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It’s a Vast Wastland After Kemp, Ethier, Ellis and Rivera

If you add up all the RBI’s and Runs Scored by the 2012 Los Angeles Dodgers, it comes up to 111.  Four players, namely Matt Kemp, Mark Ellis, Andre Ethier and Juan Rivera are responsible for a whooping 81 of those.  That means that the rest of the team is responsible for just 30.  Nearly 75% of the offense has rested on the shoulders of  those four players and over 50% comes from Ethier and Kemp.  If you add up the combined total OPS of Gordon, Uribe and Loney, it is 1.545, while Kemps is 1.435!  That is beyond pitiful!

OK, we have 12 games in the book and I understand that some players get off to hot starts and some get off to slow starts.  I get that.  The Dodgers are 9-3 – that’s a good start!  However, the offense needs to be more balanced.  Dee Gordon, Juan Uribe and James Loney need to start pulling their weight.   No excuses. Step up or shut-up.  Gordon is striking out over 25% of the time.  He cannot continue to do that or he’s headed to AAA.  If he puts the ball in play (on the ground), good things will happen.  He is a young guy playing at a high level and it is obvious that he is losing concentration at times.   He’s got to be mentally tougher.

I have this to say to James Loney:  You are a great guy, but this is the real world.  We a are done waiting on you to realize your potential.  Your time is now – either get with it our get out!  To Juan Uribe, I would just say this:  GET OUT!  Adam Kennedy couldn’t jump out of a boat and hit water.  Alex Castellanos is a hitting machine at AAA and so is Scott Van Slyke.  Alex has played some 3B already – I’d move him to 3B right now.  I’m not sure his arm plays there (maybe it does), but everyone needs to realize that if you can’t play, you can’t stay.

Stan Kasten – you have work to do!  If Loney, Gordon and Uribe don’t step it up, I’d call up Van Slyke and option Gordon (send him down and he will figure it out).

This would be my lineup for now:

  1. AJ Ellis – C (.400 OB%, even if he is slow – I never thought I’d say this)
  2. Mark Ellis – 2B
  3. Kemp  – CF
  4. Ethier – RF
  5. Rivera  – LF
  6. Van Slyke  – 1B
  7. Hariston/Uribe  3B
  8. Sellers  – SS
  • The Angels were applauded for signing Albert Pujols, who is hitting .265 with 0 HR and 4 RBI as his team is off to a 4-8 start.  Matt Kemp was signed for a lot less – who looks smart now?
  • Hello!  This is the best argument made that Matt Kemp, not Roid Braun, should have been the MVP last year, when Roid had Prince Fielder behind him and Kemp had ZILCH!
  • Jared Massey’s Minor League Report – April 18, 2012

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    11 Responses to “It’s a Vast Wastland After Kemp, Ethier, Ellis and Rivera”

    1. the truth hurts says:

      Gotta love the trials and tribulations of our LA dodgers……

    2. DRomo says:

      Read this morning : “The Angels, Phillies, and Red Sox have $500 million tied up between 3 last place teams”

      I know I know it is WAY early. But it makes me laugh because I can’t stand all 3 teams….or their fans. :)

    3. Ken says:

      Would the Dodgers be better if Hairston played 3rd and Uribe was the #1 sub? Me thinks so.

      Loney’s hips and uppper body are as out of wack as they were a year ago. His hands are flippy and his swing is too long again. Where is Loney’s head? Where is the batting coach?

      If I performed like some of these guys I would be sued for malpractice.

    4. Bobby says:

      i noticed the same thing, Ken. Now Loney’s confidence is low so that his stance is different with each swing.

      God if Victor Martinez hadn’t gotten hurt we could have a 3/4/5 of Ethier Kemp Fielder.

      Oh well. I’ll take 1 of 3 in a tough 3 game series. Cant win all series, but as long as u dont get swept, its ok.

      Now go win 2 of 3 in Houston!!

    5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

      For me, the first priority is to get rid of Uribe. Hopefully new ownership can swing a deal to bring in an accomplished third baseman (Wright?, Youkilis?, whoever). Castellanos? Maybe. Since I’ve never seen him, I really can’t make a judgment. And PCL numbers (ALBQ in particular)) numbers don’t move me. And I haven’t a clue how good or bad he would be defensively. Both Hairston and Kennedy are probably better alternatives than Uribe, but they’re both nothing more than utility players, and definitely not the starting answer at 3B.

      As for Gordon. I’m still heavily in his camp. He’s had dry spells like this in the minors, and has always broken out in a big way. Justin Sellers is strong defensively, and maybe can hit a little. But he’s not the answer, and ultimately he will never have the type of impact that Gordon ultimately will.

      Loney is beginning to try my patience, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him replaced. Maybe Van Slyke is the answer, and maybe not. And I still like Jerry Sands, but I see him ultimately taking Rivera’s spot in LF. Rivera’s off to a good start, but will likely settle into his historical numbers of about .270 with 15-18 HRs. Not bad, but I’d like to see more.

      A.J. Ellis at the top of the lineup makes little sense to me. Because of his lack of speed, his on base skills are best utilized in the 8th spot, where he helps turn over the lineup to the top of the order.

    6. Reggie says:

      Uribe is hurt and it sounds like it could be serious. He’s seeing a specialist because he can’t swing the bat.

      Could he ever swing the bat? I don’t think so…

    7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

      Well, we can hope it’s serious. But my understanding of what I read, is that it’s day to day. But, as we all know, you can’t always believe what you read. Of course, I don’t like wishing ill on anyone. But the $21 million Uribe is making over 3 years should provide him some comfort.

      And yes, Uribe can swing the bat. Problem is, he’s never learned that he’s not supposed to swing at everything. I’ve never questioned if Uribe could swing the bat; it’s making contact that’s the problem.

    8. el_che says:

      That lineup looks worse mark. anyone see when they showed the lineup n it had jamey wright behind Kemp imagine if that was david wright.

    9. Bill Russell says:

      Uribe must have been hurt for a few years now because he hasn’t been able to swing the bat for awhile.

    10. Buck Dodgers says:

      Are we really sure if Uribe is even swinging at pitches? It would appear that he is actually flailing away at bees or wasps when he has that stick in his hands, there is no way he could be swinging that wildly at pitched balls.

      If you saw the last few games, Hairston absolutely should be the starting 3B. Uribe really doesn’t warrant being the first sub, either, he really needs to be released outright and someone else deserves the roster spot.


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