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Guerr – Ate!

The Brewers went hungry when Billingsley and Jansen were on the mount, but when anyone whose name started with “Guerr” pitched (Guerrier & Guerra), the Brewers ATE them up.  This is not a column about Tony the Tiger.

It would be a knee-jerk reaction to call for a new closer right now – after all, “this is only one game.  It happens.  It’s early.  Don’t worry! “  However, I have to admit that I am keeping an eye on Javy Guerra.  I felt like he was extremely lucky last season and I can’t see him duplicating that again.  On the other hand, he does have 5 saves already,  this is only his 3rd blown save in 29 opportunities and he still sports a career 2.38 ERA.  I hope I am worried about nothing, but I am keeping an eye on him.  If he’s not the Dodgers closer, they will have to trade for one because Kenley “One-Trick Pitch” Jansen isn’t ready.  He relies on just a fastball that has lots of late movement, but it doesn’t always do that.  OK, I’m done ranting.  I have a history of being hard on closers!


  • The Dodgers should have had an extra run!  Dee Gordon was brain dead and got picked off in the first inning.  I mean, he’s going to get thrown out occasionally, but that was just silly!
  • Andre Ethier is no more Mr. Softee and his 17 RBI’s lead the Dodgers and in fact, leads all of the Major Leagues in that category.  With Ethier and Rivera behind him, teams can no longer pitch around Kemp.
  • C-Bill had his 3rd straight excellent start and the most telling stat is that he has just one walk in 20 innings.  He’s not nibbling anymore.  That’s all you need to know.  The results are amazing and his stuff has always been Top Shelf!
  • Jared Massey’s Minor League Report – April 17, 2012

Minor League Hotties:

  • Van Slyke – 1.197 OPS
  • Castellanos – 1.207 OPS
  • Fields – .944 OPS
  • Rice -  0.00 ERA (he’s a lefty)
  • Troncoso – 1.42 ERA
  • Russell – 1.001 OPS (6 HR)
  • Tolleson – 0.00 ERA
  • Eovaldi – 2.45 ERA
  • Lee – 2.40 ERA

Minor League Not-So-Hotties:

  • Sands – .688 OPS  (.220 BA)
  • Ely – 9.00 ERA
  • Fife – 10.03 ERA

Joc Pederson is now active at Rancho Cucamonga (8 AB’s), not Great Lakes like everyone projected

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21 Responses to “Guerr – Ate!”

  1. Reggie says:

    Ha, Ha!

  2. RogerDodger says:

    Tough loss last night, after a great come back with the Ethier home run.

    Dodgers almost got the runner at the plate, just missed by an eyelash.

    For most of the season thus far, seems like the top half of the order is doing fine being SS, 2B, CF, RF, but that bottom of the order or say: C, 3B, LF, P slots are what we thought a month ago — lacking. 1B is in between almost up and almost down.

    But unless there is some great turn-a-round with C, 3B, LF in hitting — this team can only wait for some need blood — either from the minors or new players . . .

    I am not knocking the 9-2 start. That is wonderful. But breathing down the necks: Arizona is 2 back. Cardinals have only lost 3, Washington only lost 3, Mets 4.

    And in the other league, Texas has only lost 2 games (see all the power they had last night), Tigers only lost 3, Baltimore, Toronto, & Cleveland only lost 4.

    There are a bunch of fans hoping their teams keep playing like they have been.

    AJ Ellis’s throws to second last night were much too high to throw out anyone.

    Loney’s base running was not the best.

    Dee asleep on first.

    All of those did not help.

    But the guys did come back to possibly win — they were just playing a good team at home, with an alive crowd.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Was Gordon brain dead, or maybe just leaning the wrong way, as it appeared on the replay? No doubt that he’s going to occasionally look foolish. But generally I like his overall aggressiveness, and believe that in the end he’s a huge plus for the Dodgers.

