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More Rants and Raves

  • They are dropping like flies:  First, it was Peter O’Malley and now it is Joe Torre and Rick Caruso, who are now also out of the bidding for the Dodgers.  It’s clear to me that McCourt is going to maximize what he can get for the Dodgers.  Long ago, I predicted he would get $1.5 Billion.  Now it appears that it will be closer to $2 Billion.  I still predict that the successful bidder to own the Dodgers will also acquire the parking lots.
  • Now I know why Hiroki Kuroda turned down the trade to the Red Sox last year:  He was a Yankee at heart.  In fact, he took $3 million less to sign with the Bronx Bombers over the D-Backs.   I guess that’s OK.  I just knew there was something else…
  • Back on December 11th, I wrote this:

It seems that Mr. Jack O’Connell, the secretary-treasurer and award administrator of the Baseball Writers Association of America says that the BBWAA will not strip Ryan Braun of the MVP award, in part because  ”We did not strip Alex Rodriguez of the 2003 MVP when it was learned later he used PEDs while in Texas.  The voters used the information they had at the time of the election. I don’t see how we can change that.”

Oh, so using that rationale, there should be nor more discussion of enlarging instant replay in baseball, because after all, we never have done it before, you know.  No need to change any rules.  Raise the mound.  Get rid of the DH.  Hey, while we are at it, let the baseball writers smoke cigars and drink beer in the press box.  Yeah, things shouldn’t change, and if you have always done something the same way, you should always do it that way!

I have one word:  DUMBASS!

  • Now, it seems that some people (at least one) think I was a dumbass for writing that.  I stand by what I wrote.  If Ryan Braun was guilty of using PED’s, then I still believe that he should have had his MVP stripped, but now that his appeal has overturned the suspension, it is over.  I disagree with the voting, but Ryan Braun is the reigning MVP and the discussion is over.  Next….
  • I am going to say it one more time (or more):  Jerry Sands should start playing at 3B.  I have no doubt he can play there and the Dodgers have a problem at 3B.  I want to see what Juan Uribe looks like when he reports.  If he’s fat as a pig, I would enforce the “fat as a pig like Andruw Jones Clause.”

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8 Responses to “More Rants and Raves”

  1. el_che_ says:

    so who u ppl want the owner to be?? no mark !! if he could play 3rd theyd be playn him aredy..!!

  2. AnewBlueDay says:

    Mark, I agree with you that Sands should start playing at 3B. Agreed. But it might take a year in the minors to get to the major league playing level — at 3B.

    A totally new and longer throw. The bunt and swinging bunt. The plays at third from the outfield throws . . . all need to have not just Spring Training practice — but game condition work — and not at Dodger Stadium on the major league level to experiment with. It will take almost a season in the minors.

  3. Bobby says:

    I think Logan White in an interview said Sands won’t be moving to 3b. I’ll agree with that. The kid is too young to now throw a new position at him (maybe the hardest position in the game), while he’s trying to make it as a hitter. This move would ruin his career, and he wont be ready for the bigs (if this 3b move worked), until he’s 26.

    Uribe will start at 3b. if he suceeds, great. if he doesn’t, the new ownership will go after David Wright. Hell, Sands could be on his way to NY for Wright!

    If we want to move someone to 3b, move Ethan Martin there!!! He clearly isnt improving as a pitcher.

    God willing, Pedro Baez steps up his game this year, and/or Alex Santana shows he’s the real deal. I also wonder if Jake Lemmerman would be moved to 3b since Dee will be at SS until 2025!!!!!

    • DodgerDude says:


      Yeah – Mark did that interview. I don’t know why the kid couldn’t handle it. He might not be Brooks Robinson in the beginning but he would bring a bat while Uribe would bring the fat!

  4. Bill Russell says:

    I agree with Bobby, Jerry is still trying to figure out the offensive part of the game and doesn’t need the extra stress of a new position to deal with. Logan White is a smart enough guy to push players around in the minors if it would benefit the big club. Ethan Martin could be the answer next year.

  5. RogerCraig says:

    Martin hasn’t played 3B for years. Do you really think he can still play it? What is so hard about 3B? Yes all positions are hard, but to say that 3B is the hardest position is silly. They are all hard. You just play it! I think Jerry can do it – he has the arm!

  6. Joe says:

    I would agree with Mark on letting Jerry Sands try 3rd if he can hit like he did in September last year. May sacrifice some defense in order to get some offense and power in the lineup. I don’t expect much offensively at 2B, C, also LF may be weak if Rivera reverts to his pre trade form. Lineup is also lacking power outside of Kemp and Either. Hopefully Loney finally figured out how to tap into his power stroke like he can in batting practice.

  7. Bill Russell says:

    Roger Craig, you have me confused when you say “What’s so hard about playing 3rd base for Jerry Sands” and you also say how can Ethan Martin play 3rd when he hasn’t played it in years. Wouldn’t you think Jerry or Ethan would have to spend a minimun of one year in the minors learning this position? I would also agree with Bobby about looking into a trade for someone like David Wright upon the arrival of new ownership. If we can ever get there. How can McCord think that buying the Dodgers would be attractive if there’s no where to park or no control over the parking fee’s?


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