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I Will Never Write Again

That’s how I feel when I read stuff like Jon Weisman just wrote for ESPN/LA.  I mean, who can hold a candle to this?  I want to quit.  He’s so much better than me.  This is some sick, good stuff!

Here’s the link:



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11 Responses to “I Will Never Write Again”

  1. DodgerDude says:

    Come back, Shane!

  2. Bill Russell says:

    Great article. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bluenose Dodger says:

    So Mark, let me get it straight. If you were on the field playing the game, and some guy was better than you, would you decide never to play again. I think not, just as you will write again.

    Jon’s article was informative, well written, as always, but didn’t provide information that many of us didn’t already know. As in any article, there were tidbits to be gleaned, and a perspective that Jon provided. I read his blog regularly, as I do LA DodgerTalk, and many other blogs.

    You are not in a competition. Your style is different, as I believe is your purpose in writing. What would be the point to write everything Jon writes, on all blogs? At times, Jon stirs up a bit of controversy, but not usually. You write from a personal point of view, not without back ground information, as suggested by the above poster. You take risks in what you write, speculate, predict, irritate, engage,question, brag, admit failure. Isn’t that what a writer is supposed to do? That is, cause the reader to think about what you have written, connect on some level, emotionally, intellectually, statistically, in terms of our experience and back ground.

    I know you were speaking rhetorically when you said you wouldn’t write again. My only suggestion would be that you ignore those that jump on you, and not reward them with a hard response. The object of our affection is not you, not Jon, not other blogs, not me, nor those who diss you. It is the Dodgers. When others cause you to respond in kind, you take your eye off the ball and off the Dodgers.

  4. RogerCraig says:


    Of course you are kidding. I know that. Realize that the idiot who Will Never Think Again is just a miserable person who tries to spread his misery to others. Forget him. He is not worth your time. Ignore him and he will go away. I find your columns refreshing, because you are an independent thinker who is frequently “outside-of-the-box.” Many people can’t deal with that – their loss. Not yours.

  5. Leroy says:

    Good thing Ned signed Capuano, Harang, and Ellis for 2 years to block the young talent.

  6. Jae says:

    You should put a diaper on your face because that’s where all the shit is coming out of.

  7. El_Che_ says:

    so when does spring training start again?

  8. DodgerDude says:

    A sharp tongue does not mean you have a keen mind. In fact, brains aren’t everything. In fact in your case they’re nothing. I feel stupid when you post. You are living proof that abortion should be legal.

  9. Glass Half Full says:


  10. Mark_Timmons says:

    I wasn\’t totally sure who \”youbetterthinkagain\” was until today, but now I know that he is The Original Dodgerman or OD as we call him. Everywhere he posts he tries to stir up a fight and cause problems. Get out of here – take your meds and leave. You are not welcome

  11. Glass Is Half Full Again says:

    He can only stir things up if you respond…Just ignore people like this and do not even respond….after all it’s the attention they crave!


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