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Softball Anyone?

I see that they are seeking Dodger Bloggers to play in a a softball tournament filled with Dodger bloggers and Dodger fans.

Hey, that might be fun“, I said to myself (that’s what I call myself – “self”).

Yeah, why wouldn’t I want to do that?

Right, I’ll just make a list like old Ben Franklin did and see if the Pluses (Do it) outweigh the Minuses (Don’t do it).

So here’s the list I made to myself:

Do It

Don’t Do It

 You Love Softball

You Had Hip Replacement 2 Years Ago

You have won many championships

You Have a Pending Knee Replacement

You played A and B League for 30 years

You are 58 Years Old, Moron!

4 Years ago (age 54) you led team in Hitting (.769)

You don’t live near LA, Idiot!

You would kick the ass of anyone from LFP

Then  you would break them in half

Next, you would piss on their graves

Finally, you would be arrested and go to prison

Well, it sounded like a good idea. 

OK, so I that I’m not going to do it… not that I’d be welcome anyway!











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39 Responses to “Softball Anyone?”

  1. RogerCraig says:

    I like your spunk.

  2. Bill Russell says:

    Just Do It………………

  3. McCheapne$$$$ says:


  4. Jae says:

    I would bet on Mark against the pussies at the Left Field Pavillion.

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    Go and pass out towels in the locker room, and give a rousing speech . . .

  6. SpokaneBob says:

    For me the worst part of getting old is not being able to play Baseball/Softball. I am 65 and I really miss playing. Golf is fun but not the same. Of course I can still replay my highlights from grade school until I quit slowpitch… and there are alot of them.

    I am still thinking that Prince will sit out spring training and sign after the sale has been finalized. I am sure that each of the big money buyers realize the impact that getting Prince would have on the fans of LA and answer the Angels and Albert’s signing. I bet that Boras is talking behind the scenes to all the possible buyers. It would be no big deal for Prince to miss a spring training and play a little shorter season to get the money he wants and play where he wants to play.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    Bob, I feel the same way about Prince. I have posted this on several Dodger board about two / three weeks ago, and folks laughed me off. I do think that Boras has been talking to most of the would be owners.

    He would inject the Dodger crowd with a sort of Manny ball.

  8. DRomo says:

    Mark you are better than this. C’Mon man.

    I know this back and forth might be fun on some level but honestly, you put alot of information out there about yourself such as your age, your past, the fact that you have a young son. You should know that this is beneath you. How would you act if your son put garbage like this out there like this? Saying garbage like this? Let’s act our age. What ever another blog thinks of your opinion is there business. You have a blog to express yours….they have one to express theirs. Picking petty fights like this ruin the credibility of a once very interesting blog.

    You are better than this. Let’s move on.

    • Anonymous says:


      Are you an ass or an idiot. Or both?

      You are a the poster boy as to what is wrong with this country.

      Get over yourself already you arrogant, egotistical bastard!

      Mark is just having fun at the expense of someone who called him an asshole, and you are just too stupid to understand.

    • RogerCraig says:

      Yeah, I read what you wrote about Mark or another site.

      You are a very little man indeed!


      If you leave this blog now, I will feel smarter.

    • Mark_Timmons says:


      It is because of people like you that I am considering quitting this blog.

      You show up every now and then and spew your vitriol.

      I am sick of your ilk.

      If you don\’t like my ilk, just don\’t come here, IDIOT!

      You are creep!

      How do you like me now?

  9. Mark Timmons says:

    It seems like I just don’t play well with bleeding heart Liberals.

    It is a weakness I guess!

    I just think that you have to relevant.

    If you are not, don’t blame me! FIX IT!

  10. DRomo says:


    Are you serious? I am a creep? Why? Because I asked that you get back to the point of the blog? Because I ask you to take the high road? OK, that makes me a creep. How does that make me arrogant? “How do you like me know?”, What is that?, You are a real tough guy on the internet.Grow up dude.
    Mark & Roger, this site is used to be one of the most well informed group on baseball. I have said it here and I am not hiding my opinion. Through the years Mark has let his ego get in the way of his baseball takes. Shouting down others threatening to take his ball and go home (shutdown the site). But he won’t and we all know it. The name calling is beneath you. When did this become such a political site? What happened to the baseball takes? Having a different opinion makes me an idiot? Having a different opinion makes me a little man? You guys are too much. When your argument has no merit you resort to name calling.

