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Lay Off Chad Billingsley

… at least for another week or two.  I’ll give him two starts, but if I don’t see it get better, and soon, I will send him to the bullpen. Mattingly might not, but I would.

There, I said it.

Sorry, I’ve been on vacation for a week, and while I read what is going on, I haven’t had time to post.  Our family spent a week at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and had a great time (the photo at the right is of me and my kids, ages 12, 25 and 31).  It was an absolute blast!  I am already looking forward to next year.

Nate Eovaldi was rightfully the Dodgers best rookie this spring, and not only does he deserve that honor – he also deserves to be in the starting rotation.  I realize that Chad is working on stuff and he acts like he’s not concerned about his repeated abysmal outings this spring, but if he keeps this up, he has to go to the pen, where he might become the closer.  This could be addition by subtraction, and I am willing to wait and see – TWO STARTS!  That ‘s it.  Nate needs to be in the rotation, whether it’s in Lilly’s place or Chad’s spot!

Let me go a step farther – Chad Billingsley is from Northern Ohio – the Indians need starters, especially after Carmona was found to be an imposter.  Could they have the right package for Chad?

A few thoughts:

  • Bullpen guys are adrenalin junkies by nature, so I don’t agree with Don Mattingley’s penchant to use them as starters in spring training games.  I’m just sayin’…
  • Jamey Wright looked better last night, but Todd Coffey looked horrible again.  I am withholding judgement because he has only pitched 7.2 innings.  Last year he had an ERA of nearly 7.00 in the Spring, but ended the season at 3.62, so what he does in the Spring is not an indicator, and certainly not 7 innings worth.  That said, he had better get with the program.
  • Two of the prize free agents of 2013 are off the market – Joey Votto and Matt Cain.
  • Brandon Phillips is on the market.  I don’t think his power would play well in Dodger Stadium, but he is available.
  • For the last infield spot: Who is the best of the worst?  Fields, Sellers or Cruz?  They all suck, right now.
  • Juan  Uribe is a big question at 3B.  David Wright would look good in blue.
  • Finally, you saw this kind of uninspired play from the Dodgers all of spring training in 2011 and half of the season last year.  I believe it was partly caused by the circus created by the media about the ownership.  Since the new ownership group was announced the Dodgers have been playing uninspired baseball as well.  Change and uncertainty affect everyone, and it is clearly affecting these guys.  On a positive note, the ownership change could occur sooner than April 30th.  The sooner, the more focused these guys will be  – let’s get on with it!

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14 Responses to “Lay Off Chad Billingsley”

  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I still don’t take spring training stats too seriously, good or bad. But I would not be opposed to Billingsley ultimately moving to the pen, since, as I’ve said before, I remember him being lights out coming out of the pen in 2007. Two starts, five starts, twelve starts. I really don’t know how many I’d give Billingsley. It probably depends on the circumstances. And I’d trade almost anybody, as long as the package in return makes sense.

    If Eovaldi eventually finds his way into the rotation, I suspect it will be a bit later, if only as way of limiting his innings. I’ve read, and it’s probably true, that the Dodgers do not want a repeat of RDLR’s arm problems. And maybe it is best to err on the side of caution. It’s a long season, and I’m certain (barring an unforeseen injury) that we will be seeing Eovaldi pitching in LA before September (and probably a lot earlier).

    It’s also occurred to me that the ownership change could come before April 30th. The earlier the better.

    I agree that Brandon Phillips’ power wouldn’t play well in Dodger Stadium, or in AT&T, or Petco either. In fact, just getting out of the Great American Bandbox would hurt his power numbers. But maybe he could compensate for that with extra base hits into the gaps of the spacious NL West ballparks, and provide some power in places like Cincinnati, Philadelphia, etc.

    Maybe David Wright becomes a Dodger, maybe not. What gives me hope is just the fact that the Dodgers will now be players in the market to pick up contracts of teams trying to unload payroll. Based on the recent past, that would be novel.

  2. Jason says:

    Nice posts. I agree, maybe he will turn it around. I’m just concerned that it seems like every year we hear “Chad is working on his mechanics.”

