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Rant & Rave Saturday

  • Where’s Waldo and where’s Greg Miller?
  • It scares me when I agree with TJ Slimers, but I too have a lot of questions about the new owners.  TJ articulates it in depth HERE in THE LA TIMES
  • Maybe I’m wrong, but the auction was halted after it started like this: Kroenke: “We bid 1.5 Billion”; Cohen:  “We bid $1.6 Billion“; Magic: “We bid $2.15 billion, we’ll let you keep the land and we’ll make you a partner.“  McCourt: “Sold, the bidding is over!“  That’s pretty much what happened – Guggs & Company paid about a half billion more than the next bidder.  Is it stupid or sly?  Or both?  That’s what I want to know.  I mean, do they really have to pay that much?  I am not privy to what went on behind the scenes, but Frank McCourt was the big winner.  Magic was the fans’ choice, but what is the cos?.  It may take a year or two to sort it all out.
  • I’ll say it again – Andre Ethier will finish in the Top 5 in MVP Balloting and Chris Capuano will win 20 games!
  • Todd Coffey and Jamey Wright looked pretty good all spring… until yesterday when they looked like crap.  Let’s hope that was just a blip.  The Dodgers need both of those guys.
  • It looks like Nate Eovaldi might break with the team in place of Ted Lilly who will be on the DL, or maybe it will be Josh Lindblom.  I know the Dodgers don’t need a 5th starter for quite some time, but Eovaldi can also pitch out of the pen at the start of the year to save his arm.
  • David Wright would look good in the #2 spot of this batting order.  What would it take to get him?
  • Matt Kemp will be just fine this season.  Ignore his K’s right now – they will go down when the season starts.
  • Will Steve Cohen now try and buy the Mets?
  • How far has Ramon Troncoso fell?  No one claimed him.  No one – and he’s back at AAA.

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13 Responses to “Rant & Rave Saturday”

  1. SpokaneBob says:

    I agree about Ethier. The Dodgers may be able to save some money if they sign him in May. I would like him to be a Dodger for the next 5 years.

    I think Mc Court screwed us one last time.

  2. DodgerDude says:

    Wright may not be a huge power hitter, but he would be a huge asset to this team. I think that Withrow and Webster would get him.

  3. Bob says:

    I hate to disagree again, buy Todd Coffey has been awful all spring. I hope he gets his act together once everything counts. I have my doubts, however.

  4. AnewBlueDay says:

    Bob, I agree with you on Coffey. Yesterday when he came in I thought I best study him since he was a hot pick-up by Ned.

    After several hitters, I was looking for my glove, and checking the airplane schedule for Phoenix International Airport.

    Coffey was terrible. Very hittable. I hope he was just working on a pitch or something, but he would have been hit by the Dodgers A class team.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I am guessing that Walter sees this as a long term investment, with possibilities worth billions, and he likely has the money to invest over the next several years before the big money comes flowing in. Given that scenario, he may have determined that it was prudent to blow his competition out of the water to get what he wanted. Perhaps in his mind, paying $3-5 hundred million more than he had to was well worth it to pin down the prize. Several hundred million dollars is a lot of money to overpay for people like us, but not so much to someone with vast resources who sees the opportunity for future profits that justify the price that was paid.

    And none of us has seen the agreement, so we really don’t know McCourt’s level of involvement, or if he would ever have any justification or even reason to sue. And let’s not forget, he didn’t do too well with Jamie in divorce court (I doubt if he knew then that the $131 million Jamie got would turn out to be chump change, relatively speaking).

    Simers asks the question “Do you really believe the conniver has left himself impotent when it comes to those lots?” And I would answer, very possibly yes given that doing so allowed him to pocket $1 billion. Do you think that Walter and his advisers were unaware of McCourt’s litigious nature? Something tells me that the agreement establishing the joint venture was heavily weighted in favor of the Walter group. It’s probably the price that McCourt had to pay in order to get what he got. Besides, McCourt may be very happy to rake in the future dollars, and do nothing to upset the apple cart.

    Regarding Magic’s complimentary remarks about McCourt; what would you expect him to say? If you’re entering into a joint venture with someone, it really makes no sense to do anything else but say nice things about them, no matter what you might think. Even if there wasn’t a joint venture, what would be gained by being anything else but generous with your words?

    Keep in mind that the Dodgers were purchased for cash, leaving no current debt on the books. That doesn’t mean that future ventures may not require some debt. For example, building a new stadium downtown, or spending several hundred million renovating Dodger Stadium is likely to involve debt. If building a downtown stadium resulted in a partnership with the Anschutz Entertainment Group, I doubt if this would be bad debt. And as I’ve seen suggested elsewhere, investing several hundred million renovating Dodger Stadium could conceivably be financed by Guggenheim Partners.

    Like everyone else here, I don’t know how this is going to turn out. Nor do I know how it would have turned out if the Steven Cohen-Soon-Shiong Group had won the bidding. For now, however, I’m willing to believe that the Dodgers are a whole lot better off than they were under McCourt, that McCourt is a whole lot better off than he was when the Dodgers were under McCourt, and that we will just have to wait to see how it all turns out for Dodger fans over time. And that likely would have been the case no matter who won the bidding.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hell of a post Brooklyn…. Well done….

      I think the franchise is much better off now going forward than with McCretin as the owner.

      The next weakest link is Ned. He needs to go…..

  6. AnewBlueDay says:

    Watching Billingsley in his final tune-up before the season begins.

    Pitching against the D-Backs — at first I was worried that he is just not a very good pitcher. But then —- I saw the real truth.

    Bills is trying to confuse the D-Backs. He is going 3-2 on many hitters, walking some, giving up other hits, and loud hits at that — to throw them off.

    Then — when he faces them during the season, he will stop them cold.

    Now, if I am wrong. Then Billingsley is in real trouble. If he is really trying to get these guy out — he is not.

  7. Bill Russell says:

    This time next year Bills will be long relief.

  8. AnewBlueDay says:

    Monday night, Angles have bases loaded, Coffey is out there, Albert up — walk, not even close.

    So Donnie is going to keep this guy on the roster, and hopes he finds himself. I send him down or out or something to remember how to pitch in the majors.

    Gee, single, 2 runs home.

    OK, are we ready for opening day?

    Kemp made an all star catch an inning or so ago.

  9. Mike Dixon says:

    Are we ready for opening day?…what you see is what you get Anew….we will be lucky to finish 3rd…N.L west is a tough division…Arizona, the Giants and the Rockies are so much better than the Dodgers….

  10. AnewBlueDay says:

    I had hopes for the Dodgers back over the winter. Seeing improving here and there. And with Clayton and Matt with great seasons last year and Loney finding himself and all . . .

    But – the real season starts in a couple of days — and opposite of Mark — I see the small looking ice berg ahead, but it is really big underneath. Yes, that ICE can melt down, and be nothing — but the Dodgers are really being outplayed in Spring Training. And yes, it is only Spring Training — the team just does not look ready.

    Matt Kemp leads the team in strikeouts with 24. Second to him is 15 by Oeltjen, then 12 with Fields and Sands, then 10 with Rivera. That is terrible.

    Maybe Matt is trying new stuff at the plate — or maybe other teams are really trying to get him out and have found some weakness. And maybe Kemp with hit 2 HRs in the first game and 5 in the first week of the season.

    On the other hand, Mr. Softie, Andre Ethier is having a great spring.

    Too bad money talks so much. Uribe seems to be a starter, and really should be on the bench, cut, or on the DL for just looking out of shape.

    Oh well, the real bell rings on Thursday for the guys. But they need to start playing like a team.


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