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Mr. Coffey

I can’t believe everyone is blasting this deal.  I mean Todd Coffey isn’t the second-coming, but he’s a decent middle reliever who brings a ton of attitude and want to.  People are saying that the Dodgers have too much pitching.  HELLO!  Can you ever have enough pitching?  Young pitchers that can pitch WILL pitch.  Ones that can’t will go back to the minors.

Matt Guerrier has injury potential written all over him.  Is Blake Hawksworth able to pitch with regularity?  Is Lindblom going to be as good as last year?  Can Eovaldi pitch out of the pen?  Will Elbert be consistent?  Is Kuo part of the equation?  And, then there’s Belisario – who knows what he will do?  Ramon Troncoso, Kenley Jansen and Javy Guerra are all unproven, so another quality arm for a buck two-fifty is a no brainer.

I am not going to extoll this a great deal, but it certainly is not a bad deal.  Mr. Coffey may or may no be good to the last drop, but for what Ned had to pay – I like the deal.


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17 Responses to “Mr. Coffey”

  1. Jae says:


    It looks like Indianaopolis iS really a Super place for a Super Bowl. I had no idea.

    You are right about never having too much pitching.

  2. DRomo says:

    For once I will say Mark is 100% correct here. Coffey is a huge asset in the bullpen. I look for Guerra to come back to earth much like Jansen did last year before finding his legs down the stretch. All the young guys will have their ups and downs that is why adding a proven vet is vital. Nice piece, Ned.

    You never have too much pitching. Never ever!!

  3. RogerCraig says:

    I have to agree. Coffey is worth $1.3 million, maybe not $3 million. I tip my hat to Colletti.

  4. AnewBlueDay says:

    Hey Mark, I am down here outside, trying to get in. I asked the nice lady at “will call” for my tickets, but she said there is nothing under my name or your name. That they have never heard of you. Then, asking around, someone in the back room said they thought their kid knew your kid, but it was so busy they did not have time to call home.

    Soooooo . . . I guess I will go up the street to a bar or something and try and catch the game there.

    What time is breakfast tomorrow. Anew.

  5. Ken says:

    Are the Colts playing today?

  6. Bball says:

    I hate lip singing

  7. Jae says:

    I hate the Pats!

  8. Bball says:

    I really hate how the baseball networks always show Yankee and red sox happenings it makes my blood boil. I was just watching and they mentioned the red sox signed Alfredo acevas big f’n woopie. I didn’t see them mention the dodgers signing Coffey. They always have to show Yankee, red sox yuck. Coffey doesn’t have to be the example but does anyone else see this too or am I exaggerating

  9. Broxton's Bunny Soul says:

    I haven’t heard anyone bashing this Coffey deal

  10. SpokaneBob says:

    Superbowl is over……


  11. AnewBlueDay says:

    Alex Cora lives for another day . . .


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