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Dodger Fans are Restless and so is MLB

During the Dodgers’ sale process,  Frank McCourt said that he was selling the team and the Stadium, but not the parking lots.  Everyone and I mean EVERYONE said that the sale HAD to include the parking lots and that Frank McCourt just needed to leave town ASAP.  Then we heard that Guggs and Company bought the team and paid a whopping Half Billion more that the next bidder and we naturally assumed that they paid the premium in order to get the land.


Frank McCourt evidently has retained half ownership of the land, although the details are not forthcoming.  Actually, that’s a mild way of putting it.  The reality is that Guggs and Company and Frank McCourt are stonewalling fans and MLB about the details of this transaction.  Guggs and Company and Frank McCourt are evidently partners in this enterprise and they don’t want you, me or MLB to know what they are up to.  But, they are up to something!  I’m not saying it’s bad, but why would Guggs and Company overpay by a half billion and then turn around and let McCourt retain half interest in the land that could be worth that much as well?

Dodger fans are finally realizing that Magic Johnson is just the front man and has only slightly more control of the Dodgers than you or I.  Have we been duped?  I have no clue, but something is up and I am not sure what it is.  When full disclosure is not imminent, it makes me wonder why.  Dodger fans are restless and we see some of their feelings in THE LA TIMES:

“Please stop saying Magic and Co. when referring to the Dodgers’ new owners.  If anything, it’s COMPANY & magic.  I’ll have more to do with running the club than he will.”

“The new owners of the Dodgers must really think that Los Angeles fans are brain dead. … After seeing the article (April 17) and map breakdown of the new Dodger Stadium deal I saw the McCourt name tied to most of the deal … and to think that using Magic as their decoy would satisfy us.  Shame on the whole thing! We wanted Frank McCourt just out of it all and the city of Los Angeles has been unbelievably set up and duped!”


  • Jerry Hariston, Jr.  made as fine of a play at 3B (overall) as I have ever seen.  The ball was off the end of his glove as he dove for it down the line.  He jumped up off the ground and immediately chased it at top spped into foul territory where he once again went to the ground to get it and threw to 2B to get the runner.  It was a play that was made by pure hustle, pure experience and pure baseball understanding.  Most players would never make that play because they wouldn’t have done everything necessary to do it.  He showed his hustle throughout the game.  I have a lot of respect for Jerry.  He’s just not an everyday player, but he’s a great sub.
  • Many Dodger fans complained that the Dodgers did not offer O-Dog arbitration a couple of years ago.  Maybe this gives a glimpse why.  From

The Padres have the worst record in baseball at 3-12, and a shake-up could be on the horizon. Scott Miller of reports that they are prepared to release Orlando Hudson if the veteran second baseman does not turn things around soon.

Hudson, 34, is hitting just .156/.191/.200 with one stolen base in 47 plate appearances this season, and Miller hears he has been a “non-presence” with younger players in the clubhouse. Utility infielder Andy Parrino started consecutive games at second base earlier this week. Hudson’s release could coincide with the return of infield prospect Logan Forsythe, who will resume workouts this weekend after undergoing ankle surgery this spring.

Hudson signed a two-year, $11.5MM contract with San Diego last offseason. He is owed $5.5MM this season and the $2MM buyout of his $8MM club option for next season. The Padres will still have to pay him the full $7.5MM should they decide to cut ties.

  • Another nice win by the Dodgers last night, but someone needs to get untracked unless we think Matt Kemp can hit .481 with 92 HR and 230 RBI (which is what he is on pace to do).
  • Hopefully Clayton Kershaw can finally win a game today.  I mean, you give a guy a big deal and he just tanks it!  ;)
  • I will be in LA for the three game series with the Atlanta Braves next week.
  • Jared Massey’s Minor League Report – April 20, 2012




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23 Responses to “Dodger Fans are Restless and so is MLB”

  1. mike dixon says:

    Speak for yourself …this Dodger fan could care less about the parking lots and who owns them…Dodgers are making news on the field and that’s all I care about…could give 2 shi** about McCourt now….and what’s with the constant ripping of Magic..nobody knows what Magic invested in the team…even if he owns 5% of the team the guy is still a great ambassador for the Dodgers….I love guys that asume to know without any facts..

    • Glass Is Half Full Again says:

      If Magic owns only 1% of the Team than that’s 1% more than any of the rest of us…

      I’m with you Mike

    • Jae says:

      Mark just gave you the facts, and Magic doesn’t over anything close to 5% of the team. You are assuming stuff without the facts. I have been reading your childish posts for a while and when you are wrong, you ridicule others. How does that work out for you?

      Close your eyes and pretend, but I agree that something doesn’t add up.

      “la,la,la,la (fingers in ears)”

    • DodgerDude says:


      You are one assuming to know without the facts. Get off your high horse. Mark just stated the facts and says it doesn’t quite add up and the the new owners and old owner are not saying. He doesn’t assume anything. YOU DO!

      Quit being a narrow-minded old man, Dude. Wake up!

      Dodger fans do care who owns the parking lots. What rock do you live under?

      • Mike Dixon says:

        Like i said,This Dodger fan does not care who owns the lots…..and I never assumed anything..Is reading comprehension not taught in schools anymore?……

    • Mark_Timmons says:


      Do you bother to read before you comment? I am not speaking for myself. I do not care if Frank McCourt owns all of the parking lots, but most of the fans do. You are speaking for yourself and you may feel like I do, but most Dodger fans are upset that McCourt has retained part ownership of the parking lots. Read the papers, blogs and talk to people – you will see that they are upset by it.

