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Rant & Rave Monday

  • You laughed (some of you even mocked me) at me when I said Chris Capuano would win 20 games, but here he is 3-0 with a 2.76 ERA.  Maybe he won’t win 20 games, but would you rather have him or Hiroki Kuroda?  Nuff said!  Chris Capuano is showing that he just might be a really good pitcher for the Dodgers this year, and I called it.  ;)
  • James Loney was the star of the game yesterday driving in both runs with a monumental blast….  OK, it was a dink single, but it was two RBI’s.  It’s a start.
  • Do you think Loney is bad?  Albert Pujols is hitting .216 with 0 HR’s.  Dollar for dollar (so far), James Loney is a bargain over Fat Albert.  The Angels who were predicted by many to win it all are now 7-15!
  • Mr. Coffey returns and Mr. Eovaldi leaves today.  Coffey scares me.
  • Just DL Rivera and call up SVS (Scott Van Slyke, kind of like RDLR)
  • Mattingley nailed it when he said Javy Guerra had lost his swagger.   That’s the key!
  • Kenley Jansen looked a lot like a closer yesterday!
  • Today should be the last day of the reign of King McCourt – I wonder when and what changes will occur?
  • Jared Massey’s Minor League Report – April 29, 2012
  • Remember former Dodger Jose Diaz? 300+ pounder?  He was part of a AAA No-Hitter Yesterday.  Details HERE.  Anaheim native, Justin Wilson pitched most of the game.

Chris Capuano - Copyright 2012


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19 Responses to “Rant & Rave Monday”

  1. Corey says:

    I don’t think most people would disagree now or prior to the season that Capuano is a very good pitcher……when he’s healthy. I just hope he makes it through the season with no major problems, which has been his track record.

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I probably thought it was a stretch to predict Capuano would win 20, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to count on him to be an effective starter all year. What’s encouraging to me, is that he was finally throwing strikes yesterday, unlike his earlier starts where he was uncharacteristically walking a lot of hitters and falling behind in the count. Capuano can only be effective when he stays consistently ahead of the hitters, thereby enabling him to make better use of his change of speeds, at which he is a master (Lilly too).

    For the record, I was not one of those clamoring for the Dodgers to re-sign Kuroda at $10-12 million. At 37 I thought that would have been a mistake. Capuano and Harang are fine with me, and more than make up for the loss of Kuroda. But the season is young, so all the returns aren’t in yet.

    Coffey doesn’t exactly inspire me either. I remember looking forward to him coming into games against the Dodgers when he was with the Reds. He did a good job in Washington last year, but nothing truly inspirational. Hopefully he can do a decent job, but if not, Eovaldi isn’t far away, and other moves are probably possible. Meanwhile, Jamey Wright is looking more and more like the real thing, so maybe he begins to pick up some more innings.

    My memory’s been playing tricks on me lately, but didn’t Loney line out Saturday night late in the game with runners on? If so, the dunker is just the law of averages doing its thing. A hit is a hit is a hit. Loney is still an enigma to me. Looks like he can do it, just doesn’t often enough. Power seems to be there, but then its not. It seems as if he should be a doubles machine, and sometimes he is, and sometimes not. Until the inconsistency disappears, he will continue to be questionable.

    I wouldn’t have paid Albert over $200 million for 10 years, but I’m guessing his bat will come alive in the not too distant future. He also got off to a slow start last year. Of course, I’ve always had the suspicion that he was older than the listed 32, so maybe age is beginning to kick in. But I’m not betting on that, even if he is older than 32. If I could get Albert cheaper, I’d replace Loney with him in a New York minute, or a Los Angeles minute, or an any city minute. But you’re right, “FOR NOW”, the Dodgers are getting more dollar for dollar from Loney.

    I don’t disagree with DL’ing Rivera and bringing up Van Slyke. But there could be a silver lining in playing Rivera. Maybe he’ll reinjure his hamstring and be out longer, leading to a more permanent call-up of Van Slyke, or whoever. Maybe Sands will begin to pick it up, or maybe Castellanos will return from the DL. I could like Rivera as a backup outfielder and pinch hitter, but not as a starter. He’s an OK .260 – .270 hitter with 15-20 HR power. I would like to see more.

    I too wonder when any changes, if any, will occur under new ownership. But, as I noted in an earlier post, we at least now have hope that ownership will add to the team if and when the opportunity presents itself. That could be now or later. With McCourt holding the reins, that was never the case. So if anything there is hope, and nothing more. The good part is that the Dodgers have gotten off to a fast start, and have built a small cushion that allows new ownership some time to put whatever plans they have into place.

    Maybe Javy Guerra’s loss of swagger has something to do with the loss of his breaking pitches, or vice versa. For me, Javy’s effectiveness revolves around his ability to throw his breaking pitch for strikes. If hitters perceive he can’t get that pitch over, they’re going to sit on the fastball. And Guerra’s fastball doesn’t have the kind of movement that allows him to throw it pitch after pitch. Seems to me that his curve is just rolling up to the plate, and not doing very much. If he gets his breaking stuff back, I see him being effective again. Until then, he should probably be doing something else other than closing.

    As for Jansen, the Dodgers need to stop using him with the frequency he’s being used now. If that doesn’t stop, there could be issues going forward.