    I still get sick watching Uribe, and hope that he will be history soon after new ownership takes control. But what I “hope” and what actually is, are two different things. Given his recent problems with Bobby Valentine, maybe Kevin Youkilis can be added to the list of available third basemen. And if Dustin Pedroia continues to support him, maybe he too can join his buddy Andre Ethier.

    I won’t read too much into last night’s game. Just one of those games that didn’t work out. Happens all the time.

  4. the truth hurts says:

    Huge misplayed ball by Ellis

  5. Ken says:

    Looked like LA playing SD again last night. Only LA played like SD last night and the Brewers played like LA.

    Me thinks that Bills is a better batter than McSweeney Jr. I would have let Bills bat for himself. Bills hit above .200 for half of last season and McSweeney Jr. does not have the appropriate type of swing for a pinch hitter. Better to have a right hand pinch hitter than McSweeney Jr.

    Kennedy is redundant and the Dodgers need to look for a pure pinch hitter who can bat left handed. Any available in the minors?

  6. Bobby says:

    I expect this team to lose 65 times this year, AT LEAST.

    Some will be butt kickings, and some will be heart breakers like last night.

    last night is #2 of of the 65. Oh well. 63 more times for us to complain and look for negatives i guess

  7. Bball says:

    Even with 70 72 losses still a playoff team

  8. the truth hurts says:


    mark ellis, misread a fly ball

    • Jae says:

      Did you see the game? Man he ran a long way and just could not catch up to it. If he made that play, I would have been amazed. I am amazed that he got so close. I recorded the game and went back and watched that part. He didnt do anything wrong in my opinion.

  9. Ken says:

    The only possiblity in the minors for a left handed pinch hitter unfortunately is Kyle Russell.

    Time for the bottom of the rung to perform better. I want to see a better performance to pay ratio for all Dodger players than the average GSA employee.

  10. RogerDodger says:

    Will someone please wake me up, when the guys below Kemp and Ethier start to hit and drive in some runs — these two guys cannot carry the team on their backs for the rest of the season.

    Braves are giving them another battle tonight.

  11. the truth hurts says:


    yes i watched the entire game, he did not do anything wrong in your opinion. In my opinion a major league baseball player makes that play….

  12. RogerDodger says:

    If I am the manager of other teams playing the Dodgers — I really really pitch around Kemp and Ethier and let the rest of the team be me.

    If other teams do that (and the Padres and Pirates did not) Ned will have to fill some other shoes on the roster.

  13. Bobby says:

    Utterly horrible job by Matt Kemp on that shallow fly ball. Hell, I was even taught in little league how to run up to that ball and make a good throw!!

    Oh well, let’s at least take 1 here tomorrow. Dropping 2 of 3 to a good team on the road (with both losses being 1 run games) isn’t horrible. Getting swept is horrible.

  14. Bobby says:

    P.s check out this twitter pic. Despite Kemp’s horrible play, Morgan was out.

    Oh well again!!!/crzblue/status/192816389030035458

  15. RogerDodger says:

    Bobby, you are right on the approach to the ball and the throw of Matt Kemp last night on the play at the plate.

    Matt caught the ball one handed and had to make a transfer to the other hand, then he was somewhat flat footed and had to step into the throw.

    But then the throw — from shallow centerfield — was a two (I counted them several times watching the replay) bounces, repeat, two bounces to Ellis. It should have been on the fly or one bounce at most.

    But heck, that was not the ball game. The Dodgers seemed to be out played again last night. Both at bat and in the field, and even pitching.

  16. Ken says:

    The LA Players appear to have adopted the PeePee (Padres/Pirates) way to play baseball.

    Bad News – The Dodger relievers have blown three games.

    Good News –
    When the Dodgers score 5 or more runs they are 6-0
    When they score 4 or less runs they are 3-3.

    Now that actually sounds about normal.

    Lets hope the Dodgers score at least 5 runs today

    Russell to the DL – Jinxed by Ken.


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