  3. Ken says:

    Bills is the key to the season (I have been saying this for more than 2 months)

    Maybe the Dodgers play better in Peyton Place. Release a veteran every 2 months. That will put some fear in some of the overpriced babies. Or just put a bottle of warm milk in their locker (with a nipple) when they play poorly and are not in the clubhouse watching film 4 hours before reporting time.

  4. RogerCraig says:

    I remain hopeful about Billingsley, but with him it always seems like there’s “something” – maybe he just needs to pitch one inning at a time. Make it simple for him. I’m in favor of putting him in the pen and I think Mark suggested this a year or two ago if my memory serves me correctly.

    I also think you are dead on about how the team is currently distracted by the new ownership situation. They were playing very well before it was announced. It will pass. Don’t get our panties in a bunch!

  5. Jae says:

    Bills has a million dollar arm and a 10 cent brain. They should nhave traded him long ago.

    I vote for David Wright at 3B. This would be my lineup:

    1. Dee
    2. Wright
    3. Ethier
    4. Kemp
    5. Loney
    6. Rivera
    7. Ellis, Mark
    8. Ellis, AJ

  6. Leroy says:

    Phillips is too old and will want a 4-5 year deal. His home power numbers last year and for his career, indicate that Great American Small Park is very kind to him.

    Wright would be a decent fit, but unfortunately he is overvalued and wouldn’t come cheap. His strikeouts keep going up and his home runs keep going down – still, the Mets will ask for 3 top prospects for him – no thanks.

    I feel bad for Eovaldi and RDLR because straw for brains Ned locked up Harang/Capuano/Lily to at least 2013. Still, as pretty as Eo’s ERA and Whip are this spring, he has 6 K’s and 4 walks in 15.2 innings pitched – that won’t work at the major league level.

  7. Wascal says:

    Man, all I ever hear is “lay off Chad Billingsley.” I’m starting to wonder if he gets special treatment and held to different standards because he’s such a nice “All American” young white man.

    Billingsley has sucked for a long, long time.

    • Jae says:


      Mark is saying “lay off” tongue-in-cheek” He’s giving him two weeks, which ain’t really laying off.

      This is a public service announcement.

  8. DodgerDude says:

    Don’t forget that RDLR will be back after the All-Star break!

  9. Joe says:

    I liked Billingsley coming up but am growing wary of him now as he doesn’t seem to be getting better. I know it was just spring training but he continues to have the same struggles of not being able to put guys away and blowing leads. I read he said he was going to stop using his cutter, maybe that will help. I suspect if he doesn’t turn it around in the 1st month they will turn to Eolvaldi.

  10. AnewBlueDay says:

    The stumble and fall at third base by Gwynn last night — I think that he used the wrong foot / leg to hit 3rd base with — he used his left leg, but should have used his right leg. Using the right leg, stays on the inside and allows for a push off toward home.

    But in all the excitement, of making the team, playing on the field, 20,000 fans in the stands and all — he just forgot and screwed up his running.

  11. AnewBlueDay says:

    Did not not really have a bad night last night — he only struck out twice and left 6 runners on base.

    If Matt struggles to start the season, then Ethier really has a lot of pressure.

  12. Ken says:

    Will the Dodger coaches ever be able to see that a player is changing their pitching motion or batting stance/swing sooner than 2 months after it occurs?

    Matt Kemp – He has become a man, and is no longer afraid of getting hit by a pitch. That is unfortunate because now his stance is too closed. He is stepping slowly closer to the plate as the pitcher starts his motion. He is getting jammed on all inside pitches. His hands are too far away from his body. He is trying to pull pitches. His right hand is too strong. He is coming over the top of the pitches. Therefore he can’t hit an outside pitch. Therefore he strikes out all of the time.

    It was good to see that on his scoring fly ball last night he actually tried to swing upwardly on the outside pitch which is what he did regularly last year.

    • Glass Is Half Full Again says:

      It is reported he left the ballpark with Eva Longoria last night..probably has other things on his mind again…..I hope this is not another Rhianna episode!


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