    I’m not hiding.

    Mark you say I show up every once in a while and spew my vitriol? C’mon man. I was one of the more frequent users/commenters on this blog for a while. During the season I am on here everyday posting. And what vitriol do I post? What personal attacks do I make? Check yourself. It sounds like someone has a thin skin.

    I think you have a HUGE ego. Plenty of successful people do. However I have enough respect for you to think that you know better than to start blasting people through a blog. It’s just too easy.

    Let’s get back to the reason we all came here. Dodger Baseball. Let’s get back to being adults.

    • RogerCraig says:


      Go back and read your posts. Mark didn’t attack you until you started it. I think you get what you give. Don’t act offended if you started it.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    I guess when one ego meets another ego — then if they are not careful — there can be a war of sorts.

    Many fans on many boards, make statements. These are fan statements, feelings, longing and the such. I try my best not to attach another. But just let them be.

    If one person makes a prediction, bold statement, even a basically mis-informed stat or data point. So what. They are having fun. Maybe they are at the limit of the area they want to be involved in for that time.

    I think when it hurts the most, is when a fan has a favorite player — and another fan attacks that player — just how does one respond? With a counter attack. Words that hurt. Try to show them how WRONG they are. Or, just let it go or maybe offer another possibility and move to another subject.

    When Mark wrote that (comedy) piece on Kurdoa a month ago — he was attacked. I did not venture in on that discussion. Many attacked Mark. Personally I think it was in extremely poor taste for the host to post that in the Dodger world. For those who did not see it as funny or comedy — they were outraged. I wonder how Mrs. Kuroda felt if she had read it.

    Humor to one person can feel the opposite to another.

    Maybe the position that Frank McCourt has placed the Dodgers in — a terrible situation for a great tradition baseball team — has many folks wondering when it will end. Wits end — is a reality for many fans. We want closer. We know there will be major changes and personnel, roster moves . . . and we hope for a renewed future for the Dodges. But it cannot come fast enough.

    I have seen some comments at other Dodger fan boards about THIS board, many of them are laughing and shaking their heads. So it is time to bring life back here — and talk Dodger talk. Even for us bleeding heart Liberals.

    • RogerCraig says:


      I respect your comportment. I disagree with what you say, but that’s OK. You have a right to your opinion.

      It is funny to me that many of the people who attacked Mark are associated with website who routinely berate people and when Mark makes what was obviously a joke, he gets skewered!

      Go look at the Left Field Pavillion or Dodger Blues and you will see that whatever Mark does pales in comparison to how they berate people.

      What a double standard!

  12. DodgerDude says:

    The fat bastard at True Blue LA trashes Mark too. I don’t think Mark really cares what people think about him. Romo is 180 degrees off base.

    I do agree with Romo about getting back to the Dodgers, but it’s the commentators here who get Mark off track.

    Most of the other boards out there post the same stuff. Read one and you have read them all. I don’t post much but I read it everyday because it makes me think about the other side of issues.

    Mark is right about the liberal mindset being different and I think that’s his problem with many Dodger fans – they have that same liberal mindset. They can only see their their way and rail against other thinking. That’s one of the reasons I moved to Nevada. That, and the sales tax. ;)

    Go Dodgers – Sign Prince – Move McCorrupt out of town.

  13. DRomo says:

    Guys I meant no personal attack on Mark. I respect what he does here. I was merely saying he has presented himself as a upstanding dude who has his life together and has gone the extra mile to make ammends in his life in all areas. Then he stooped to the level of others that went to name calling.

    Mark jumps on this stuff all the time. He does it to people here when they have opposing thoughts. I just thought when it came to the Kuroda deal and his fued w/ another blog he would take the high road. Guess I was wrong.

    I still don’t see where I was wrong. But of course the sheep jump on the bandwagon w/ “Low-life, Ass or idiot” whatever guys. Grow up.

    Where do youi guys get teh liberal talk from. I haven’t once brought up politics here. Geez, guys come up for air every once in a while

  14. DodgerDude says:

    It’s all good for me. Let’s just keep it civil.

  15. Ken says:

    Obviously when Mark is calling himself a Moron or an Idiot the entire post is one of his attempts at humor. Even I can see that. Hasbeens have more empathy than neverweres.

