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Let’s Make A New Plan, Stan

You don’t need to be Coy, Roy,

just listen to me. 

Hop on the bus, Gus. 

You don’t need to discuss much. 

Just drop off the key, Lee

and get yourself free.

Well, I guess that could be meant for Stan Kasten, but I’m sure Stan has a few plans of his own (“what should I do with this Ned guy?  Timmons says Logan White should be GM.  Should I listen to this Timmons guy?“)  This is a new ERA in Dodger baseball and I will only mention Frank McCourts name one more time.  I have one final article planned.  That’s for another day.

Here the new plan, Stan:

I have always thought that Aaron Harang would make a great closer.  He is struggling as a starter – not horrible, but not good!  He throws 92-94 MPH as a starter, but as a reliever, I think he would hit 95-97 MPH and his “out-pitch” is a slider.  He’s a pro – he’s been around – he won’t be fazed being a closer, and it gives others a chance to blossom.  He’s only making $3 Mil this year – that’s chump change for a closer.  Seriously, the Dodgers should try this!

So here’s the whole plan:

  • Aaron Harang is anointed as closer.
  • Jansen and Guerra are the prime set up men.
  • Wright, Lindblom and Coffey are middlemen.
  • Nate Eovaldi returns to the rotation.
  • Mike MacDougal is DFA’ed.

Make it so!

Jared Massey’s Minor League Report – April 30, 2012

UPDATE:  Jae mentioned one other thing:  Aaron Harang is big, ugly and imposing on the mound and he suggested that he get a Mad Hungarian Persona.   I like that idea.  Unlike critics of the idea, living in Indiana, near Cincinnati, I have watched Aaron Harang for years and there is no question in my mind that he could be an excellent closer.  He has the pitches and the power to do it.

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14 Responses to “Let’s Make A New Plan, Stan”

  1. Bball says:

    I no I’m sounding stupid mark but what is dfa. I think this is a duh moment but it’s just flying over my head

    • Jae says:

      Why is it dumb? I’m sorry, when you say something is dumb, explain why or you are dumber than dumb. Why is it dumb? Because you didn’t think of it? I kind of like the idea, but it pisses me off when people like you with your tiny closed little minds say stupid stuff. I’m done.

      Some of the best relievers of all time were converted starters. Harang is also big, ugly and imposing on the mound. He just needs an Al Hrabowsky persona.

      • Corey says:

        who said something was dumb….i don’t see what you are replying to? or did a post get deleted?

  2. Bball says:

    Designated for assignment ok

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Don’t know about Harang as the closer, but I definitely agree that the Dodgers should DFA MacDougal. And MacDougal did all he could tonight to further justify a DFA.

    Sale delayed for at least another day. Hope it’s minor stuff, and it gets done tomorrow. Jamie can’t be happy about this. Then again, maybe she gets a few extra bucks for the delay. After all, the daily interest on #131 million amounts to real money. Several thousand even at 1%.

    • The Bunny Rabbit inside Broxton's Soul says:

      I read that the sale didn’t go through, but Jamie got paid today anyways

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    That’s $131 million, with a dollar sign.

  5. Mark_Timmons says:

    Update Above.

    Jamie was already paid. Frank already has their money.

  6. the truth hurts says:

    Guerra will blow it in the 8th instead of the 9th as a setup guy….I don’t trust him….

    Gordon couldn’t hit a ball off a tee

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    The article on Trade:

    “As great as Clayton Kershaw is, as impressive as Andre Ethier has been this year, the Dodgers would be mediocre without their superstar center fielder.”

    Totally agree.

  8. Bobby says:

    Excellent April for our team! Granted we need more talent, but having Kemp and Ethier (except last night) will make up for some of that lack of talent.

    I look forward to the new group making a splash soon. Normally I’d be afraid of a new group making a splash just to make a splash, but with Stan Kasten, I think it’ll be a well thought out splash that actually makes sense!

    Meanwhile, the Staples Center tenants are all making for a fun time in downtown LA!! See you all at Staples tonight for Game 2

  9. mike dixon says:

    Jae is a little slow Corey…Bball just asked what DFA meant and Jae lays into him…lol..

  10. Anonymous says:

    Aaron Harang a a closer? The fact of the matter is Harang is nothing more than what we signed him up to be….a back of the rotation starter who eats up innings despite an unimpressive ERA. Kenley is the only other person on this team who has closer stuff. He may only have one pitch but that’s all you need if the batters are consistently fooled and can’t hit it (Just ask Mariano Rivera). My gut tells me that by the end of the year Kenley will be closing, Eovaldi will be in the rotation, and Harang will be dealt.

  11. Mark_Timmons says:

    “a back of the rotation starter who eats up innings despite an unimpressive ERA.”

    That’s what Eric Gagne was too. Why do you think a guy with a 97 MPH fastball and a good slider couldn’t close?

    By the way, the Reds announcers used to say the same thing. Harang does seem to lose focus at times. If you only have to pitch an inning or two, it’s harder to lose focus.


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