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The Beginning and the End

I already believed that the Dodgers were a playoff team this year, even before the Dodgers were bought by Guggenheim (I shall henceforth call the new owners “Guggs & Company”).  Now, I KNOW they are a playoff team and I guarantee that right now, Stan Kasten has assembled a small group of advisers to evaluate where the Dodgers need help, and by April 30th, Guggs & Company will hit the ground running.  If certain players are not performing up to what is needed (are you listening Juan Uribe, James Loney and Andre Ethier?), I think this group will be eager to add a player or two or three and increase payroll, even dramatically.

Nothing would promote more confidence in this group than the acquisition of a 3B or 1B or LF or even a pitcher.  David Wright comes to mind (not that I think he’s all that, but he’s probably an upgrade over Uribe).  The Mets are sellers and I would not be surprised to see the Phillies become sellers (injuries and age are catching up with them).  Like every season, players will become available and I believe the Dodgers will be players in that market.  The front man, knows this too and I think he will push to make a splash.

Tickets won’t go up for another year or two and obtaining a star player would certainly raise the revenue (more butts in seats = more Dodger Dogs = more beer = more merchandise sales).  I don’t know what to expect long term, but I would venture to say that the Dodgers will be playing in October this year.  The Magic man will push for that.

The field coaching staff of the Dodgers are certainly safe, at least for this season.  The front office could be another story.  I could make the case for leaving Colletti and Company in control until the end of the season and evaluate them then.  I could also make the case that as soon as Kasten takes control, he should fire Colletti and put his own GM in place.  Ned is well respected in baseball circles and already knows Kasten well, so I would lean to the side that Colletti stays for the rest of the season and maybe beyond,  Guggs & Company could very well extend his contract.  On the other hand, I would not be surprised if April 30th was Ned’s last day.

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12 Responses to “The Beginning and the End”

  1. Bob says:


    Put a call into Logan White (and I’m serious about this) and see if it would be possible for Jerry Sands to work with Tommy Davis. Jerry needs a new voice and a new hitting coach. Who’s ever been working with him has failed him. Tommy use to have a swing where he hit down on the ball and hit line drives all over the place. I think he might help Jerry solve that loop (hole) in his swing.

  2. Bobby says:

    It’s funny you mentioned the Phillies; I also thought about that yesterday, and I wonder, if the Phils do struggle, any chance Ryan Howard and his giant contract go on the trade block?

    • Kris says:

      He’s a defensive liability, has beau coop salary left on his contract and may be damaged goods. If we were wishing for a 1st base I’d rather have Joey Votto.

    • Mike Dixon says:

      Ryan Howard is owed $125 mil, coming back from an achilles injury..ohh and he hit .250 last year with 172 SO….only a fool would want him….

  3. Anonymous says:

    Who’s that dolt that traded Carlos Santana for a guy sitting in his rocking chair now, doh?

  4. Kevin says:

    Mike…funny how you don’t mention Howard’s 33 HR’s and 116 RBI’s. Your the one who sounds like the fool.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Don’t know enough about Howard’s contract to know whether or not I’d want to pick it up. I don’t see Howard play everyday, but my gut tells me that he’s not aging well, and at 32 I’d be wary about picking up his likely lucrative contract. I’m sure new ownership has lots of money, but that doesn’t mean they should be spending it wildly on questionable players. Prince Fielder was a whole different story. Besides, Howard hit .224 vs. lefties last year.

    And while David Wright may not be the player he once was, he’s still a huge improvement over Uribe. Wright has good speed, knows how to draw a base on balls, and would probably benefit by hitting in the same lineup with Kemp, a rejuvenated Ethier, and Dee Gordon being on base in front of him (even if several slots in front of him). Furthermore, he’s a gap hitter who would probably benefit from playing in the spacious ballparks of the NL West. I’d be happy with 20 HRs and lots of extra base hits into the gaps of the spacious NL West ballparks.

    And there are probably going to be players available that we’re not thinking about now. What makes the Dodgers different this year, is new ownership with the ability to add salary if the right opportunity presents itself. Under McCourt that wasn’t an option.

    As for Jerry Sands, I recall Mattingly saying that he was hearing too many voices this spring. I recall comments from Mattingly that indicate that Sands is his preference in left-field. If Sands gets his act together at ALBQ, he could well be in the Dodgers starting lineup come May or June. Teams generally don’t end the season the way they start it.

  6. Ken says:

    Nice bullpen today. Looks like they got “Ganged” up on.

    Glad to hear that some of the minor league games will be on MLB.TV so I do not run into any gang members.

    Looks like no teams wanted Troncoso. He is now back in our Gang.

    Gurnick writes about our imbalanced farm system. He is joining my comments and gainging up on Logan.

  7. AnewBlueDay says:

    Mark, you sound like you are ready to spend money (now) like a drunkin’ sailor.

    Of all the possible owners — Magic’s group is probably about the best one for the fans. A face out in front, bunches of money, and a group that will want a return on their money — so they will greatly improve the product on the field.

    Note: Kemp has looked terrible of late at the plate. Ethier is carrying the team now, but Mark will tell you he is “soft” and will poop out soon.

    This new relief guy, Coffey, looked terrible today. Terrible.

    Gordon is the man.

  8. Bill Russell says:

    We are gonna have a gang load of money soon.


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