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Make No Mistake, The Offer Was Real

You can’t blame Prince Fielder for taking the money the Tigers offered, but after reading numerous reports from many sources (some actually reliable), it is apparent that the Dodgers interest in the Prince (and their offer to him) was genuine.  If it was only only a ploy, then the Dodgers would have probably publicized it – that’s all that you really have to consider… but there’s more.

Numerous sources have reported that the Dodgers offer was $26 mil a year for the first 4 years with an option to opt-out after that.  It seems pretty likely that the Dodgers might have been Princes’ best choice, until V-Mart blew up his body.  That’s when the Tigers upped the ante and blew the Dodgers right out of contention.

When the Dodgers drafted Zach Lee, the McCourt bashers said it was just a ploy, so why should anyone expect anything different here?  “McCourt is a bum.  He wasn’t serious (because I think he’s a bum)” is the way they think.

The Dodgers signed numerous role-players this winter and were poised to become one of the frontrunners in the NL when the Victor Martinez injury occurred and runied it all.  The Dodgers could have upped the ante, but I can give you 275 to 300 reasons why that would have been a mistake (all you need are two):

  • 275 to 300 pounds.  That’s going to take a toll…. soon.
  • No way do you pay Prince more than  your MVP – Matt Kemp!

That’s all you need to know.  The offer was real.  It was genuine.  The timing was bad and it didn’t work out.  So be it.

Wouldn’t it have been ironic if McCourt had gotten his best free agent on the way out the door, and left the Dodgers poised for an excellent season?

It wasn’t to be, but I still think that this team has a bright future THIS year.

In the next few days, I review possible hitters who might be available at the trading deadline.

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5 Responses to “Make No Mistake, The Offer Was Real”

  1. JOSEPH OLIVAS says:

    ONLY IF…..

  2. AnewBlueDay says:

    This morning on the MLB channel, I saw a piece on Eric Hosmer, 22 year old first baseman of the Royals. What a great swing he has . . . do the Dodgers even have a young guy like him in the minors . . . is Sands this good???

    6’4″, 230 pounds. Signed in 2008; 2011 was his first year in the majors.

    523 ABs, 153 hits, .293 average. 19 HRs, with 78 RBIs. 11 SBs. 27 doubles.

    Here is the story, click on the lower left box “Hosmer talks with MLB Network” — great swing.'R



    Nice report on him:

  3. Bobby says:

    we were that close to being really really relevant.

    damn :(

  4. Mark_Timmons says:

    Don’t cut your wrists just yet – there’s more to come.


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