  3. Ken says:

    Now Only 7 players suck compared to the first week’s 14 players

    Kennedy .059
    Treanor .133
    Seller .176

    Coffey 36.00
    MacDougal 7.71
    Guerra 6.10
    Harang 5.16

    Call up Coffey and either DL Rivera or send Lindblom to AAA to rest because Torre Jr can’t manage a bullpen

    Jansen 108 innings
    Lindblom 101 innings
    Guerra 76
    Wright (The long reliever?) 66
    Guerrier (DL)49
    Elbert 42
    MacDougal 34
    Coffey 7
    Eovaldi 0

    Maybe Guerra just has a sore arm :)
    Or maybe MacDougal lost 10 lbs while he had the flu and needs to
    go on the DL

    Great Sweep Terrible Bullpen Management

    If Torre Jr wants to turn Jansen and Lindblom into Wade and Troncoso then Ned needs to grow some and put a stop to this abuse

    It is time for a little “BLUE FLU” by Jansen and Lindblom

  4. DRomo says:

    Its early in the season to extend these arms but a complete game by a starter with (around) 115 pitches would be a God send for this bullpen.

    I agree about Jansen. He looks like a closer but with a limited pitch repetoir, I wonder if it could last. Unlest his name is Mo Rivera…

    Guerra scares me. He scared me last year too. He may have been successful but after this start for him I wonder if it wasn’t smoke and mirrors.

    Finally: Rejoice Dodger brothers. The McCourt era is over. Here’s to a hopeful new beginning!!

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Hopefully new ownership will be successful bringing in some more offense. A complete game would certainly help the pen, but may not be possible given the current state of the offense. If a starter is pitching shutout ball in a 1-0 game, he’s most likely going to be removed towards the end of the game. Too many close games, due to the lack of Dodger offense, is what’s leading to overwork by the pen.

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Oh, and one other thing. The Dodgers are going into the house of bullpen horrors this week. They may have the humidor at Coors, but it’s still tough on pitching staffs.

  7. Bobby says:

    I will go bold and predict Loney hits at least 1 HR this series!!!!

    I won’t, however, predict anything by Boo-ribe

  8. Mike Dixon says:

    I’m still laughing at the 20 win prediction…don’t back peddle Mark and say he won’t win 20 now…

    Dodgers at Colorado for a set…always good games in Coors field…Cant wait for the Giants series next week…

  9. jerry says:

    i never no why we need a pitching coach..he goes out there and talks to them ..and then they do the same thing..he never teaching any of the pitcher a new pitch., so i just wonder what good is he.. i dont care for mr .honey and your write about donny use the bull pen to much..but that is part of mr.honey, donny said he get his advise from my honey so what do you think

  10. Bball says:

    I think everyone needs to get off uribes back. He’s hasn’t been totally horrible. Leave the guy alone just for a little while

  11. DodgerDude says:

    On Uribe: I agree with Ball about Uribe. Let the Dude play and we will see what he does by the All-Star Break.

    On Capuano, if Dixon is still laughing, it proves he’s still a dumba$$! HA! HA!

    Caps is right behind the league leaders in wins with 3. The leaders have 4 and he is one of the ERA leaders.

    On Honeycutt: Nobody is perfect, but look at his record – his teams are always near the top in ERA.

  12. jerry says:

    yes ..honey team are at the top..because the dodger have alway had good pitcher..but seem like when they leave the dodger..they become a star.. you should be able to teach a play a new pitch. it that simple ..

  13. Roger Dodger says:

    I said several weeks ago, when the Dodgers were winning all of those games against weak teams — just wait till they play the tougher teams.

    Well, that has started, and off not to a bad start. So far:

    Padres 6 and 1
    Pirates 3 and 0
    Brewers 1 and 2
    Astros 2 and 1
    Braves 1 and 2
    Nationals 3 and 0

    OK: that clicks by beating the weaker teams and holding your own with the better teams: weaker teams 11-2. Stronger teams: 5-4

    Now comes the walk:

    Stronger teams, 21 games:
    Rockies – 6 games
    Giants – 3 games
    Cardinals – 3 games
    D-Backs – 5 games
    Brewers – 4 games

    Weaker teams, 8 teams:
    Cubs – 3 games
    Padres – 2 games
    Astros – 3 games

    and during this time – 3 days off. All this is through May 31.

    Let us see if these close games continue, and how the pitching holds up, and if the hitting can be timely like it has been.

    What has been surprise is — how poor Miami and the Phillies are doing in the N.L. East. The Giants and Arizona are around .500.

    In the American League, that Baltimore and Cleveland are in first place. And on the other end of things, Boston and the Angles are in last place.

    So it seems that maybe there might be some changes with the Angels and Boston — also changes with the Phillies and in Miami.

    • Ken says:

      Agreed. That is one reason I said several weeks ago that I was ok if the Dodgers played .500 ball through Memorial Day while the sucky players played more and hopefully turned around there seasons. If not then maybe DFA them :)

  14. Bobby says:

    I think we should keep this Matt Kemp guy

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    The Rockies are making a statement in the middle of this game. Dodgers have bases loaded with Kemp and Ethier coming up — both strike out. Without them, it it much harder.

  16. Ken says:

    15 players and counting. It is little league night for the Dodgers.


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