soft.
  • Two of the main reasons the Dodgers tanked last season were Ethier and Bills.  You saw a glimpse of what they can do last night.  I you don’t have some home now, you just love to be miserable.  I know it’s only two games, but you can see the resolve of this team already.
  • Do you believe yet?
  • Andre is running better than I have EVER seem him.
  • Speaking of running – Mark Ellis is no a speedster, but he ain’t slow.  I am very impressed with him so far.
  • I’d like to see Fat Boy Uribe get it together soon, but I am afraid he will disappear.  He swings so had he is just going to screw himself into the ground and that’s where he will be buried.
  • Umpires need to get it right – baseball needs instant replay – Dee Gordon was safe at 2B in the 5th inning.  Horse-Bleep!
  • I find it interesting that Magic Johnson is not listed as an owner or even a managing partner in the Court Documents recently filed.  Magic is not listed and Ned Colletti is.  I would say that Magic is the face of the Dodgers for a while, not forever.  Just my opinion, but I cannot see him in an office at Dodger Stadium in two years.  Right now, he’s the face that Dodger fans know, but as the team improves and wins the World Series this year, he will fade away.
  • Oh, and to those of you who were bothered (TJ SLIMERS) by the fact that Magic said good things about Frank McCourt:  It’s part of the purchase agreement that the new owners cannot disparage Frankie in any way.




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15 Responses to “Rant & Rave Saturday”

  1. Bill Russell says:

    Yes it’s only the Padres so we’d better reserve judgement but Bills and Andre did look good last night. How can Bills look so bad in his last spring start and pretty sharp last night? I’m hoping it wasn’t the San Diego bats that made him look good. He was pounding the strike zone and not nibbling the corners so we should be optimistic.
    Gordon had at least half an arm on the base before he was called out at second for stealing. It wasn’t even that close of a play. How could the ump get that one wrong? I’m glad that wasn’t a critical play that could have cost us the game.
    Uribe doesn’t seem to have a clue at the plate. If he wasn’t hitting that pitcher hard last night then I think we may be in trouble at 3rd. I noticed that Fields isn’t on the roster so I am assuming Adam Kennedy would be the backup. Anyway, we are in first place and off to a good start. Go Blue

  2. LAdodgerdave says:

    uribe is a fatty fatty mcbutter pants……

  3. Bball says:

    I bet uribe is 37 years old, not 33 he’s listed @ and Juan uribe isn’t even his name. He’s way past his prime ( if he was ever in it ). So that’s y he looks so horrible. Just saying

  4. Mike Dixon says:

    I agree Bill…let’s not get carried away with Bills…first game against a meekly Padre squad….and its not like we haven’t seen this before……

    Future 20 game winner Capuano on the mound today….want to see Dee get on base a couple of times today…love to see him run…

  5. Reggie says:

    20 might be pushing it, but I could see 16-18 from Cap.

  6. Leroy says:

    On a good day Billz is a #2 (like last night) – but usually he is a 3 or 4.

  7. Bobby says:

    The most ‘unsoft’ part of Andre’s night was that his 2 hits came with 2 outs, and vs. a leftie. that’s clutch.

    it’s just amazing how 2 out RBI’s dramatically change the game.

    It is only the Padres, but whatever. Better to win than lose. Now if Harang/Cap can at least split, I’ll be satisfied with a 3-1 road trip.

    Anyone gona be at opening day?

  8. DodgerDude says:

    I thought Mark had a screw loose (maybe he does anyway) when I read that he predicted Chris Capuano would win 20 games, but as I looked at his records and his stuff, I am becoming a believer. He really could do that. He doesn’t have many innings on that arm the past 4 years.

  9. LAdodgerdave says:

    if chris keeps pitching the way he is with the run support he has gotten so far, maybe he will get his 20!

    gordon just doubled, ethier and kemp are on fire…….

    Mark, for the past 5 years I have been an everyday reader of this blog. Even though I post comments rarely, thank you. I agree with most you have to say, but not all. I think you run a great site here, keep it up and thanks for putting the time in.

  10. LAdodgerdave says:

    As soon as I said that…….look what has happened!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Mike Dixon says:

    Dodgers falling apart….what the hell…it’s tied….

  12. AnewBlueDay says:

    Just in from out of town — Dodgers have really come hitting right out of the box like never before, or at least in years. Could it be that the hitting coach has something to do with it???

    But this experiment with pitchers is painful to watch. Walks, walks, and then Elbert. Heck, he is not anything sure of getting the ball over the plate — oh, just hit a batter … this is painful.

    Mark, is this kind of play in your Dodger crystal ball!!!

    Now we will see if the guys can get up off the floor and win this game — that should have been a walk in the park.

  13. Bball says:

    9 walks wowwwww. Way to much

  14. el_che says:

    dodgers win !!! . Mark you need jared back to fill us in on prospects


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