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Andre Ethier Needs to be Traded – Like Now!

I had high hopes that Andre Ethier would do what Matt Kemp did last year.  I thought he was due to extract his head from his butt.  However, on his first days of Spring Training, he shoved his head even further up his proverbial ass, which is also what he is (an ass).

If you haven’t read what Tony Jackson of ESPN/LA wrote about Ethier’s arrival, you should do so now:

Andre Ethier appeared at the Los Angeles Dodgers’ spring-training complex on Saturday, taking a few swings off a tee in the indoor batting cage before returning to the clubhouse and holding a curiously contentious interview with a handful of reporters.

Ethier missed the final three weeks of last season because of surgery to repair cartilage and remove loose bodies from his right knee, this at the end of a comparatively disappointing season in which he made his second National League All-Star team despite hitting .292 with just 11 homers (matching his career low) and 62 RBI.

Ethier eventually got around to saying he feels fine now, but not before responding to a friendly greeting of, “Did you have a good winter?” with a curt, “We’re not here to talk about that.” He later responded to another question about why he was being so abrupt by saying, “I’m not your buddy. You’re not my buddy. We’re not going to sit here and have a bar-type conversation.”

Ethier, who publicly voiced his displeasure at the end of spring training last year at not having received a multiple-year contract, also didn’t want to discuss his current contract status to any great degree. He avoided arbitration this winter by agreeing to terms on a one-year, $10.95 million contract. He will be eligible for free agency after this season unless the Dodgers sign him to a long-term deal before that, something general manager Ned Colletti has said he is open to discussing.

Simple logic would suggest, though, that such discussions won’t take place until after the sale of the club is complete.

“I can’t tell you anything about any of that,” Ethier said. “I’m just here today to play baseball and help the team win. I’m here for today. I lifted some weights, I ran the bases, and I hit some balls off a tee. … I can’t control the past or control the future. The only thing I can control is the way I play right now.”

Ethier said he has been swinging a bat for “a while,” declining to specify when he began doing so. Ethier tends to be his own worst critic, and he did say he didn’t feel good about the way he was swinging in the cage on Saturday.

“I wasn’t hitting the ball so well,” he said. “I’m a little concerned about that.”

Even with free agency looming and the possibility he is entering his final season with the Dodgers, Ethier said his primary focus this season will be on helping the Dodgers return to the playoffs for the first time since 2009.

“We won a lot of games here in the past,” he said. “We were awful the last couple of years. It isn’t fun to play the game that way.”

The Dude is a world-class Jackass who has less maturity than my 12 year-old.  Get rid of him now before he infects the whole club.  He’s moody, arrogant, stupid, ignorant and so self-absorbed that he can’t figure out he could be great player if he didn’t have such a crappy attitude.

ENOUGH ALREADY!  Get rid of him.  NOW!

I have always said that he was soft.  Turns out it was between the ears.

Beat writers can’t write everything they see or feel, but if Tony Jackson could have written what he wanted, it would have went something like this:

“Andre Ethier showed up today at Camelback Ranch and showed that he has been working hard all winter in being a stupid, dumbass, ignorant, arrogant SOB.  Screw him.   He ‘s a ________, __________, ___________, blank.

Get some prospects for him and trade them for David Wright.  The Dodgers would be better off.  Much better off.  Did I mention that Andre Ethier is an idiot?  I am so sick of this moron.


  1. Gordon  SS
  2. Ellis  2B
  3. Wright  3B
  4. Kemp  CF
  5. Loney  1B
  6. Rivera  LF
  7. Sands  RF
  8. Catcher



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24 Responses to “Andre Ethier Needs to be Traded – Like Now!”

  1. DodgerDude says:

    Why don’t you tell us how you really feel.

  2. Jae says:

    How fat is Juan Uribe now?

  3. Glass Is Half Full Again says:

    Sometimes when people are truthful it upsets others who expect to have their ass kissed…Give the guy a break….I agree he comes across as arrogant most of the time but I wonder how we would all react if someone shoved a microphone or recorder in out faces each and everyday at work.

    Let’s wait until he gets on the field and then judge him for what he is paid to do…and that is play baseball…

    • Wes Parker in Iowa says:

      How’s it goin? F&*k you. You work with the writers for 6 months…how tough is it to act like a human being? I agree with Mark.

  4. Bball says:

    Glass half full I agree. Not everything can be roses. This guy is gonna have a great year. Mark just relax from what I read it’s not that awful what he said. People tend to not like true feelings when it comes to celebs and pro athletes. I think the guy is just saying what a lot of other people want to say but r just to scared

  5. Bobby says:

    the guy was kobe bryant of baseball with all his clutch hits in 2009 and 2010. that is not soft.

