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Spring Training Doesn’t Mean Anything?

“Spring training doesn’t mean anything.”   I beg to differ!  Sure it does!  Don’t be silly!

“Spring training doesn’t mean anything.”  Spring training wins don’t count as regular season wins, but to think they don’t mean anything is untrue.

“Spring training doesn’t mean anything.”   It may not mean as much, but in the case of the Los Angeles Dodgers it means a lot.

“Spring training doesn’t mean anything.”  I said that last season when the Dodgers were horrid in the Spring.

“Spring training doesn’t mean anything.”  Spring training is a time that a team like the Dodgers (who under-achieved last year) to re-gain confidence.  To come together as a team.  To feel good about themselves.  To gain some confidence and momentum.

“Spring training doesn’t mean anything.”  Last year the Dodgers sucked in the Spring and it took them more than half the season to get out of that funk!

“Spring training doesn’t mean anything.”  Yes it does!  It means that players in the system are doing things necessary to win.

“Spring training doesn’t mean anything.”   The Dodgers are simply scoring runs and not allowing their opponents to score.

“Spring training doesn’t mean anything.”   The Boys in Blue are averaging over 6 runs a game, while giving up a little over 3.

“Spring training doesn’t mean anything.”   It means something… just not everything!

Winning is something that is learned and can be contagious.

This is a pretty good team. Watch and see.  Last year was the anomaly!



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13 Responses to “Spring Training Doesn’t Mean Anything?”

  1. Bball says:

    It’s means a whole lot to me. They r playing some really good ball. U said it best mark build the confidence. Just keep it going blue crew

  2. Bball says:

    It would mean a lot if they were playing 1 and 6 ball so heck ya it’s something that its the other way around

  3. el_che says:

    spring training doesn’t mean anything.!!

    • DodgerDude says:

      You are right. It doesn’t mean anything. That’s why they don’t look at prospects in strategic situations. That’s why they don’t keep score and that’s why they don’t publish stats or keep standings.

      Dude, you are a meat head!

  4. Jae says:

    Unless you are oblivious, spring training does mean something. It just doesn’t mean EVERYTHING!

    To those of you who don’t think it means anything, read the NY Times Blog of last season:

    They said this:

    “Data shows that spring training can be a leading indicator for regular-season performance. In fact, some big surprises are sometimes predicted by spring training results. We expected little or no correlation between spring training and regular season records, but the data from 2003-10 shows some connection. The actual statistical correlation is 0.22, but this correlation statistic means little to most people.

    Using the five teams with the best spring training records and five with the worst over the past eight seasons, we looked at how those teams played in the regular season. The teams with the top five records were three times as likely to make the playoffs as teams that played poorly (37.5 percent versus 12.5 percent). The chart below also shows the average winning percentage during the regular season for the best- and worst-performing spring training teams.”

    Read it all, and you will see that saying “spring training doesn’t mean anything” brands you as ignorant or stupid, or both!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the majority.

  6. Gonzo says:

    To me spring training gives players and fans optimism. MOst of the vets are trying to get their timing down while the rookies hustle trying to get their cup. There is always going to be people that throw up numbers, which is good. IMO, ST is just a tune up for the established players and a chance for kids to make the team or be noticed by coaches. While it is important to take this seriously again I doubt wether many teams who are usually in the thick of things year in and year out think their season will suck because of a bad ST.

  7. SpokaneBob says:

    Its nice to see the team win and the kids do well, but until the regulars are playing the majority of the innings and the guys in the rotations are staying in the game longer you really can’t get overly optimistic. The last 2 weeks of March will be a better indication.

    I am excited about our chances this year. I hope the remainder of the spring plays out like 1974. If memory serves the Dodgers were hot from mid march right into the season. They played an Exhibition game in Arizona with the Giants on the way west and Garvey, Cey & Company beat them like a rented mule.

  8. Bill Russell says:

    My opinion of spring training is:
    Conditioning for the secure players and fighting for roster spots for the unsecure players. The score or outcome doesn’t matter but plenty of other things do. Pitchers want to work on pitches that they might not normally use in a regular season game, position players may play positions that they normally wouldn’t play in the regular season, but all will be watched by Donny baseball. When the typical fan says “Spring Training doesn’t matter”, they are saying the score or outcome really doesn’t matter. However, most of the hardcore fans know that plenty of the things going on does matter. MY TWO CENTS………….

  9. GoNzO says:

    You hit it spot on Bill.


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