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Ned Colletti: Genius or Idiot?

I haven’t always agreed with Ned Colletti.

OK, that’s a lie.  I have called him a moron on numerous occasions, and I frequently disagree with him… which has been a theme.

However now, in this offseason, I find myself agreeing with him on who he has acquired, namely:

  • Mark Ellis
  • Jerry Hariston, Jr.
  • Chris Capuano
  • Wil Ledezma
  • Matt Treanor
  • Juan Rivera
  • Adam Kennedy
  • Aaron Harang (probably)
Boy, that ‘s a list of Future Hall-Of-Famers’ right?  OK,  silly me!
Well, obviously not, but that’s not what the Dodgers really need.  What the Dodgers need is for some of their core players to acheive their potential, namely:
  • Andre Ethier – He’s a near superstar in talent, but have to clean the crap out of his head.
  • James Loney – Not a superstar, but a dang good player… potentially!  Bad for a year and then really, really good the last half of the season.
  • Juan Uribe – Never showed up last year.  Just needs to be Juan Uribe.  Nobody else.
  • Chad Billingsley – It’s time!  Chad has filthy stuff, but seems to implode for just one inning.  80% of it is 90% mental.  Get it together, Chad!
  • Ronald Belisario – Just getting a Visa would be a major accomplishment.  His stuff is nasty.  He’s a really nice piece in the pen.
Five-Players – Five Chances at turning around the Dodgers season.
  • Mark Ellis can be a Major League Average 2B.
  • Chris Capuano and Aaron Harang can be solid pieces to the rotation. Like number 4 and 5.
  • Adam Kennedy, Jerry Harriston and Juan Rivera can be great role-players
  • Wil Ledezma?  Who knows?  But, he’s worth a chance.
OK, let’s not forget that RDLR will likely be back sometime in August and that Allen Webster is getting close.  Chris Withrow and Zach Lee may be closer than you think.  It’s not about a bunch of superstars.  It’s about a bunch of Junk-Yard Dogs!  Just like the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals.
Let’s face it:  If the Dodgers are going to contend in 2012, Andre Ethier has to realize his potential.  Jim Loney (change your name, change your life) has to become the player we all knew he could be, and Chad Billingsley has to step up and be to Kershaw what Drysdale was to Koufax.  End of story!

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32 Responses to “Ned Colletti: Genius or Idiot?”

  1. Jose says:

    he is an idiot, can Ned ever be creative. We know all our top prospects are pitchers so then why invest $20 million on two #5 starters? Let Nathan Eovaldi and Webster get a shot save some money instead of handing out money to garbage (uribe for example). Even Withrow seems like a better option then the two scrubs Ned sign. Really Harriston biggest payday ever? Just Stupid? Look i like Ethier but we all know he doesn’t want to be here. Get in touch with the marlins and see if you can get Morrison and Dominguez for ethier. At least you can get one young power bat for him. I just hate how Ned handles business, sign the old veteran and lets pray he works out. The only reason he has any success as a GM is Logan white, his drafts his players they produce, now just imagine if had some money to throw around to those international players. Advice to Ned let Logan handle talent you focus on which boots to wear.

  2. Billybob says:

    This man would have been fired a long time ago if we didn’t have such a low life owner like Frank McCourt.

  3. Bluenose Dodger says:

    I don’t agree with Ned’s acquisitions. Not that they might not be the right ones, among the group of average or below average players. It is just this. We just get older and older.

    If Harang and Hairston sign, and who else would make that kind of offer to them, they along with Lilly, Uribe, Ellis, Capuano and Guerrier will make $87M in the next two years. Am I the only one who thinks this is insane? Ned has no eye to the future beyond two years.

    All of these guys have two years on their contracts – Lilly, Uribe, Guerrier, Capuano, Ellis, Harang, Hairston – strangling the new owner.

    Rivera 33
    Uribe 32
    Lilly 36
    Kennedy 36
    Hairston 36(May)
    Ellis 34
    Treanor 36 (March)
    Capuano 33
    Harang 34 (May)
    Guerrier 33
    MacDougal 35 (March)

    Too many junk yard dogs, in the trainer’s room. All we can hope is that we have the right ones. I can never figure out why we haven’t grabbed younger guys like Ben Zobrist, Michael Morse, Alberto Callaspo,Logan Morrison a while back when all were available. Too young I guess.

    I absolutely do not buy that we couldn’t have had Kuroda and several of these guys for the money paid out on them.

    Good point Jose – our best young players are pitchers, so we sign old guys for two years. Not to worry – Capuanao or Harang will go down during the season.

  4. Michael says:

    With a plethora of young arms ready to come out of the oven, giving these end of the rotation guys two years leads me to believe that many of these young guns will be traded for offensive prospects of which our cupboard is comparatively bare.

    P.S. I think Ethier, playing for his next contract and free agenct will have a big year

    P.S.S. Don’t you think that Neds days are numbered. I hardly think that the new ownership, which should be in place sometime soon would retain him.

  5. Bluenose Dodger says:

    Ned will be replaced. That is the usual process with a new owner. It is time we see a different vision for the Dodgers. I know Ned was hampered by our financial mess, but a payroll in the vicinity of $100M is sufficient to build a good, competitive team, IMO. Ned just seemed to be in love with veteran players on the downhill side of their careers, offering long, expensive contracts.

    Michael, I think you are right that some of our young pitchers will be traded for position players. The trick is to retain the right ones as we could not use all of them anyway. Ned has traded away quite a few prospects for aging players. In all fairness, Santana is about the only one I can think of that is making an impact with another team. So, someone knew who to trade without hurting ourselves.

