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Let’s Play Ball and Some Rants and Raves

  • Well the pitchers and catchers reported and we know who the Opening Day Starter is already.  Three guesses…
  • Jon Weisman writes another excellent summary of the Dodgers Roster possibilities for ESPN/LA who recently fired him.  By the way, Jon, ESPN don’t know jack.  Your writing defines you, not the schmucks in the suits, and the idiots who criticize you are just that – IDIOTS!  You can’t fix IDIOT!
  • Billy Beane is a genius?  Please….  He just signed Manny – that will lower his IQ a few points.
  • The people who insist on focusing on Jeremy Lin’s race are missing what is really happening.  The only issue that deals with race is that Jeremy Lin is a member of the human race and the power of his faith and belief in what he wanted to do transcends any race, color or creed.  This is a story so much bigger than any racial issue.  It about a 5′ 3″ 130 pound high-school freshman who was always the underdog.  It’s about a kid who was the weakest player ever at Harvard (which ain’t exactly known for producing Mr. Americas).  It’s about a kid who was passed over and over and who sat on the bench, never getting a chance.  It’s about a kid who worked his butt off, who hired a shooting coach, who worked out to get stronger, who did agility training, who never lost hope and SAW THE INVISIBLE AND DID THE IMPOSSIBLE.  My homeboy, Jason Whitlock (whom I generally really like) was a complete idiot in writing about Jeremy Lin.  Jason,  Just SHUT UP!  What a story… and it ain’t over!
  • To those of you who think that the Dodgers are going to have a horrible season, let me remind you that after the All-Star break last year, the Dodgers were one of the TOP 5 teams in baseball.   You are remembering the first half.  Here’s more reason to believe:
  • I look for Ethier and Loney to have good seasons this year (that’s not much of a stretch);
  • I think Chris Capuano (2-years removed from Tommy John) is primed to have his career year and Aaron Harang will also be an inning-eater and a positive influence upon the rotation
  • The Dodgers have lots of good young power arms and the bullpen and starting rotation should dramatically improve.
  • A new owner may be able to swing a David Wright trade.  Never give up!
  • Peter O’Malley is out as a possible owner.  I never took his bid seriously… just an attention getter.  Over the next few days the contenders will be separated from the pretenders.  Stay tuned.  I’ll give you my Final Four tomorrow.
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    7 Responses to “Let’s Play Ball and Some Rants and Raves”

    1. jon says:

      I think you have to go out on a limb more that players like Juan Uribe would have to hit at least .245 and have around 17 homers. You can’t bench a guy making $8 million/year

    2. jerry says:

      yes you can bench him…you got to pay him no matter what..and if he dont help..i would beach in a minute…remember they waste more money on lots of stupid stuff.

    3. Mike Dixon says:

      What’s the point of making a run at David Wright when our #2 starter is Billingsley..the guy is as inconsistent as they come….and please don’t tell me he will have an awesome year, been waiting for that since 09…would not trade what little we have in the farm for Wright when we don’t have a #2, catcher, LF, 1B, 2B, 3B, and we also don’t know about the pen….team has more holes than swiss cheese…..but we will spend big next year, and hopefully the rookies will play ball, and another year means Zach Lee is a little closer to the bigs…..

      • Jae says:


        WOW! You sure hate this team. I am not sure what to say, except that I expect the Dodgers to challenge for the NL West title. I guess I just have a different point of view.

        • Mike Dixon says:

          Hate?…I don’t love this needs a lot of help…..I criticize my Dodgers every chance I get…I expect a great team year in year out…if you expect this team to compete than I guess you haven’t been watching baseball too long…

    4. Jar says:

      No, I have only been a Dodger fan since Walter Alston was manager. I don’t know anything!

    5. Mike Dixon says:

      Old timer huh…..ok then was I incorrect in my assessment of the holes this current team has….


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