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Why Josh Bard?

We got the news last night that the Dodgers had signed Josh Bard – not true it turns out.  But it does turn out that they are “talking” to him.  I presume it more than about the weather, which begs the question “WHY”?

I’ll tell you why.  It’s because Ned is a “shopaholic.”  There is no other possible reason.  It’s like sending a seven year-old boy to the candy store with three dollars – he’ll likely spend it all, and that’s what Ned is doing.

I mean, he signed Matt Treanor who is a “mirror image” of Bard, but there was a redeeming reason behind that:  Treanor is married to Misty May, so I can abide that.  Josh Bard is worthless piece of crap.  You swine. You vulgar little maggot. You worthless bag of filth…  oh – I’d better not go there or the trolls will get me.  Funny that they resort to being as vile as they accuse me of being.  Just because you don’t get a joke doesn’t mean it’s not funny and just because it’s not funny to you doesn’t mean it’s not a joke.   I’m done with the trolls because if they don’t get it by now, they ever won’t get it.

Back to baseball: 

  • Ned has decided not to sign Albert Pujols, but he will sign 5 journeymen first-basemen for $4 million each.  Makes sense to me.
  • I don’t have a problem with most of his off-season signings:  Ellis, Harang, Capuano, Harriston, Rivera – People complain about it, but Ned jumped in and filled some needs.  Did he overpay?  Maybe… maybe not!  He could have been priced out later, so he moved within the constraints he was given.
  • Now we hear that Ned is interested in Chase Headley.  That might be a good move, but trading within the division is risky and who will he have top give up?   Could he pay hal;f of Uribe’s salary and get someone to take him in a “package” deal?  I think Headley would be a good 3B – his defense is mostly excellent and he should hit better in Dodger Stadium than in the wasteland that is Petco.  Just don’t give up Webster…
  • Boy, the Florida, er’ Miami Marlins seem to win a World Series every decade.  They are gunning for it, but I can see that impolding very quickly with Ozzie at the helm.
  • John Sickels has his Top 20 Dodger Prospect List out.  It’s a good read.
  • Goodbye Jamie Hoffman… for the second time.  We hardly knew ya’!


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11 Responses to “Why Josh Bard?”

  1. troyfromwv says:

    Why weren’t you at the Sunday Game in Cincinnati this year?

    • Mark_Timmons says:


      Long time.

      I wasn\’t there because I was probably home trying to figure out what I could write that would win me the \”Asshole Blogger of the Year Award.\”

      Really, I don\’t remember why I wasn\’t there. I didn\’t go to many games last year a I was extremely busy.

      You got in OK?

  2. Bobby says:

    bad moves by ned. why?

    1) don’t sign capuano, and let eavoldi be the #5. that saves $5 mil and i’m guessing their numbers at the end of the year aren’t that different.

    2) don’t sign mark ellis, and let sellers/dejesus/castellanos/whoever fight it out for 2b. that saves $4 mil and i doubt those guys are that much worse than ellis by the end of the year

    3) don’t sign rivera, and let sands/gwynn play LF until Sands takes it over fulltime. That saves $4 mil and I’m guessing Sands is a better player thru 162 games than Rivera.

    4) Don’t sign Hairston and let Sellers be that utility guy. That saves $3 mil. If Sellers sucks, we can make a minor move for a utility guy later. There’s tons of them around.

    All that money on these avg filler guys could have gone to Fielder. or cj wilson. Unbelievable that we’re shopping for 5 things at Kohl’s when we could’ve gotten 1 big thing at Neiman Marcus for the same price, and could’ve visited TJ Maxx to fill the roster out later.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Sounds all good except for the fact that Prince won\’t sign until Pujols establishes the baseline. It looks like Pujols might get $230 mil/10 years, so prince will want $280 mil/10 years.

      How have those long-term contracts worked out in the past? At what point does Fat Boys Body start breaking down?

  3. Mark_Timmons says:

    How about Loney, Withrow, Uribe and Guerra for Konerko?

  4. The Original GoNzO says:

    Maybe in 2002 Mark. for 2012 Pass.

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    Just heard MLB Network talking about pitching. That some pitchers finish with their chin moving to home plate.

    Now —- I used to pitch years ago, and I finished up that way. But watching Billingsley late last season — he kept falling off to the left or first base side, pitch after pitch and looked out of rhythm.

    Maybe this is a key to to re-finding himself. His motion and follow through.

  6. dodgerdave says:

    ethier for hanley ramirez?

  7. The Original GoNzO says:

    Ethier alone wouldn’t get it done besides, the Marlins have their OF set. If Ethier were to be the trade bait he’d have to be traded to a 3rd team for prospects and the dodgers would have to include a couple prospects too.

  8. The Original GoNzO says:

    But Hanley in Blue would be sweet and switch Dee G. to 2b. Not much defense but would be awesome offensively. I envision Hanley as a 1B down the road. He’d be Money there.


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