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We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

We don’t know:

  • If Mark Ellis falters, could Alex Castellanos be his replacement?  Alex will start the season at AAA, and he needs to play 2B everyday, but could he be a long-term solution?  His glove isn’t Gold (at least not yet, if ever), but he has some “pop” and he’s a mature player.  Could he be the Dodgers’ future second baseman?  I am watching with interest.
  • Will Nate Eovaldi  be in the Dodgers rotation before the season is over? It’s almost impossible that all five starters are healthy all year.  The question is:  when he comes back from AAA (because he has to start even though he could pitch out of the pen for the Dodgers), will he be there to stay and will the pitcher he supplants be the “odd-man-out.”  Mattingly is very high on Eovaldi.  I think he’s a solid #3 starter.
  • Will Allen Webster be the Number Two Starter in 2014?
  • What about Josh Fields, who entered professional baseball later than most players because he played quarterback for Oklahoma State as well as third base?  In 2007 he was the ChiSox #2 Prospect and Baseball America projected him as a 25-30 HR Third Baseman who would probably not hit for a high average.  He hit 23 HR as a rookie and OPS’ed .788 in 100 games.  He was injured for several years and ended up in Japan.  He’s now 29 years old and playing like a man possessed.  My question is:  If Juan Uribe doesn’t step it up or gets injured, can Josh Fields resurrect his career?  I think he bears watching.  He was once full of potential.  Casey Blake didn’t even make the majors until 29 years of age.  He’s a legitimate power hitter…  Watch this guy – it could be a “feelgood” story.
  • Speaking of Juan Uribe – what can we expect from him?  I have no clue…
  • Can Andre Ethier and James Loney both realize their immense potential in the same season?  Wouldn’t that change everything?
  • Who will be the next Dodger owner?  If you want the deepest pockets that owner will be Cohen.  I have always maintained he would prevail and I see no reason to even mention the others.  His net worth is nearly triple what the next groups is.  You want an owner with deep pockets, don’t you?
  • Is it too early to get all giddy about anything – even Corey Sullivan’s Grand Slam?   However, there are lots of reasons for Dodger fans to be excited.  Are there any dark horse candidates to make the team?
  • Should we stick a fork in Ronnie Belisario or is he just “rusty?’
  • I’ll be watching the game today with the Cubs and Dodgers.  The lineup looks like this:
    1. Gwynn  DH
    2. Ellis 2B
    3. Loney 1B
    4. Sands LF
    5. Uribe 3B
    6. Oeltjen  RF
    7. Federowicz  C
    8. Sellers  SS
    9. Angle  CF

Ted Lilly will try and keep it in the park.  It should be fun…

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3 Responses to “We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know”

  1. DodgerDude says:

    I would love to see Fields at 3B. He impressed me when he was in the minors and was a rookie with the White Sox. That dude would be great at 3B for us.

  2. RogerCraig says:

    Not many regulars played today, but I just like the teams’ aura. It did not feel this good last year. I am excited about what this team can do and I did see potential in Alex Castellanos. He looks like a hitter and a second baseman to me. Lilly looked really good too. Of course, it is just the Cubs!

  3. Jae says:


    This FED-EX guy looks like he cannot hit. Gwynn, Jr. looks like our 4th outfielder and Sellers might be a keeper because he can play SS.


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