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One of the biggest differences in Clayton Kershaw and other pitchers is how he reacts when his teammates let him down.  In the first inning, Juan Uribe commits an error and Keshaw responded with two strikeouts.  In the fifth inning, Gordon and Loney committed back-to-back errors and Kershaw again pitched out of the jam.  Not only does Clayton Kershaw have great stuff, but he has also developed a mental toughness that is rapidly becoming second-to-none.  He will get even better – that’s scary – that Kershawism!

The Dodgers have been sloppy with base-running and errors the past few games.  Refocus!  Refocus!  Refocus!


  • Kenley Jansen got the save last night, but didn’t actually give anyone confidence that he can close.
  • Michael Antonini didn’t get a chance to pitch in the majors before being sent back down to make room for Nate Eovaldi.  Maybe next time Mike!
  • Ethier hit his HR off a LH pitcher – James Loney take note!
  • With a win against the Nationals, the Dodgers became tied with the Nats for the best record in the NL.
  • AJ Ellis has a .435 OB%, which is second only to Matt Kemps’ .512 (that’s sick).
  • Tonight we are allegedly going to get a peek at Bryce Harper – the best prospect in baseball – who makes his MLB debut.
  • Ethan Martin pitched 7 innings last night, walked only 2 (WOW!) and struck out 7 while allowing only 2 Earned Runs at AA Chattanooga.  There is still hope.
  • Fed-Ex is hitting .301 after going 3-4 last night.
  • Jared Massey’s Minor League Report – 4/27/12
  • Which Chad Billingsley will show up tonight?

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17 Responses to “Kershawism”

  1. Bob says:

    Great question about Billingsley. He’s got to step up and get back to pitching like a number 2. Hopefully with the Nats adding Harper to the lineup it will provide some extra motivation for Bills.

    Kershaw is great to watch. I was kind of shocked by the o-2 pitch to LaRoche and so was Clayton. But she shrugged that off as well.

    Really nervous about the relief corp. I think Guerra should come back initially as a middle reliever, build his confidence once again. Maybe Lindblom is our best choice for closer at this point.

    It wouldn’t hurt if the Dodgers could score a few my runs a game and not put so much pressure on these young relief pitchers. Of course, that would call for somebody other than Ethier and Kemp to knock in a run. God forbid James Loney should make a contribution.

    • Kayla DeAngeles says:

      Kemp and Ethier are the franchise. Andre on track for a stellar year, and nice to see Kemp getting base hits as well as homers.

  2. Bobby says:

    James Loney’s job isn’t to drive in runs. It’s to play good D at 1b, and that’s it!

    Any single thru the left side is just a bonus

  3. Lindsay says:

    I still believe in Guerra, but it’s true, we need more run support so our guys have less pressure, I also think Guerra’s been throwing more fastballs than usual, but I can’t back that up. If he were to use his whole repertoire, there wouldn’t be any issues, set up with the fastball, and get the outs with his change-up or curveball, other than that, no issuess…

    You’re question is sound, which Billingsley do we get tonight?

  4. Bill Russell says:

    Bobby are you saying we need a defensive 1st Baseman? I hope you are kidding. I never knew that position needed a defensive specialist. I would also like to see Loney, LF, SS and 3rd base help add to the run production everynight. So far I’m happy with 2nd base, catcher, Kemp and Ethier.

    • Bobby says:

      i was kidding. Loney is beginning to become my least favorite Dodger hitter (he’s still a great fielder though)

  5. Jae says:

    Three good starts, then a bad start.

    Maybe three more good starts?

    Let’s hope so.

  6. Ken says:

    Finally 2 long relievers on the active roster. Next maybe the Vikings will win the Super Bowl.

    As I have been saying for 4 years the Dodgers have a bullpen philosophy that will kill short relievers. A starting pitching staff that does not average more than 6.0 innings per start and no long relievers will always be Moronic Torre crap.

    Yes I would even be happy if L. Hernandez was on the Dodgers just so that there would be a true long reliever.

    Trade 2 for 1, DL with a fake injury, or DFA some of the extra old crummy relievers.

    Kershaw had little command last night and still won. He is a man now. Can’t say that about Bills any more.

  7. RogerCraig says:

    If Bills lays another egg tonight, maybe it is time to put Eovaldi in the rotation and move Bills to closer. I think he would be lights out!

  8. Bill Russell says:

    Bobby, I have read your postings for sometime now and knew you were kidding. But I had to double check. I hope the real Bills steps up tonight.

  9. Bill Russell says:

    I agree with Roger Craigs suggestion by the way

  10. Kayla DeAngeles says:

    Glad you were kidding, Bobby. Does anyone remember Greg Brock? Just sayin’.

    Am eagerly waiting to see what Eovaldi can do this year; hope he helps us.

    Dee Gordon, 6 errors/19 games: “youthful enthusiasm?” `He’s 24 yrs. old, not a “kid” anymore.

    • RogerCraig says:

      Billy Russell had 34, 31 and 39 errors in his first three full seasons at Gordons same age. He also has 3 years of over 200 at-bats in the majors BEFORE that. I think Dee is doing fine defensively considering his lack of experience and the fact that he started baseball very late in high school.

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Absolutely agree with Roger. Kayla, I’m guessing you’re not too old, because from my perspective, 24 = KID. Maybe a big kid, a somewhat grown up kid, but a kid nevertheless. Youthful enthusiasm is still present at 24.

    Everywhere Gordon has been he’s had difficult periods, and always made successful adjustments. Difference is, he was doing it without the bright lights on him, and nobody noticed. Mistakes in the big leagues are magnified many fold compared to those made in the relative obscurity of the minor leagues. I think Mattingly understands this, and will give Gordon enough rope to get through his mistakes, because, like me, and I’m sure others, he expects that the mistakes will begin to diminish as Dee adds experience and confidence. Errors are not uncommon for young shortstops, even those who ultimately win gold gloves. And even with all his errors, I’ve never a seen a shortstop with Gordon’s range. It’s off the charts.

    While I have patience with Gordon, not so much with Loney. If he doesn’t pick it up soon, I’d like to see a change at first. And I think everyone knows how I feel about Uribe at 3B.

    New ownership on Monday. Maybe we’ll begin to see some things happen. Maybe not immediately, but hopefully some changes are not too far off. The Dodgers have a good bullpen, but it won’t make it through the season if this team doesn’t begin to score more runs.

    Billingsley in the bullpen I’m not opposed to, since I remember him being lights out when he spent some time there in 2007. I still remember him hitting 97. But if he can do it, I also wouldn’t be opposed to Eovaldi in the pen, since he just might hit 96-100 in short stints. But for now, based on what I’ve read, Eovaldi may be returning to Chattanooga as early as tomorrow, when Harang can come off the DL. And Beilsario could be in our future when he becomes eligible early in May.

    Could be that when we look at the Dodgers in July or August, they could look a lot different than they do today.

  12. Ken says:

    Jensen is the next Wade or Troncoso. Mattingly = Torre.

    Jensen – 105 innings
    Lindblom – 90 innings

    Platoon Gordon and Sellers for the month of May

    4 of 6 losses by the bullpen = mismangement of bullpen.

    Uribe now has the 3rd best batting average of the starters.

    Have Hairston leadoff on the days that he starts. OBP .419


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