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Andre Ethier Will Go Matt Kemp on the NL

It’s on the Radio and in print all around the blogosphere that Andre Ethier could be a “man on a mission.”  In part, he said:

“It comes down to the security part, too, but it also comes down to unfinished business and I feel like, yeah, I’m facing that decision now where hopefully it doesn’t come down to me having to leave and be a part of this team when we start rebounding and getting back to where we need to be.

I used to ride Andre Ethier and say that he was “soft” (mostly because he was).  He just didn’t get “clutch” hits and even though his stats weren’t bad the results were “milktoast.”  Then, he started to get my attention.  Walk off home runs, big hits and clutch RBI’s, so much so that  I was forced to remove the “soft” label.

Over the past two seasons, it gradually came back to being “soft” even though he had a big hitting streak.  He was back to Mr. Softee.  But, he says he was injured (for 2 years) and I do believe him.

I predict that Andre Ethier will be in BEAST MODE in 2012.  While he won’t make a prediction like Matt Kemp did, I WILL!

In 2012, Andre Ethier will hit .300 with 35 HR and 115 RBI.  Book it! Write it down.  He’s a man with a plan and he’s motivated.  Look for big things out of him in 2012.

While I’m at it, I would not be surprised if James Loney hit ,300 with 20 HR and  a 100 RBI this year as well.  The middle part of the Dodgers’ batting order could be very effective this year.

#3 – Ethier – L

#4 – Kemp – R

#5 – Loney – L

#6 – Rivera – R

#7 – Uribe – R (he’s due, but I have no clue what he might hit)

That lineup would mean that Ellis or Ellis would hit #2 behind Flash, Jr.


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8 Responses to “Andre Ethier Will Go Matt Kemp on the NL”

  1. Leroy says:

    Andre will have a good year – not for pride, but because he will be a FA. Ethier is capable of hitting 35 jacks…. in Cincinnati. Oh, and Loney will never Hit 20 home runs in the majors…. maybe the PCL, maybe.

    I see:

    Ethier .290/28/98
    Loney .275/12/84
    Uribe Two donuts, a hamhawk, and a slurpee

  2. dogleg says:

    i agree with your article key for dodgers THIRD base. Someone
    has to step up or make a trade.

  3. Bobby says:

    i eventually see our 3/4/5/6 as Ethier Kemp Loney Sands. Rivera is cute, but he’s not a real everyday guy.

    Best case HAS to be that Mark Ellis wins the #2 batting job, and Uribe at 3b and ellis/FedX can hold down 7/8.

    Of course, once a real owner comes in, we’d all prefer a 3/4/5 of Ethier Kemp Wright, but that’s a few months away!!!

  4. Bball says:

    I don’t believe in wright he’s fallen

  5. Gonzo says:

    Ethier is a douche bag, plain and simple. He knows the situation will be better and now wants to kiss arse. If you go back and see all interviews before McCourt decided to sell we’re about him and how maybe he had to take his “talents” somewhere else. LA messed up when he wasn’t traded after his big year. I’ve never liked him as a person or player “me first” guy on the field “I’m gods gift to baseball” off it. The sooner this clown leaves the better. Addition by subtraction if you ask me.

    • Miguel says:

      Gonzo, totally agree on Ethier’s douchebaggery. When I had the opportunity to get press credentials to Dodgers games a few years ago (thanks to the mountainmover!) I had the chance to observe him up close and personal. His biggest issue is that he is conceited. He thinks that he’s God’s gift to baseball and women. But that is just because he really is super insecure. After all that is why most people are so conceited in the first place!

      He does do some good things for other people and can be a good person from time to time. But he’s just like that friend you have that you like hanging out with but with whom you are prepared to deal with their shortcomings be it selfishness, conceit, etc.

      He is a helluva ball player though. Watch batting practice and you will easily be able to tell why. You can tell he’s in the cage even if you were blind. The ball just JUMPS off of his bat and makes a different sound when he hits it. Not many others have that. And its something I’ll never forget.

      But I agree, let him have a great year and then in August trade him to a contender for 2-3 ML ready prospects that we can control.

  6. Miguel says:

    Mark, I miss you man and I love your optimism. Because at this point it is extremely optimistic, at least the Loney part is. :-)


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