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Just My Opinion

  • It sounds like Jerry Hariston, Jr. has an arm, or shoulder issue and can’t throw properly according to Ken Gurnick of  It’s simple – if he can’t throw, he can’t play.  He has to go to the DL.  His defense at multiple positions is his greatest asset.
  • Justin Sellers deserves a shot at the opening day roster.
  • Jerry Sands spot should do to Josh Fields.  Sands needs to go to AAA and get it together.
  • Chad Billingsley is primed for his “career year.”
  • T.J. Simers is so predictable and boring!  He just recycles the same old ignorant stuff.
  • Opening Day Roster Prediction:
  1. AJ Ellis – It’s his job if he can get on base
  2. Matt Treanor – He’ll be pushed by Fed-Ex as the year goes on
  3. James Loney – Primed for a Big Year
  4. Mark Ellis – He’ll be the glue that holds the infield together – lot’s of people will be eating crow on this one
  5. Dee Gordon – I expect .300 BA and 80 SB’s
  6. Juan Uribe -  He’d better hit or Josh Fields will take his job
  7. Justin Sellers – If he can hit a little, he’ll stay a lot
  8. Adam Kennedy – He needs to be like Dave Hansen was
  9. Josh Fields – See Juan Uribe
  10. Juan Rivera – I see 140 Games/.270 BA/28 HR
  11. Matt Kemp – MVP Finally
  12. Andre Ethier – Will finish in the TOP 5 for MVP
  13. Tony Gwynn, Jr. – Perfect 4th Outfielder
  14. Clayton Kershaw – 2 Cy’s in Row?I say Yes!
  15. Chad Billingsley – Will finish in Top 10 for Cy Young
  16. Ted Lilly – Ready for his best season
  17. Aaron Harang – 200+ innings
  18. Chris Capuano – 20 Wins
  19. Javy Guerra - May not close all the time, but will be effective
  20. Kenley Jansen – Closer in waiting
  21. Scott Elbert – Lefty specialist
  22. Mike MacDougal - Gone by All-Star Break
  23. Todd Coffey – I love his sprint
  24. Matt Guerrier – Most likely to go on DL
  25. Jamey Wright - I don’t know.

Here’s the cool part:  The Dodgers have lots of young option this season.  Watch the Minor League Shuffle.

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20 Responses to “Just My Opinion”

  1. Bob says:


    I wish I had your optimism about Billingsley. He was consistantly at 89 the other day. That’s a drop of 4 mph from his rookie yr. He should be peaking now, but he’s been going backward for a couple of yrs now. He also always looks troubled on the mound. He exudes no confidence at all. I hope I’m wrong about him and once the season starts he takes off.

  2. Mark_Timmons says:


    He is working on his new delivery which I hear is showing excellent results. He\’ll re-gain 2 -3 MPH soon. I look for a big turnaround from C-Bill.

  3. Bobby says:

    wow if all this happens we win 105 games this year!!!!! im down

  4. Leroy says:

    Listening to Steiner and Monday right now make me want to bang my head against a wall. Vin, please, never die.

  5. AnewBlueDay says:

    I have been following the Dodgers for 60 years now — and this just about the lowest I have felt entering a season. This is a so-so team.

    One real starter and a bunch of questions after that. Face it, Clayton will be the true #1 of the league, but the rest have questions questions questions.

    Mark, you have Rivera at 28 HRs. That is a lot of HRs. That is 1 a week.

    The real reason the Dodgers might just make it all work — is that term “execution.” Being able to advance runners, hitting the cutoff, bunting, running the bases — like teams are supposed to. That might be Donnie and the coaching staffs biggest plus, having this team play baseball to win — and not just set individual records.

    I know that Spring Training games mean nothing — but Matt Kemp is really been striking out a bit too much the past week or so. He can’t hit those 40 or 50 HRs if it cannot even hit the baseball. But he can strikeout 185 times if he continues swinging at air and letting good pitches go by.

    I am hoping that new ownership will infuse a new pride in this team. Clean a bit of house of those not cutting it (like Uribe) and begin to fix problem areas (like catching).

    • DodgerDude says:

      I have watched every Spring Training game that has been televised this year and I see a team that has purpose and executes with precision. This team is a lot better than most people think, although there are quite a few people not in LA who know that.

      As Mark would say: “watch and learn.”

  6. Bobby says:

    Just watched Josh Fields, after being down 0-2, foul off several pitches and work out a walk. Really nice at bat. He could be a really nice surprise for us this year!

  7. AnewBlueDay says:

    Dude, I have watched most of the games on the TV this spring, and listened to others on radio — I have also been to 6 spring trainings — and know that the games mean nothing — but the personnel (players) just do not thrill me.

    Rivera was a cast off from another team, and might be serviceable for the rest of this season — but we need more than him in left field. Catching is a silent low on this team. But there are very few catchers today in baseball that the Dodgers could go after, even with new ownership — the good one are tied up for the most part. Heck, the announcers get all excited when A.J. hits a single, or takes a walk.

    I am just in the hopes that they all play as a team — and win those early games in April-May by out-playing other teams.

