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Rank & Rave Sunday

I have about 20 minutes before my flight to LA leaves, so I’ll check in and talk about our favorite topic – the Dodgers!

  • Dee Gordon finally had a decent game – 3 for 4.  This could be the start of a streak for him.
  • James with his first HR – he has actually been hitting the ball pretty good – now maybe some will start dropping.
  • The Jamey Wright bashers were WRONG!  He’s been rock solid for a while.  Coffey is the one that worries me… Guerrier too!
  • That bum Kershaw finally got a win.  ;)
  • Let’s see if C-Bill can keep up his incredible NO WALK ZONE!
  • No word on Juan Uribe – stick a fork in him.
  • I’ve been looking at the 3B Market and it’s thin.  For the Wright deal, I would take a chance on David Right.  I think he’s a 15 HR guy in LA, but he can still hit and is a decent 3B (not great).  Two top prospects (not named Lee) and one mid-level prospect.  Sort of like Withrow, Webster and Tolleston.
  • Alex Castellanos is on fire.  They need to get him some time at 3B.
  • Adam Kennedy could jump out of a boat and not hit water.  I know it was his dream to play for the Dodgers, but this is a nightmare!  Aaron Miles is better than him… and that’s not saying much.   And Miles is still available.
  • Matt Kemp = Monster Masher!
  • Scott Elberts’ photo was spotted on a milk carton!
  • Jared Massey’s Minor League Report – April 21, 2012


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17 Responses to “Rank & Rave Sunday”

  1. Corey says:

    How about some love for Hairston. His BA isn’t much, but from the games i’ve seen, he’s had good at bats and he’s playing great defense. I would like to see him at 3rd for a month or so and see how he responds rather than drop 3 prospects for an average wright.

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    The L.A. Dodgers are messing up the N.L. West race.

    The Giants & D-Backs & Rockies are doing what most thought, that is .500 baseball.

    But the Dodgers are at .800 at 12-3. That really messes up things. Now a 4.5 game lead.

    San Diego is already 8.5 games behind.

  3. Bobby says:

    Somebody here owes me a drink (Macallan please)

    I told you our 1b would have more HR than Anaheim’s 1b on April 22!!!!!

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’ve never been a huge Coffey fan, but I’ll at least give him a pass for now, if his ineffectiveness is knee injury related. However, given his belly bulge, I am guessing that his knee problems could be weight related. And that’s not good news. And that running in from the pen can’t be good for his knee.

    Wright I think would be nice addition. And 15-20 HRs would be fine, especially if he can drive the ball into the gaps and down the corners for extra base hits. And I believe, although he has a penchant for striking out, he also draws more than a fair amount of walks. Given that Hairston and even Kennedy are an improvement over Uribe, Wright would be a breath of fresh air. I won’t comment on the prospects proposed in your trade, since I haven’t seen enough of any of them to make a judgment. However, since I expect new ownership to change the trend that’s had the Dodgers not spending to sign amateur talent over the past several years, I am more disposed to trade prospects now, since I believe the Dodgers will be more than able to re-stock the farm system. However, in a Wright deal, I also think that the Dodgers would to a large degree being doing the Mets a favor by taking a large contract off their hands.

    In any case, the Dodgers need to score more runs, if only to save the bullpen. I believe Jansen has already been in 10 games. That’s way too much, considering that the Dodgers have only played 15 games.

    Given what’s been going on in Boston, maybe Kevin Youkilis is also available. And there could be other lesser names, but good players also available. New ownership will take over in the next week or so, so maybe the Dodgers will be in position to pick up a contract or two, or three.

  5. RogerCraig says:


    You could get locked up in the loony bin for predicting such stuff.

  6. RogerCraig says:

    Pretend that today never happened.

    Never speak ofi it again.

  7. Bobby says:

    I’ll take 2 of 3 vs. anybody on the road.

    Now comes 2 tough series at home; lets see how we do!!

  8. Ken says:

    Everyone knows who the 3 position players and 4 pitchers are that suck so here are the really good players on the team, with some pleasant surprises.

    Kemp .450

    Lindblom 0.00
    Lily 0.69
    Kershaw 1.61
    Guerra 2.10
    Wright 2.25

    The Dodgers have not been hitting in the clutch during the last week as compared to the first 2 weeks when they were monster clutch hitters.

    Still better than the Angels!

    Still on pace to play .500 from 4/17/12 to 5/28/12!

    The alleged long reliever named Wright is finally on pace to pitch 80 innings. Unfortunately Guerra, Jansen and Lindblom are all on pace to pitch more than 80 innings. It is time to reconfigure the bullpen and let Elbert and MacDougal either pitch more innings or get somebody else.

  9. DRomo says:

    Barbara Billingsley is back! I knew the “new” Chad was a fraud…

    Thanks for showing up Chad..

  10. Kayla DeAngeles says:

    I am not speaking of yesterday’s game, per se, but only of the lineup and a couple of plays…;^)

    #1 – Loney should have been playing first, adding punch to the offense with his hot bat and making an important play defensively.

    #2 – My concern, which started last year and won’t go away this year, is that Dee Gordon is not interested in learning how to play his position well. I think the hype went to his head and he thinks he can get away with hot-dogging. He is already whining in interviews. Not good signs there.

    #3 – Agree with poster above that Guerra looks on track to be overused.

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Gordon appears to me to be an extremely well-grounded individual. Nothing hot dog about him, and certainly not a whiner. Can’t imagine anything he’s said or done that would give anyone such an impression. Does he have youthful enthusiasm? Absolutely! Nothing wrong with that. By the way, seems I heard such similar nonsense about Matt Kemp not too long ago.

    The bullpen has been overused. Don’t know how many appearances everyone has, but it appears to me that Jansen especially is being overworked.

    In the case of MacDougal, just get somebody else. Not only can he not throw strikes consistently, but it appears as if his velocity has dropped compared to last year. I question Elbert’s command, and would definitely like to see an effective change. Maybe he’ll put it together, but I’m not holding my breath. Might be necessary to replace him as well. Maybe he can be included in one of those proposed deals to get a third baseman.

    And that brings me to one of the major reasons that the bullpen is being overtaxed. The Dodgers simply do not score enough, and as a result are involved in one tight game after another. And for now, third base is a vast wasteland, currently manned by Juan “automatic out” Uribe. And the answer is certainly not going to be found in our collection of utility infielders. First base could be a problem unless we suddenly start to get consistent production from Loney, but third base, as I noted, is a vast wasteland.

    And although it hasn’t been a big problem yet, I fear that leftfield could become one, since I have little confidence that Juan Rivera is anything more than a good outfielder on a second division team. I would love to see Jerry Sands find himself. If not, that’s a position that may have to be filled over the long term.

    Billingsley had a bad outing. But let’s not be too quick to jump all over him. If he begins to show consistent regression, then get concerned. But until then, give him the same break you would give any pitcher after a bad outing. It does happen, even to Kershaw.

  12. Mike Dixon says:

    Looks like Dee is playing just fine…..

  13. Bobby says:

    A back-to-back singles double play.

    Gotta love being a Dodger fan

  14. Joe says:

    I can’t believe my eyes..Uribe aimed to hit the ball the other way and did!! Still not a fan of him offensively. The way the club is build they are going to be in a lot of close games as there isn’t enough offense to pull away from teams. That is why we see Guerra and Jansen about everyday. Plus with Harang and Capp unable to go beyond 6 innings the bully is going to get burnt out.


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