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He’s A Magic Man

  • The youngsters here don’t even know who Heart is!  ;)
  • A HR and 3 RBI’s – guess your worry about Matt Kemp was unnecessary.  He’s primed to be MVP!
  • Andre Ethier will pickup Matt as soon as Tonight.
  • Juan Uribe  is moving very well and plays a mean 3B.
  • Clayton might have went 4 or 5 if he hadn’t gotten a hit.  His gutsy attempt to pitch while sick speaks volumes to the team.  Mattingly said that the last he saw Clayton he was lying on the floor.  You have to love (and follow) a guy like that.
  • Without a hit, Dee Gordon changed the game.
  • If Lindblom keeps pitching like he did last night, he will be hard to send back to the minors
  • Will the real Chad Billingsley please step forward?
  • Dodgers photographer Jon SooHoo shot the photo

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15 Responses to “He’s A Magic Man”

  1. Mike Dixon says:

    Yesterday’s win was great to see…really looking forward to today’s game though…Hope Bills comes out sharp and Dodgers get another win..We need that bum….

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Agree with most of what you said. But despite his defense, at the plate Uribe looked like the flailing hitter I remember from last year. If he doesn’t tone down that nonsense, and start trying to take some pitches to the opposite field, he will hurt the offense. But it’s only one game, so maybe he prove me completely wrong. But if David Wright is available, or someone else of his ilk, then the sooner the better.

    Is this a trend with Kenley? It appears that he has problems early in the season. I figured that his problems early last year were due to the bursitis he suffered. But maybe he’s just a slow starter. Also, he’ll usually hit 94-96 mph on some pitches. I don’t recall seeing anything over 92 last night. Maybe it just takes him time to get stretched out.

  3. Buck Dodgers says:

    I don’t own the Dodgers, but I do have a Magic Johnson.

  4. Bill Russell says:

    Well I was around and listening to this music in the late 70′s. So Heart is no surprise to me…………….. Will the real Bills step forward tonight is the key.

  5. Bobby says:

    what a great night! Lakers and Dodgers on tv at the same time.

    plus the giants are losing, and the anaheim angels of santa ana begin.

  6. Bill Russell says:

    Bills off to a great start. He struck out the first three batters.

  7. DodgerDude says:

    No question that Bills has the STUFF to be a number 2.

    The question is: Does he have the guts?

  8. Bball says:

    Great job so far for bills just keep it foin

  9. Bobby says:

    Gordon was safe on that sb attempt. man is he fast!!

    • Mike Dixon says:

      I thought so too….He literally took only 1 and a half steps from first when he made his jump…Right handed pitchers have no chance against him….and Ethier with a double and a triple 4 rbi through 5…nice…

  10. Bball says:

    Bills ur my hero

  11. LAdodgerdave says:

    Holy Moly!

    Way to go Bills!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boy was that fun to watch.

  12. Ken says:

    Yes Kemp has started to swing properly some of the time. When he is right he is the best and when his swing sucks sometimes he hits slow ground balls to 3rd and beats the throw.

    Imagine how good these guys could be if they watched worked 60 hours per week.


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