    • DodgerDude says:

      Just remember that the Dodgers were one of the best teams in baseball after the All-Star break last year and they are also one of the best teams in baseball this spring. You might be surprised, Dude.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Loney might be primed for a big year, or as you would say Mark, or not. Mark Ellis looks like a solid player, but like any player I need to see him everyday to appreciate (or not) what he brings. I expect a lot out of Dee Gordon. Not sure he will reach the numbers you suggest, but I believe he has the type of talent that can ultimately reach those numbers. Maybe Josh Fields will make an impact, but we’ve seen this before in spring training. And from what I’ve heard, his glove is questionable. In fact, he could even face competition from Luis Cruz. Even Uribe could bounce back with a decent year. Or it may just be that third base will end up being a position at which new ownership allows the Dodgers to upgrade at the trade deadline, or maybe before. 28 HRs for Juan Rivera seems like a pipe dream, given that he’ll be 34 and has never hit more than 25, and that was only once. Factor in that he will be playing in the NL West, home of pitchers parks (Dodger Stadium, Petco Park and AT&T Park), and 28 seems a bit fantastical. Actually, in his case, I’m hoping that Jerry Sands, even if he starts the year in the minors, ultimately takes the job away from him. In fact, Sands has the power to hit 28 HRs or more. Whether he’s reached the level of maturity/experience to do that is another matter. I have high hopes for Kemp and a healthy Ethier, and I still think that Billingsley could put it together, maybe. Lilly’s best season? Maybe, but I wouldn’t hold my breath wsiting for it. Just as likely that he could go down with an injury. I think Capuano can be effective. But 20 wins would require considerable offensive support. I’d be happy if he could just provide at or near 200 effective innings, and wins and losses will take care of themselves. Aaron Harang 200 innings? Hopefully. But he hasn’t done it since 2007. The 171 he reached last year seems more realistic. I love Kenley Jansen, and Guerra appears to be OK. This could be defining year for both of them.

    I like the potential of this team, but a lot of things have to go right. But the NL West isn’t a monster division, and the Dodgers would appear to have a legitimate shot at contending all year the way they are right now, with the chance that new ownership will look to add once they take hold of the reins. In the meantime I’m doing my best not to observe things through my blue colored glasses. And that’s not always easy to do.

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “wsiting”. I’ve created a new word. Obviously I meant “wishing”.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Actually, I meant “waiting”, NOT “wishing”. I must be in the midst of a senior event. And that’s not a mistake. I have senior “events”, not just mere “moments”.

  11. Bill Russell says:

    Wearing rosey blue glasses is what every spring is all about isn’t it? I have never been a Lilly fan and one would have to wonder why Ted is waiting until now to have his best season but I’ll buy in. I agree with Ken about Bills being the key to the starting rotation. 3rd base, Catcher, Left field, and Starting Pitching all have question marks but most teams do in the spring. Loney, Ethier, Rivera and Kemp will all have to produce this year if the Dodgers are going anywhere. Mark Ellis could surprise us all and have an above average year with the stick. Dee Gordon is exciting and must stay healthy with his skinny fragle frame. We will all hold our breath everytime someone tries to take him out on a double play. Dee Gordon could become the next great Dodger Shortstop if he can avoid the injury bug. Like we have been saying in here for a few years now, we will need a bunch of guys all clicking at the same time. I’m willing to wear the glasses until new management can upgrade a few of these positions. Go Blue…………….

  12. Ken says:

    Gordon .325 80 SB 120 Runs
    Ellis .280 5 HR 50 Sacrifices
    Kemp .320 30 HR 120 RBIs
    Either .315 25 HR 110 RBIs
    Rivera .280 15 HR 60 RBIS (Part Time)
    Loney .285 12 HR 90 RBIs
    Uribe .212 6 HRs 35 RBIs (Part Time)
    Ellis .265 3 HR 45 RBIs

    Kershaw 2.80 ERA 18 wins
    Bills 4.25 ERA 12 Wins
    Harang 3.85 ERA 15 Wins
    Lily 4.05 ERA 12 Wins
    Capuano 4.25 ERA 11 Wins

    Hawksworth and Hairston 60 Day
    Wright and Fields 30 day trial on 25 man roster to start the season

  13. AnewBlueDay says:

    The NL West, many of those games will be the match-ups of the pitching duels.

    Many times being 0-0, or 1-1, or 3-2 in the 7th innings — and relief comes in and does or does not do the job. The last half of last year, the Dodgers did play winning baseball.

    But this is this year — and for all the reasons of money, ownership, the present GM, etc. he did not obtain the players most of us would like to have seen. When you re-sign Lilly and then two injured-looking-to-come-back to glory days pitchers, you are banking on some iffy odds of all three having all-star seasons. I hope they can and do.

    Keep an eye on Kemp. He concerns me.

  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m not sure why Kemp would concern anyone. So he’s struck out a lot this spring. He also struck out a lot last season, and still had a monster year. Also, if memory serves, I don’t recall Kemp ever having a great spring. In fact, I don’t believe I ever remember him hitting for much power in the spring. Could be that my memory is a bit fuzzy on this, but I simply don’t recall Kemp ever having a notable spring, and I’m too lazy to look it up.

  15. Mike Dixon says:

    I would give an opinion on my Dodgers but I swear I don’t know half the players on that list….but Chris Capuano winning 20 games?….Jesus Mark….

  16. ex-minor leaguer says:

    When will Mattingly get some kind of grooming code? These guys are a bunch of unshaven miscreants. Maybe like the Yankees he came from.


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