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Get Out The Brooms

I didn’t see anyone else mention this, so I will at the risk of The Little Freaking Punk at TheLFP calling me an A-Hole, I will report it.

Hiroki Kuroda’s line on his first start:  5.2 IP/8 H/6 R/4 ER/1 HR/ 4 BB

Of course, one of the guys who replaced him (Capuano) is slightly worse, but the other one who replaced him goes today (Harang).

Today’s lineup:

  1. Gordon  SS
  2. Sellers  2B
  3. Kemp  CF
  4. Rivera  LF
  5. Ethier  RF
  6. Uribe  3B
  7. Loney  1B
  8. Treanor  C
  9. Harang  P

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7 Responses to “Get Out The Brooms”

  1. Ken says:

    Wright, Elbert, Uribe, Loney and the subs need to rise from the dead.

    The Good News is that the Dodgers are 3-0, the Bad News is that Ned looks like a genius.

    It won’t last! Its just Practice, oops I mean the Padres!

    Bills is the key to the season – Who has been saying that for 3 months?

    Bills has a lot of confidence when the umpire has a GIANT stike zone. Hopefully his mechanics are fixed for more than one game.

    My pet peave for the last 4 years is the Dodger complete moronic view that they do not need to have at least one long reliever on this roster who can pitch 5 innings once a week. The failure to put a real long reliever on the roster has led to the mismanagement of the bullpen in all three games this year. Is Wright the long releiver? Then he should have pitched 3-4 innings in the first game unless the Dodgers were still paranoid that Bills would not last 5 innings in the second game.


  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Signing the 37 year old Kuroda for big dollars would have been a mistake. Capuano’s control problems yesterday were an aberration. Last year he averaged 2.56 BB per 9 innings, which I believe (without looking it up) are consistent with his career. All he has to do is pitch like he did the first four innings, and he should be fine, i.e., unless he’s caught Steve Blass disease.

  3. Ken says:

    So it might be Magic who actually is one of the key people to start the Dodger Cable TV Channel –

    “Retired NBA player and business mogul Earvin “Magic” Johnson has teamed up with Comcast to launch his own 24-hour cable television network targeted at African-Americans. According to the Wall Street Journal, Johnson’s “inspirational-themed” channel, Aspire, is scheduled to launch on June 30th and is just the first of an expected ten minority-targeted networks to be developed over the next decade.”


  4. Leroy says:

    lolz harang.

  5. Mike Dixon says:

    Anybody still think Arizona is overrated….?….

  6. AnewBlueDay says:

    My broom broke. Just had it out, ready to sweep . . . and it broke. Funny how things happen like that.


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