  16. Bill Russell says:

    I guess I’m going to change the subject in here because it needs changing. Did anyone notice that the Dodger bobblehead schedule is out for 2012? No current Dodger players are on the list.

    Vin Scully, Eric Karros, Kirk Gibson, Orel Hershiser, Don Drysdale, The Dodger infield of Cey, Me, Lopes and Garvey, Mike Scioscia, Tommy Lasorda, Ferando, and Sandy Koufax. Does anyone else find this odd? Can’t plan Lilly, Loney, Billingsley or Ethier because they could be gone. But the biggest issue I have is having Mike Scioscia bobblehead during an Angel game and Kirk Gibson during a Diamondback game. We have to honor the other team to bring Dodger fans out to the game? Times have changed for the team and the fans……………

  17. Roger Dodger says:

    DodgerDude – you made an interesting remark about the liberal mind set . . .

    “Mark is right about the liberal mindset being different and I think that’s his problem with many Dodger fans – they have that same liberal mindset. They can only see their their way and rail against other thinking. That’s one of the reasons I moved to Nevada. That, and the sales tax.”

    I take it you are a conservative Republican saying those words . . . See, now I have you pegged. Too bad. But wait, those last two Republican debates over the weekend showed me some of their problems — Romney walked into it and Hunstman had to set him straight. Attitudes for and against others is a major problem in this country. Romney could not see a Republican serving a Democratic White House . . . being an ambassador to China. Hunstman was right and he is on the right.

    In the past, Mark would say he likes to set up a thought (a trade, batting order, etc.) to bring out discussion on the board. Then, if someone says something he disagrees with — they are an idiot or stupid. Well, all of us here, including Mark, are just fans. Beginning fans, serious fans, 24 hours a day fans, but fans nevertheless. It is a hobby, fun, and should be fun. And i do not like someone telling me that, as you say: “Liberals . . . can only see their their way and rail against other thinking.” Gee, you must watch Fox News — because that is just what they teach.

    So i think I will take my leave from here for awhile. We bleeding heart liberals have other work to do.

  18. JoeT says:

    TheLFP tells it like it is and doesn’t sugarcoat anything for the nice little Dodger Fan who only wants to take his family out and all eat DodgerDogs and eat cotton candy and laugh and giggle all game no matter what the outcome. Their highlight is the toolbag who comes on the big screen to sing Don’t Stop Believing. Mark got called out on some, lets say, ignorant statements that people had problems with. It happens when you put your name and face to a blog. You have to take the negatives and pluses of producing this. He wouldn’t try to argue inside theLFP, he probably couldn’t hang anyway

  19. CM Punk says:

    Do you know what it’s like going through life being better than everybody? It’s hard.

  20. Sarah Morris says:

    Grow some balls and join the tourney. I have cerebral palsy and will be there playing my heart out.

  21. Mark the Puto says:

    I lost my arm while pitching like Dave Dravecky and I’ll be there, too.

  22. Bryan Stow says:

    If I can make it out, you have no excuse for your bum knee! me and my boys Louis and Marvin will cheer you on

  23. Brandon Saario says:

    I might make a cameo at the game.

  24. Krang the Marine says:

    I’ll be there, burns and all. You have no excuse.

  25. Gaston's Friend says:


  26. Manny's Red Eyes says:

    Piece of what?

  27. Sarah Morris says:

    Saario, please bring a Deno Reel. I would love to see what you’re made of.

  28. Expendable says:

    “I see that they are seeking Dodger Bloggers to play in a a softball tournament filled with Dodger bloggers and Dodger fans.”

    Hey Marky, you notice that every Dodger blog was invited except for you? You’re like Rambo, you know, like when he told that Chink broad that he was “expendable”. If you don’t go to a party, its like no one cares. Thats you.

  29. Dave Hansen Groupie says:

    I’ve been told that I look like refried sh*t, but I’m still going.

  30. Mike Penner says:

    I’m a confused transgender that committed suicide, but I’m still playing.

  31. Bobby says:

    Hey, I wasn’t invited to play, either, but at least I got engaged in NY.

  32. Shane Victorino says:

    It’s January 12, 2012, and I am still a Puto.

  33. Mark_Timmons says:

    I hope the three of you have enjoyed talking to each other.


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