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The Prince of LA?

If Prince Fielder really wants to come to LA, and I think he does, he and the Dodgers can still make it happen.   Two of his best friends play for the Dodgers, namely Matt Kemp and Tony Gwynn, Jr.

The Dodgers have been “one-upped” by the Angels with the addition of Albert Pujols, and McCourt knows that having a Prince in his court would maximize his return on investment.

He would have to sign a deal that year one would be $12-15 mil for year one and then escalates after that.  If he REALLY, REALLY wants to come to LA, he could be a game-changer and lead the Dodgers   The Dodgers could shed some payroll by trading Ethier or Loney.  Ethier would saved them $12 mil (probably).  Loney and Ethier have value.

I would recommend that the Dodgers seriously consider back-loading the deal and get it done!  The season ticket surge would more than pay for it, and the Dodgers would immediately become relevant again.

If the Dodgers signed Fielder and jettisoned Loney and Ethier, here’s what the lineup might look like and I like it a lot:

  1. Gordon  SS
  2. Sands  RF
  3. Kemp  CF
  4. Fielder  1B
  5. Rivera  LF
  6. Uribe  3B
  7. Ellis  2B
  8. Catcher

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18 Responses to “The Prince of LA?”

  1. tdf says:

    Mark , might there be any internal talks about prince to the blue . if you had any info on that youwouldnt keep that from us fans would ya? If somehow fielder signed,then how about Ethier and Loney to Toronto for Brett Lowrie and a prospect.

  2. ocdodgerfan says:

    I think we should not give agent ned too much credit. he’s not that smart.

  3. Bobby says:

    totally agree mark.

    a stud like that behind a stud like kemp makes everyone else’s job much easier.

    and i’m really really sure that the new prospective owners (all of them), are telling bud and/or frank behind the scenes that they will pay more if prince is here.

    im SURE magic has told boras to get prince to LA!!

  4. Bill Russell says:

    If you really want a chance to compete this year, there must be a way to get Fielder and keep Ethier for one more year. Not sure that can happen but Sands isn’t really for a full time gig yet. Just my opinion.

  5. Wally says:

    I like it. Loney and Ethier are going to make around $18M this year. I don’t think we’re going to get $18M worth of production from them. Plus, Ethier is out of here after this season. I think Sands is ready. There is nothing left for him to prove in AAA. I’d cash in the Loney and Ethier chips and reload the farm.

  6. Marco M says:

    Mark, thank you! I wish I could talk to Frank/Ned and convince them to sign Prince for all us Dodger fans. I feel that signing Prince Fielder is a “must” for the Dodgers to regain their promise. We have been searching for a “big bat” ever since we lost to the Phillies in the Division Series in 2008. It’s almost 2012?

    I like Loney but hoping he puts up big numbers isn’t going to work, that’s not the player he is. Ownership (including Ned) needs to STOP filling roster spots with mediocre players in hopes of a competitive team in the NL West, and start fielding a team that can win a World Series. That is still the goal, right?

    Sign Prince, trade Loney for a 3B or catching prospect with offensive potential, and see what the market is for Ethier in June/July (i.e. Jesus Montero) if he doesn’t sign a reasonable extension. Clearly our weaknesses are 3B, 2B, 1B and Catching. It’s time to turn that around.

  7. The Original GoNzO says:

    I am not all aware of all of minor leaguers but can somebody think of a relevant three team trade where we send loney, ethier and some prospects to ultimately end up with Hanley ramirez? I think he would fit right in in LA move Dee to 2B. Is it too much wishful thinking or would David Stern veto that trade too if it were to happen?

  8. Idahoal says:

    I hope we get Fielder. However, we would have to get rid of Loney and Either both to make room for his salary. I believe Sands is ready to play on a regular basis. He has nothing left to prove at AAA. I do not like Hanley Ramirez. He is a head case. We certainly could use an immprovement at third base. I really believe our catching is going to be ok. A. J. Ellis is a good defensive catcher and I believe he will hit better than we think. He just needs an opportunity.

  9. DRomo says:

    I think this is one thing Mark and I agree on. Although (Like BRuss said here) keeping Ethier in this lineup makes it even more potent! Maybe we find a taker for Loney & Barbara Billingsley? Maybe for a pitcher who gives us about the same production and a fraction of the cost? That actually is a good haul for another team I think. Then backload the Prince deal.

    Included in any Prince deal will have to be a provision barring him from the all u can eat pavillion. It is a deal breaker to me.

  10. RogerCraig says:

    I can do without Andre’s childish pouting. He needs to grow up or go away.

  11. Bill Russell says:

    Well Andre was busy giving back to the under priveliged kids in L.A. yesterday but maybe he can start working on his behavior today.

  12. Glass Is Half Full Again says:

    If we can’t get the Prince I hope he signs with the Rangers…

  13. DRomo says:

    I hear Ned is kicking the tires on Coco Crisp. This makes me wonder if a deal isn’t in the works. Imagine Coco in LF, Rivera in RF, Kemp in CF? Andre’s salary arbitration salary will likely be in the $10 million range. Couple that w/ Loney’s $7 -9 million salary after arbitration. Hmm? Find a taker for them and we are left with $19 million maybe more for a 1B position to fill? Anyone know of one that might take a $19 million salary in ’12 backloaded of course giving them $30 + in ’13 and beyond….. Just a thought.

  14. The Miz says:

    Really? REALLY? REEAAAAAALLY? The legacy of Prince Fielder is going to be like this. He is the guy that worked the hardest and dedicated himself each and every day. When people say this job is too hard or we’re on the road too much, he’s the guy saying ‘I need more media’ and ‘I need more outlets’ and ‘Give me every spot you have.’ As for my opinion, Tony Gwynn Jr. is just a utility player so what makes you think he’s a huge factor? Fielder will NOT go to the Dodgers. You heard it here first. You will no longer think of Buster Olney, Ken Rosenthal, Tom Verducci, or Peter Gammons or any of the top baseball insiders. You will think of the Mizz.

    I proved a lot of people wrong, as a matter of fact. Basically everyone, even my parents! My parents told me I would never do anything, ya know. They were like when I was on The Real World, they were like, “You’re a reality star. Big whoopty doo. Go back to college. Do what you gotta do.” I was like, “No dad. No mom. I’m gonna be a WWE superstar.” They go, “Aren’t those guys like real baseball experts?” Yeah, they are. But you know what, I’m gonna be one anyway and now I’m the undisputed baseball writer of the year. So there you go, mom. There you go, dad.” Now you see the difference between me and the rest. Because I’m the MIZ! AND I’M AWWWWWWESOME!

  15. Bill Russell says:

    I don’t remember the Miz on the Real World. But it wouldn’t take a genius to predict that Fielder isn’t coming to town. Good luck on your future however. The Cubs or Rangers is probably where he’s headed.


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