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Time Warner Will Own the Dodgers

You hated FOX , and really, (admit it) you were starting to hate O’Malley before he sold to FOX.

You hated McCourt.

AND, you are going to hate the next owner.

Let me introduce you to Time Warner!

When this is over, Time Warner is going to own the Dodgers!

How do you like that?

You wanted McCourt out?  Welcome in Time Warner.

Except that it’s not going to be quite like that.  Time Warner is interested in the Dodgers for one reason: They want the Dodgers cable deal and will do ANYTHING to secure it.  They have to have it!  Must have it!  Can’t do without it – you get the picture?

Time Warner has no reason to want to own the Dodgers other than that, and they have no expertise in doing so, but as we speak, Time Warner is speaking to the parties who are seeking to buy the Dodgers and are willing to provide up to $1 Billion Dollars for a minority position (49%) of the team.

They will then have the TV rights to the Dodgers for $3 Billion, plus the $1 billion they invested (which was what they would have bid anyway).  This just makes sure they get the TV deal.

Here’s the $1 Billion Dollar Question:  Which group are they seeking to ally with – Garvey Hershiser,  Gilbert and Company, Magic or O’Malley?

Those are the possibilities.

Watch and learn!

P.S. I have no inside information on this – this is just a guess!

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8 Responses to “Time Warner Will Own the Dodgers”

  1. jerry says:

    doesnt the other owner have to vote on it.

  2. Dodgfan says:

    You bring up a good point, but why would the new owner give up a minority stake when they can probably get the $4 billion from a TV deal with Fox?

  3. Bill Russell says:

    The guys at MLB Network were saying that Joe Torre’s group may have the inside track. Bud just may push Joe’s group into the winning bid as one of his very last moves in office. Joe’s sudden retirement has a rotten kind of smell to it. I’m not sure who I really want as the new owner but I want someone who cares more about the team then their own pocketbook. I don’t think that animal exists. Let us pray…………….

  4. Dave says:

    I’m pulling for 36 year old Josh Macciello to be the next owner. Anyone else catch his interview yesterday on Mason and Ireland? I just saw him interviewed on TV (KCAL 9). Sounds like he is prepared to outbid all other bidders and said he would sign Prince Fielder to hit right behind Matt Kemp. Too good to be true?

  5. RogerCraig says:

    Where does he get his money from?

  6. Dave says:

    According to John Ireland (of Mason and Ireland and the new Laker play-by-play guy), he has seen an appraisal for a mine that Jason and his company owns showing its estimated worth of 5 billion. His company owns or controls many mines/mining rights so the story goes. Apparently, if he is legit (Ireland thinks so AND he is on KCAL 9 plus CBS 2 tonight in a taped interview), his company for which he is CEO has dough in the billions. We’ll see.

  7. Dave says:

    Check out the story and interaction (including comments to the story) on the Dodger blog, Vin Sculley is My Homeboy.


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