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Dee Gordon Has To Go Down

Look, I am a big Dee Gordon fan.  I predicted that he would steal 80 bases this year and hit close to .300 and I still believe that.

However, he has to go down.  He is off to a start that sports a .192 BA with a .263 OB%.  That’s horrible!

Dee Gordon has to go down!  In fact, I would send him down today.

Oh, not to AAA, but to the 8th spot in the batting order.  Take a little pressure off, let him get his wits about him and them bring him back up.  He has to go down.

My lineup for today:

  1. Hariston  3B
  2. Ellis  2B
  3. Kemp  CF
  4. Ethier  RF
  5. Rivera LF
  6. Loney  1B
  7. Ellis  C
  8. Gordon  SS
  9. Lilly  P

I would elect to let Loney hit in front of his hometown fans – maybe the Astros would want to trade for him or maybe he can get untracked in his hometown.  James needs to get it together and even though a left is pitching, I would play him this whole series.  If he doesn’t do it soon, Scott Van Slyke is at the ready!  Let’s see what he can do.


  • Eovaldi pitched an inning last night and was pulled.  It’s one of two things:  (1) De Jon Watson just wants to limit his innings early in the season, or (2) there is some roster mover planned.  I think it is the former, not the later.
  • If Uribe goes to the DL, will Van Slyke get the call?
  • Jared Massey’s Minor League Report  – April 19, 2012


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24 Responses to “Dee Gordon Has To Go Down”

  1. Bobby says:

    Actually, Mark, you’re probably right, but not yet.

    If a guy just stunk, bat him 8th. But with Gordon the flashes of brilliance keep showing (except for those early Matt Kemp-like swings at horrendous pitches to strike out).

    Kid is probably feeling the pressure, no doubt. But a 3 for 5 day with 3 steals is right around the corner.

    Of course, if this weekend he goes 1 for 12 with 5 k, then yes, bat him 8th for a bit to get him going. Nothing wrong with that.

    As far as 3b, Hairston has made several great plays this year, not just yesterday. He also looks so much better at the plate than Boo-ribe.

    This weekend should also be Loney’s last chance. If he doesn’t start hitting hard balls (whether outs or hits), he needs to sit.

  2. RogerDodger says:

    The series in Milwaukee maybe is a real introduction to just how tough and long and difficult this season will be for the Dodgers; as the roster is now built.

    Some hitting, but not enough to make a statement. Just enough pitching to win 1 game. Enough close plays at second and home to say, the calls can go the other way.

    Any here watching that third game in Milwaukee — feel in the 9th inning those Brewers might come back to win and thus sweep???

    Dodgers are still in 1st place . . .

    Some teams having their problems out of the gate:

    Boston in last place 3.5 games out.

    Angels in last place 7 games out (and all that money spent on 1 player).

    Phillies in last place 3.5 games out (and all that pitching).

    Giants in 4th place 3.5 games out (and all that pitching).

    No surprise: Cardinals at 9-4. Texas 11-2. Detroit 9-4.

    Nice surprise: Washington 10-4. Baltimore 8-5.

    It is a long season.

  3. Ken says:

    Uribe – It appears that the inflammation in his belly has gone both to his head and to his wrist. Put him on the DL List. What size hat does he wear anyway? The same size as Barry Bonds? Oops was that an implied message?

    Eovaldi – Bring him up for two weeks or until the starters average more than 6 innings per start. This Dodger staff needs to have two long relievers in the bullpen until they prove otherwise, in other words that they are a capable staff and can average more than 6 innings per start. The Dodgers are in a stretch of 9 games without a day off. If you burn out the bullpen this early in the season it will never recover.

    Too many umpires are out of position these days and make bad calls. Donnie is correct, impose instant replay for plays at home plate.

    Glad to hear that the Dodgers have a left handed batting practice pitcher both at home and on the road. Has anyone told Loney yet?

    I am not disappointed at losing 2 games to the Brewers. But I am disappointed at how many mistakes the Dodgers made during the 3 games.

    Time to send messages to the nonperforming Dodger players. Start with platooning Sellers with Gordon.

  4. RogerDodger says:

    Good post Ken.

    It seems Jansen is out there almost every day. That cannot last.

    There were toooooo many Dodger mistakes in the Brewer series. Baserunning (Loney), throws from the outfield, not being able to lay down a bunt, missed signs (squeeze play), walks . . . and it goes no.

    I have felt the same thing about Umpires. On several plays they are out of position, and are not making a move to try and see it from a better angle. Especially at 2nd base and home. I think some of the calls, the umpire could not see the complete play being blocked out a bit. TV had some better views.

    The Dodgers have their three best pitchers working in the Houston series.

    My son and I will be there for the Sat & Sun games.

  5. Bobby says:

    Actually, Loney isn’t doing too poorly this year.