    • RogerCraig says:

      Are you talking about his 2009 .235 batting average with the bases loaded or or .250 batting average with RISP or are you talking about 2010, when he hit .290 with RISP and .500 with the bases loaded?

      That was unusual to say the least. He’s never done that before.

      Andre Ethier is not as clutch as some think.

      • Bobby says:

        No Rodger, I’m basing it on this:

        Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier won MLB’s 2009 Clutch Performer of the Year Award after leading baseball with six walk-off hits, including a big league-best four walk-off homers, which tied the MLB record for the most in a season.

        winning the game in the bottom of the 9th takes someone who is NOT SOFT. forget the stats. The popular eye test that people like to use says he’s clutch, and therefore not soft.

  6. Glass Is Half Full Again says:

    It’s just Mark shaking things up…worked on me!

  7. Badger says:

    Mark would never shake things up.

  8. Bball says:

    The fact is I’m not convinced about sands and there is nobody out that can play right any better then ethier. David wright just don’t float my boat beltre please come back

  9. AnewBlueDay says:

    Memory . . . remember here — Mark did not like Ethier in the early years. He was a Russell Martin fan. Ethier would drive Mark crazy. Junked him. Keep using the word “soft.” This has been going on for at least 5 years or so now.

    Point: Ethier knows he is in a prime time of his career. He has to produce this season to make the big bucks.

    Point: He saw what happened to Martin, was happening to Loney, and also to some of the other younger Dodgers over the past three to six years — and he sees writing on the walls. He must produce. And he wants fame and money.

    Either in L.A. or where ever they will pay him.

    He sees what happened to Kemp (after one of the best individual Dodger playing seasons ever) and the big contract. That is his competition. Kemp’s last season.

    Roll the guy out there. Let him tee it up and see what happens.

    Face it. Kemp will be Kemp. Gordon will be Gordon, but after that the Dodgers on paper are really weak. If Andre hits, fields and does so in what many of us think he can do — he will make the big bucks — either in L.A. with new owners, or in NY or Boston or Arizona or wherever.

    Don’t mind me, I have an Ethier jersey.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ether is a pompass ass

  11. Mike Dixon says:

    Wahhh…Ethier is not humble….Wahhh….who cares, dude can hit…2nd best bat we have…hey I hear Carlos Gomez is a nice guy…lets go after him…Lol….

    • Jae says:

      The way Ethier acts – spoiled, moody, rude and self-absorbed prevents him from being as good as he can be. Kemp cleaned his attitude up last year and elevated his game. Ethier needs to mend fences with the writers and clubhouse personnel and care about others, not just himself. Now I get that it is hard for a pampered athlete to do that, but his crybaby antics are keeping him from being a star. Someone needs to slap him like Mark is trying to.

  12. AnewBlueDay says:

    Mark is not trying to slap him — Mark wants he gone – period.

  13. Wally says:

    I have to agree with you Mark. Trade his lame act and put Sands in RF.
    Ethier’s had a bug up his ass ever since Ned extended Billz and didn’t offer him an extension. He wants to be treated like a super star and in reality, he is just an overrated and overpriced left handed platoon outfielder. Hopefully they can unload him in July for a top shelf 3B, 2B, or C prospect. All things considered (his age, injury history, salary, inability to hit lefties, and attitude) he is not a player to build the future on.

  14. lindsay says:

    I disagree, I think he’s tough on himself and it’s the product on the field that counts, I don’t really care how he behaves to the press, as long as he puts asses on the seats and puts up numbers similar or better than 2009. Whether he’s a nice guy or not is of no consequence to me, as long as he helps us win games and protect matt kemp, that’s why, to me, it’s of no difference how he acts, as long as he plays well. If he does so, you better believe they’ll offer him a long term contract and if he doesn’t want to talk about several things, I think we should respect that.

  15. GoNzO says:

    Is this the same Ethier that was sent packing to a JuCo because his coach Pat Murphy a bigger d-bag couldn’t stand him. It was not a secret at ASU that Ethier wasn’t liked by MANY players. Also this a-hole was benched in AAA for failing to bunt a player over and swinging away instead. I was hoping the Dodgers would of traded him after his career year. I like to us the Bill Belicheck model; get rid of them a year too early rather than a year too late.

  16. GoNzO says:

    Ethier will thrive in a situation where he is a complimentary player like BOS or Detroit. You know that I’ve never drank the Kool Aide from this guy. I really dislike him as a human being. He’s waaaay too arrogant and in his pea sized mind he’s a superstar. Oh, and he went to ASU.

  17. Anger says:

    Do you feel stupid now? You should.


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