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70% of the World is Covered by Water – the Rest is Covered by Dee Gordon

I have been busy the last couple of days, so when I got back and checked the blog, I was dismayed that I had written Rivera would hit 28 HR.   Believe it or not, I meant 18 HR for Rivera, but hit the 2 instead of the 1.  OK,  I’ll just live with it, maybe he will get hot, but I doubt it.  I don’t see over 20… and I had him at 140 games.

I do admit that I am an unabashed  Dodger fan. I am a “Homer for the Blue.”  I am not a wannabee member of the Baseball Writers of America.  I am not neutral.  I do see the team through “blue-colored glasses”.  Contrast that with other bloggers and fans who see everything through “crap colored glasses”.  I’m only miserable when the season is over.  They are miserable all of the time, and they are only right about 50% of the time – same as me!

Things are NEVER as good as one might think and they are usually NEVER as bad as one might think.  So, I have resolved to be miserable only 10% of the time instead of the 90% they are miserable.  ;)

I also balance out the negatives a little, although there are a lot more of the negatives who blog and moan about the Dodgers.

Actually, I do believe that this team is primed for a big year for several reasons:

  1. The locker room is the best it has been in years;
  2. This is Matt Kemp’s and Clayton Kershaw’s team, but others are stepping up too, including the less moody (and he is really trying to be) Andre Ethier;
  3. If one or two players step up and gets on base more, it makes it easier for the rest of the guys to hit because they see more fastballs.  Any Major League Player can hit a fastball.    James Loney and Andre Ethier those guys.
  4. Dee Gordon seems to have a PERFECT idea of what he needs to do:  keep the ball out of the air.  He is absolutely the FASTEST player I have ever seen, and when he hits the ball on the ground, the other team is under tremendous pressure to throw him out. It will all start with Dee Gordon – he seems to understand what he needs to do and I believe he will be VERY good at starting the offense.
  5. Mark Ellis will be the “glue” to keep the infield defense near the top in all of baseball.  Even if the fat boy at 3B doesn’t hit well, he is an excellent 3B.  The Dodgers’ defensive infield will be one of the best in baseball this year,  Dee Gordon may make a few errors, but he will get to more balls than anyone.  70% of the world is covered by water – the rest is covered by Dee Gordon.
  6. Make fun of me for saying Chris Capuano will win 20 games, but he won 18 once and with his surgery several years ago, he is now just to the point of where he should be 100% and he has only a few innings on his rebuilt arm.  He’s smart, knows how to pitch and will eat innings.  Watch and see!
  7. New ownership will want to make a splash at the trade deadline.  If someone is available who can help the team, odds are, the team will get them.

Homer or not – this team will contend for the NL title and with RDLR, Eovaldi, Lee, Withrow and Webster nearing ready, the arms are there.  I think the most important player as of now is Chad Billingsley – if he can be a true #2, this team can go a long way.


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9 Responses to “70% of the World is Covered by Water – the Rest is Covered by Dee Gordon”

  1. Jae says:

    No TV game where I am. Does anyone have the game on TV?

  2. DodgerDude says:

    Hey Mark, you sure you just didn’t reconsider about the 28 HR for J-Riv?


  3. Bob says:

    Eovaldi, Lee, Webster and Withrow. Add Rubby when he’s ready and WOW! We haven’t even mentioned Reed! Wait, Clayton!

  4. Bob says:

    Send all those Dodger pitchers back to the minors.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mark, question?
    Doesn’t McCourt get to choose the winner?
    If all 3 bidders are approved by MLB, he doesn’t neccesarily have to choose the highest one.
    I believe he might be in cahoots with that Rams owner.
    Am I just paranoid or are my fears justified?

  6. AnewBlueDay says:

    My TV schedule shows the Dodgers on the tube this afternoon. DirecTV has channel 693. Which is the Baseball Extra Innings.

    Looking at ESPN’s projections for 2012 in their fantasy groups, the top 15 in each position, they list the Dodger’s players as . . .

    Catcher – none.
    1b – none.
    2b – none.
    3b – none.
    SS – Gordon is #13
    LF – none.
    CF – Kemp is #1
    RF – none.
    Starting pitching – Kershaw is #3

    That is it. There are 15 names for each position and our Dodgers have a total of 3 out of 210 slots.

    Seems others see the Dodgers with a lot of up hill work to do.

    Maybe new ownership can help this situation.

    Maybe the players themselves can help by playing team winning baseball.

  7. PeteGunn says:

    Gordon faster than WDavis?


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