    After all, who would have thought he’d be tied with Pujols for HR this late into the year? Oh wait….

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And there is Jerry Sands.

    Let’s not get down on the kid because of a poor spring training and slow start to the season.

    As for moving Gordon down to the 8th spot, I wouldn’t be opposed. But on the other hand, I have no problem with him remaining in the leadoff spot. Either way, I believe he is ultimately going to produce. As I’ve pointed out before, he’s followed cold periods with hot ones in the minors. I have the impression that he’s a player who makes adjustments over time. I also have the same impression of Sands.

    “Boo-ribe”, I like it. I’m getting impatient with Loney, but I’ve totally given up on Boo-ribe.

    Well, in another week to 10 days Dodger ownership will change hands. Hopefully, that means that the Dodgers will start looking around to replace Boo-ribe, and do anything else that’s necessary. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s stuff already going on behind the scenes.

    Looking at Eovaldi’s stats for the season (12 innings in 3 games), it would appear that his innings are being limited. Probably no move now, but I’m sure that one is planned for later in the season. Makes sense to limit his innings so that he can be effective for the Dodgers deep into the season. And, if and when he is called up, it could be for either the starting rotation or the bullpen.

  7. RogerDodger says:

    For the past several years, I have seen and felt – that some of these up and coming stars . . . need to start the season in the minors — to get their arms, bats, feet, etc. moving and working in a good way, and then bring them up when they are in positive play . . .

    This, starting the season on the big club, struggling a bit, loosing confidence — then the send down — almost wastes a year.

    The Dodgers need 1 power bat on the bench. That would not be: Treanor, Hairston, Kennedy, Sellers, Gwynn . . .

    But maybe: Van Slyke hitting .373 in AAA; Fields hitting .327 in AAA == both with 3 HRs.

    If the Dodger continue on this low run per game deal — we fans cannot take much more — every game will be . . . every game.

  8. Bobby says:

    Mark Trumbo can really hit but fields worse than me at 3b. Angels bullpen is god awful.

    Guerra and pieces for Trumbo and we put him at 1b?

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Mattingly says it for me:

    Said Manager Don Mattingly to The Times’ Jim Peltz on Wednesday: “There are going to be stretches where he’s swinging the bat good, there are going to be stretches where he struggles a little bit. You got to be prepared to live with all that.

    “If we can gain an inch a day over the course of the season with Dee, by the end of the year we’ve gained a lot.”

  10. Bball says:

    I wish for trumbo. Dodgers need to get a deal done for him

    • Jae says:

      You aren’t getting Trumbo without giving up Zach Lee and a whole lot more, but Van Slyke MIGHT be a similar player. I think he should get a look-see soon.

      Sands has crapped out so far.

  11. Mike Dixon says:

    Would hate to see Dee Gordon sent down……think it’s way to early…and what the hell he is not playing today…….

  12. Mike Dixon says:

    Sellers with a lead off hit, but he won’t be stealing 2nd…..

  13. Reggie says:

    Matt Kemp is amazing. He has more opposite field power than Piazza. I swear. All of his HR have been to RF.

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, will leave for Houston tomorrow about 1:30, after I do a shoot for a big ALS event (their official photographer; did a Shutterfly book with the event a year ago).

    For both games Michael and I have seats in the first row. Much different view from last year when I got those shots of Sands grand slam, and Kemps HR with the ball in the upper corner of the picture (image) — you might show that one again.

    Sat night – Sec 103, row 1, seats 1 & 2 in the Crawford Boxes right down the left field line at the foul pole.

    Sun afternoon – row one in the swing out seats in the left field side, looking to the infield. Section 106, row 1, seats 10 & 11.


    Tonight seems to be another game the guys cannot rack up the runs, but they are playing the Astros.

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    This from TBLA answers the question as to why Eovaldi was pulled after one inning the other night.

    “The Dodgers pulled Nathan Eovaldi from his Double A start Thursday night after just one inning as a precaution in case he needed to start in place of Chad Billingsley on Sunday. Manager Don Mattingly told reporters on Friday that Billingsley was having groin issues, but was able to pitch a bullpen session pain free on Friday, and is good to start Sunday.”

    It’s nice to get another victory tonight. However, unless this team begins to put up more runs, they’re going to burn out the bullpen. These guys can’t be pitching almost everyday. Sooner or later someone gets hurt, or just becomes ineffective from overwork. Have we forgotten Ramon Troncoso?

  16. jerry says:

    i dont think uribe is hurt ..the dodgers just puts people on the DL to save face.., this way they dont have to play him..other wise the fans say sit him.. that is just a way out of it..

  17. Buck Dodgers says:

    Uribe officially listed by Dodgers as “DH”, no not designated hitter, Dick Head! (Same designation given to Ned for signing him btw)


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