      I AM NOT RIPPING MAGIC JOHNSON! My God Man. Read the words I write. He is the front man. That\’s a fact. Tell me how I am ripping him. I am a big Magic Johnson fan, but that doesn\’t change the fact that he\’s just a figurehead.

      My advice to you is have a cogent argument. Disagree with me all you want, but don\’t make stuff up that isn\’t there. It makes you look really stupid!

      • Mike Dixon says:

        Mark the day the Dodgers were sold, us L.A fans were ecstatic …..that day you wrote: Magic Johnson did not buy the Dodgers, Magic Johnson is simply the front-man and has very little skin in the game. He could be replaced tomorrow…..

        What would be the point of replacing him tomorrow? and why would that be the first thing you write about on your website the day the Dodgers were sold… obviously have something against Magic, so please don’t lie and say your a fan…nothing worse than a fat liar……

        • Mark_Timmons says:

          Boy, you read a lot that’s not there.

          1. Lot’s of people initially said that Magic bought the Dodgers. Many of my friends asked me the same thing.

          2. If Larry Bird, Steve Garvey or George Bush would have bought the Dodgers with the same ownership stake (which, by the way, has not been disclosed) and under the same conditions, I would have written the same thing.

          3. I have read Magic’s books “32 Ways to Be a Champion in Business” and “My Life” long before he was even interested in being part of a group to buy the Dodgers. Have you read them?

          4. My personal opinion is that MAGIC was included to be part of the initial transition and that he will fade out of the picture in the next few years. It’s my opinion, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like him.

          5. I have NEVER said anything disparaging or derogatory about Magic, and if he stays with the Dodgers, I will be happy. I just don’t think he will. He has too many other interests.

          6. Just because I point all of the above out does not mean I have anything against Magic and I fail to understand your logic.

          7. I hope to interview Magic while I am in LA next week.

  2. RogerCraig says:

    Forget it, guys. Some people just like to criticize. Ignore it and let’s talk baseball.

    How about them Dodgers?

    Here is my two cents:

    In all of my years watching baseball, I am not sure I have ever seen a player as dialed in as Matt Kemp is right now.

    Dee Gordon is pressing but he will figure it out. I wouldn’t move him down just yet.

    Juan Uribe is a solid if not spectacular third baseman. He’s an asset on defense and if he can get near his career averages, he will be solid. If he’s not healthy, the Dodgers need a third-baseman. I have been watch that Alex Castellanos at AAA and he is a real line drive hitter. He has some experience at 3B in the minors. Why not try him at 3B?

    I care about who owns the parking lots and so do a lot of my friends. We don’t even want McCourt near Los Angeles.

  3. Reggie says:

    Mark, the game is on, but you have said nothing wrong and I think you give people who can think for themselves something to consider. Like everyone, you are not always right, but you are always interesting, and I appreciate what you do, even if small-minded people don’t.

  4. Jae says:

    The Diamondbacks just got Josh Bell for cash. Man, that guy has really fallen. I wonder if he in a fat boy again?

  5. Ken says:

    Dodger opponents through Cinco de Mayo

    Padres 3-12
    Pirates 5-8
    Brewers 6-8
    Astros 5-9
    Braves 9-5
    Nationals 12-4
    Rockies 7-6
    Cubs 4-11

    I guess that next week we will find out how good the Dodgers really are.

  6. Bobby says:

    Cute spats aside, Mark I wish I could go this week vs Atl and grab a beer with you (and meet you), but can’t get away.

    Plus I’m saving my pennies and I’m saving my dimes for Friday night’s Kershaw vs. Strasburg matchup. Andddd, since it’ll be fireworks night, and I have zero interest in that, I can leave the parking lot without any traffic!!!!

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Bobby, I would buy!

      I am bummed that I will see Capuano, Harang and Lilly pitch when I am there (not really, but I wanted to see Clayton and Chad).

      I\’ll hopefully see them in St. Louis, Cincy or Chicago this season.

      Hopefully, I will get some good shots and interviews as this is the first time I am bring a cameraman to LA.

  7. Mark_Timmons says:


    Roger is bringing the Dodgers good luck.

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    Back from the game. Really this hotel, Inn at the Ball Park, is across the street from the field.

    Team looked strong tonight. But that slipping with pitching after Clayton went out was high tension in our sitting area. When Kemp made that running catch in centerfield for the final out in the 8th — no one, I mean “NO ONE” sitting our our area would give me a high five.

    Jansen and Wright look fine.

    Loney had several hard shots, Dee looked lost, Kemp was Kemp, and Andre had a nice hit.

    Mark, I have some shots, but will not process them out of the camera until I get back home. Maybe to you on Tues or Wed.

    We get C-bills tomorrow. Will be at the park when it opens.

    Oh, this is a nice hotel, Nolan Ryan statue in the lobby. Bats in the carpet . . .

  9. Kayla DeAngeles says:

    I care.

  10. bobby777 says:

    when is the new fan experience going to start that i hear about at dodger stadium ?
    it sure didn’t w the “FAN” Fest…if that what it was called today.
    About the smallest MLB fest i’ve seen.

    I’ve been to every stadium but blue jays and tigers and have never been more dissappointed by my last visit to dodger stadium.

    Come on guys –

    where do i start – are you trying to get rid of fans?

    Let’s just take one thing – batting practice.
    it was as if you were saying, please don’t bring kids to our games – it’s not for them.


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