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Will the Real James Loney Please Stand Up?

He may or may not ever hit 20 home runs, but based upon a 162 game season, James Loney will deliver the following stats:

  • 32 Doubles
  • 4 Triples
  • 14 HR
  • 87 RBI
  • .288 BA
  • .346 OB%
  • .432 Slg %
  • .788 OPS
  • Near Gold Glove Defense

While none of that is astounding, it is solid.  James has a horrible second half of 2010 and a horrible first half of 2011.  He came back strong at the end of last season, but still has a problem with lefties.

Here’s the question – will he have:

  1. Another bad season;
  2. His average season; or
  3. His “breakout season?”

As much as I like Matt Kemp in the #3 spot, with Ethier and Loney being left-handed, I think I would bat Ethier #3, Kemp #4 and Loney #5 to start the season.  If Loney and/or Ethier show that they cannot hit LH pitching consistently, then Sands and Rivera will play more of a role.

Every year, every team is hoping that their players can reach their potential.  What could happen is Ethier and Loney actually do it?


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17 Responses to “Will the Real James Loney Please Stand Up?”

  1. AnewBlueDay says:

    Many of these players came up about the same time from the minors, but no one said that they would all fully develop at the same time.

    Maybe you are right, and it is James’s season.

  2. JOSEPH OLIVAS says:


  3. Dusto says:

    “Near gold glove defense” is laughable. Loney is a weak player. If he does anything more than what is expected of him (2 war) its the exception to the rule, not a break out season. He’s a big lumbering slap hitter and I don’t trust him to contribute more than a role player. I hope he does well, but 2012 is just as depressing as 2011. It wont get better over night.

    • DodgerDude says:

      I am sure there is some statistic that says Loney is not that good on defense. There are also statistics that say the Patriots should not be in the Supor Bowl. Sometimes you have to use your eyes, Dude.

      I have seen James play a lot and while he may not be a “Gold Glover” he isn’t far off. The statement that he’s near gold glove is not “laughable.” YOU ARE! Maybe not laughable, just stupid.

  4. dogleg says:

    80 to 90 RBI a year is very good production; if the rest of the team
    does this then the Dodgers will be in great shape.

    Third base is where the Dodgers need to focus.

  5. 86 mccourt says:

    Great defensive 1b but, his success depends on others. In order for the “real James” to stand, others must first get on base…..which may be some what difficult for this team. All that being said, I am glad to have him back!

  6. AnewBlueDay says:

    dogleg has it about right.

    There are other places that need help or better production in this batting order and position wise.

    (Almost) every team has some weak spots or holes in the order on the field. And the more weak spots — then the bigger other positions have to produce.

    If Loney does drive in say 80-90 runs — that is what counts, no matter how many or few HRs he hits.

    But if 3b, lf, c, and even 2b are weak in the line-up in 2012 — then a nice average year from Loney is not enough. But, if 3b, lf, c, 2b all have nice solid years — whatever Loney gives this team with the bat and his great glove would work.

    Key: this team still needs a Manny type of hitter and fan favorite. Right now I only see Kemp, Ethier, and Gordon as the popular players on field side of the team. 3b, 2b, lf, c — with 1b in the middle of popular.

  7. Ken says:

    Belisario has arrived in Camp early – That is all the Dodgers need to …….?????

  8. AnewBlueDay says:

    I have watched this guy Bellsario for several years now. Early in the season, when he throws, he does not know where the ball is going — then later on he zeros in and is almost un-hittable.

  9. Leroy says:

    All I can say is thank God that he is a FA after this year, ending the discussion every year.

    Here’s to Joey Votto 2014.

  10. DodgerDude says:

    Belisario is da’ bomb!

  11. AnewBlueDay says:

    Has the team been sold yet?

  12. Gonzo says:

    So……what else is new?????

  13. Tarball says:

    Loney has to return to pulling the ball a bit more . . . .as he did during his first two seasons (2007-2008). The subsequent years were marked by too much “inside-outing” his swings.

    His improved hitting during the 2nd half of the 2011 season was a direct result of “pulling” more.

    JAMES! Pull the ball more! Not “pull” crazy, but “pull” more!

  14. Bill Russell says:

    In furter news, it appears that James Loney will not have to face any charges for the November driving incident. Someone is a Dodger fan somewhere. Can you say special treatment??????

  15. youbetterthinkagain says:

    I think someone took Timmons up on his threats of violence towards them and cleaned his clock (or more likely his wife hit him over the head with a wok for his racism, lol). His absence of posts indicates a hospitalization has occurred.

    In other news, Loney was not charged because his tox screens were negative. Obviously he was having some type of medical issue that caused him to have problems behind the wheel that day. Thank God he didn’t hurt himself or someone else. Why I don’t know all the details, I would speculate that the way supplements are taken nowadays,(all legal items, everything from excessive caffeine to heavy dosing of amino acids, CLA, GABA and numerous “natural” extracts from plants), he probably had a reaction and caused his problems that day. It can happen and it does happen more than you think or know.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      My black best friend or my Filipino step-kids or my Hondurian secretary or the Mexican kid who we just help to by a car might disagree with you, but…

      BTW, If someone cleans my clock, they are a Bad, Bad Man!


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