    I am surprised that Ethan Martin hasn’t been converted back to an offensive player, 3B, and Pedro Baez hasn’t been converted to pitching.

  6. Bill Russell says:

    I wonder if given a different team or different ownership if Ned would continue to operate in this manner? Some of his idiotic moves may or maynot be Dodger budget related. I did hear that Andrew Jones was a McCount move not a Ned move. But I must agree that on the outside looking in, Ned doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing. I also wonder if Billy Bean would be effective running the Yankees or a large market team? We are seeing the same moves every year. 6 – 7 middle of the road starting pitchers, some with question marks and a bench load of older veterans. And most of this scrap yard gang being over paid. As someone stated earlier, this will slow down the progress of the new owner stepping in. I hope we don’t lose Logan White before the new ownership steps in. OUT

  7. Jae says:

    Ned will be gone on the day the new owner takes over.

  8. Mark_Timmons says:

    Here\’s my point – given the payroll constraints Ned is facing, I think he is making the right moves. Here\’s why: The Dodgers will rise or fall upon what Andre Ethier, James Loney, Matt Kemp, Chad Billingsley, Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen and Dee Gordon can do. At 3B, the Dodgers have two options, as well at 2B. They have multiple options everywhere.

    At the heart of the matter is the fact that these guys are vets, which can be important to the youngsters. Sure, some may be injury-prone, but if Loney, Kemp, Bills, Kershaw, Jansen, Ethier and Gordon can\’t deliver, it won\’t make any difference.

    With a few youngsters coming on, I can see the Dodgers doing very well this year. The first half of last year was a disaster, but the team that played the second half was about 20 games over .500.

    That\’s worth consideration.

    Now, I think Ned should have been fired long ago, but this off-season could end up making him look good in his swan song. Wouldn\’t it be ironic if a new owner fired him and the Dodgers won 91 games with his group of players?

    Ned is history, but probably not because of this off-season.

  9. Bluenose Dodger says:

    Maybe we luck out this year and these guys don’t go on the DL as has been our pattern in recent years with aging players. Maybe we win 91 games. It certainly is possible.

    My point is that with the money expended we could have had Kuroda and some of these guys or other guys like them.

    A second point is that this is our yearly pattern, signing old guys for too much and too long. Ned just seems to see the immediate future, not beyond two years. Older guys never give us that.

  10. Viva_El_Che says:

    yeah but i still would hav wanted dodgers to sign kuroda then any of these guys & ned couldve too.

  11. jose says:

    let’s be honest dodgers are weak in the corner positions, by weak i mean no power. We have a fat 3rd basemen that would rather be eating burritos then spending time in the cages. sucks we have an owner thats does not have any money and a gm that likes to blow money on washup players. loved the way the dodgers played the 2nd half need to built on that, by bringing in quality not used up players. The Miami Marlins are making the dodgers look like the Clippers. What’s Ned next move, Zach Lee for Tim Wakefield, or signing Jamie Moyer, let just wait and see.

  12. Bill Russell says:

    Hey Bunny, That’s one big pucker on Mark.

  13. The Bunny Rabbit inside Broxton's Soul says:

    Yup.. I wish I had as much talent at graphics as this guy does. It’s hilarious

  14. Mark_Timmons says:

    Open Letter to M. Brown of,

    It’s ironic that the people who accuse me of being vile are as vile as they say I am. You attack and berate lots of people, so I don’t really feel privileged. It’s just amazing that you are such a simpleton who doesn’t know a joke when he sees it… uh, no it’s not, I guess.

    Maybe you’ll introduce yourself to me some day instead of hiding in your internet fortress. ;) See, I don’t hide. I use my real name, my real picture and I live by the motto:

    “I said it.

    I Meant it.

    And I’m here to Represent it.”

    I apologize to those of you who don’t have the brains or understanding to know a joke when you see it. I am truly sorry for you.

    Now, go hide behind your keyboard in your Mommy’s basement.

    You are pretty average at photoshop though. That’s something… but what’s so hard about putting your mouth where mine was. A 5th grader can do that.

  15. Michael says:

    Let’s talk baseball.
    As Buds last Major he has Albert coming to town and David Wright coming in a trade for Kenley,Loney and a couple young arms. SHAZAM

  16. Roger Dodger says:

    Ned is a decent good GM for the position the Dodgers are in at present. Maybe his early track record of mis-fired signings look bad now, but so far here is my take:

    The roster that the Dodgers have right now is a heck of a lot better than 1 year ago.

    5 professional starters without having to look to has-bins, and a stronger bull pen. Better bench, and some nice vets just added. Remember about a year and a half ago, Ned make some public statements about Matt Kemp underperforming — well, Matt turned it around and had one of the best Dodger hitting seasons ever.

    No, Ned has not signed one of the top 10 FAs this winter, but not sure McCourt would have given him the OK.

    I hope he will even do more, must wait and see.

  17. Jae says:

    I have reason to believe.

  18. Anonymous says:

    decent GM, did Ned just sign another catcher? Bard! WOW!

  19. Bill Russell says:

    We need one backup catcher for every starting #4 & 5 pitcher we sign.

  20. SRRoadie says:

    When did Sarah Morris change her name/sex and start writing for this shitty blog?

  21. Sarah Morris says:

    I have more brains than that SRRoadie.

  22. Viva_El_Che says:

    what big bat could ned be trying to trade for?

  23. Viva_El_Che says:

    who the fuk is josh bard ??? should i jus kill the man already? ; )


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