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Try, Try, Try and Understand – He’s a Magic Man

I would advise that you not discount Magic Johnson’s role as a possible owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Magic is a MountainMover who has seen the invisible and did the impossible.  Start with winning the NCAA Championship against the BirdMan.  Start with beating AIDS.  Start with becoming a successful businessman.  Start with being an LA icon.   Any single feat would be enough, but add all of that up and you have a contender.

There are so many groups with their hats in the ring, that no one can predict who will be the next Dodger owner, but you do need to understand that Frank McCourt will likely pick the next owner.  Does that make you all warm and fuzzy?  Mark Cuban is in it, so is Dennis Gilbert with the figurehead of Larry King along for the ride, as are Peter O’Malley and Steve Garvey with Orel Hershiser.  There are probably at least 20 other potential suitors as well.

Magic Johnson presents a compelling look:

  • He’s a successful businessman, so he is not a micro-manager – he knows the value of putting quality managers in place.
  • He’s a winner – that is a mind-set that can’t be duplicated.
  • He’s a minority – he has empathy for people.
  • He’s a baseball fan – that’s a big one.
  • He’s got financial support – nothing more important.
  • He’s loved in LA – end of story.

He’s a force to be reckoned with, but on the other hand, he’s been known to seek the limelight.  Is he for real?  That’s the question…

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17 Responses to “Try, Try, Try and Understand – He’s a Magic Man”

  1. Michael says:

    I got a joke for you. The Indianapolis Colts. Now that’s funny!
    If you spent as much time and effort into a creating a thoughtful professional blog instead of your chidlike diatribe that was evident in your previous post then perhaps a little credibility would come your way, like the other blogs get, listed in your Mandatory daily readings.
    You really chapped my underside last year with a similar rant at JRuss Martin but this was really over the top.

    Really Mark, you can do better and we deserve better too.

    • DodgerDude says:


      I think you were the only one offended by his rant against Russ, but he gets called a racist when it is against Kuroda.

      Boy, some people can’t take a joke, much less comprehend that it even is a joke.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mark…where the heck did all these people come from?…Never saw them post on here before…or maybe it is one person with many screen names….It’s happen before….

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      A couple of them were the same person, but I guess I can\’t have a little fun without offending anyone.

      I guess they are better off leaving.

      • Glass Is Half Full Again says:

        Mark the “anonymous”above was me. I posted from my work computer and didn’t realize my screen name wasn’t listed….

        Anyway anyone who thought you were serious just hasn’t read enough to appreciate your sense of humor….

        Kuroda was a gentleman and a class act the whole time he was here and I know you know that also….

  3. Ken says:

    Start with being a typical NBA player SLUT who did every girl he could and got AIDS. Maybe?

    His first act would probably be to trade Lee for Kuroda. LOL.

    Truth or Opinion or both?

    Wow, Mark tried to prove that Plagiarizing can be funny once a year. Or maybe just a passive rebelious attempt to defame Kuroda by a bitter old man? Hard to tell. Quess we will never know. Only a bitter old man would know which is true.

  4. Gary Smith says:

    Mark – For once I will reply on your site only to announce my departure. You seem to believe that your opinion entitles you to do what ever you want no matter who you injure in the process. I for one have no need to continue to see this type of so called humor or ridicule of others. When you brushed off Jared’s response I realized then that you refuse to take advice from valued friends and associates. You’re just full of yourself. Good luck in your solitude, it’s only a matter of time!!

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Better full of myself that what you are full of.

      Don\’t give those kinds of openings….

    • Dave A says:

      Gary, I do believe mark was up to bat not shaggin balls in left field ! If im not mistaken this is a blog site , id do believe the motive for dodger success management wise, is $, interesting leadership that interest many in the masses i bet magic recognized his pitfalls but is all over this opportunity would it play well to the masses you bet now just think it out before you jump off the cliff dodgers needs are many and i would hope theres much fore thought in to its new owner ship for its success this is a blog of opinion like it or not ! heck i was not much of a magic fan but opportunity is a knockin with him in the equation deffinitely a plus with solid $ backing with where weve been thats a 180 in any equation ! also thats why marks in the bloggin business he got your interest he got you and me in on the thought process exactly what magic is get more involved in interest for the dodgers !

  5. Mark_Timmons says:

    Ken is 1/4 right – I did plagiarize it. You can find it all here. It\’s a hoot:

    Now, for the truth: I liked Hiroki, but not at $12 mil a year. I found it strange that he wouldn\’t accept a trade. but others have done that.

    It was just an attempt at humor that some found humorless, like maybe \”Start with being a typical NBA player SLUT who did every girl he could and got AIDS.\”

    That doesn\’t offend me, but it might some.

    Bitter? You can think what you want, but I\’ll never be bitter. No way!

    I\’d take him back in a heartbeat (for $6 mil a year), until then I can trash him.

  6. Bill Russell says:

    Magic couldn’t be a worse owner than McCord. In fact, it would be hard to find a worse owner. You may see fans bringing basketballs to the games to be signed instead of baseballs.
    We just need a quick change so we can utilize the current top tier players we have towards building a championship team. I still wonder how long it might be before we can expect a change? The Dodgers sound like they are about to sign Aaron Harang to a two year contract. With the current ownership in place we can only expect to sign middle of the road players and hope they all have career years at the same time.

    I am already tired of hearing about Marks rant yesterday. I have inside info that his medication has been refilled and he is back on track. Enough already. This is his playground and it’s not his full time job.

    I am still rooting for Mark Cuban because he is a proven winner. Out…………………..

    • Dave A says:

      Bill , couldnt have said it better , his playground ! thats exactly what this is purely opinions and that everybody has one. Atleast were movin in the right direction maybe not what you want. Also i think marks a soft bully on the playground some play some just whine to whine we cant have our way always !

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    So Ned and the present Dodgers have been shopping in the bottom basement. Not on the second floor where the show pieces are displayed.

    Oh, so many new pieces in Dodgerland, it will take me several weeks to better understand just what each of them can do for the team.

    But the guy who might really help this team is the missing Bellsario, who is trying to get his papers in order to come back to the states.

    • Dave A says:

      Roger, The yankees money doesnt work ! Cardinals money with 2 ws wins on half the money ! Success purely lies within the gel of a team im a firm believer, this game will chew you up and spit ya out in a heart beat , you and i both would have picked texas this last october.what Im driving at if youve ever played craps you no the swipe with so much working the next second its gone!!!!!!!!! will see, i believe when people want to come to the ravine because they want to for the right reasons the positive poison can be very contagious from a to z were atleast moving in the right direction either way . Heck at this point there is only one direction they cant be that blind , as they say opportunity knockin gotta grab it by the horns !

  8. Viva_El_Che says:

    mark i think that post should have been aimed at ned not kuroda

  9. Gary Smith says:

    For the record I only commented on this thread because Mark closed the Hiroki insult thread. As far as Magic is concerned I’d support his ownership fully and completely !! Now that I’ve seen your worthless response Mark I have no further need to come back so say what you will, goodbye !!


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