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Can Steven Cohen be the Next Dodger Owner?

On the surface, Steven Cohen really is the most qualified, he of multiple billions who sits squarely in the elite company as one of the Top 35 Richest People in America.  He has also has enlisted Steve Greenberg, who has strong ties to MLB and Bug Selig and Arn Tellum, one of the major sports agents.  Additionally he has the backing of David Geffen and Eli Broad.

Greenberg and Tellum could end up being top executives for the team.  With Cohen as the owner, money would not be an issue.  The other groups who are also competing for the Dodgers are not well-funded.  Gilbert and Company, O’Malley, Magic Johnson, Garvey and Hershiser, and all the rest are scrambling for capital.  Cohen has more money than he needs, by himself, and could undoubtedly persuade either Broad or Geffen, or both, to take a minority position with the team.

His only problem is that he runs a hedge fund which in itself, is not generally regarded as a highly “above-board” enterprise.  However, some executives in his firm have been charged with criminal acts and it is rumored that his company could face legal reprisals as well.  That may or not be true, but after the Mets fiasco with Bernie Madoff, MLB will be given pause when considering Steven Cohen.  There is some some there, however.

It’s ironic that the best qualified potential owner of the Dodgers has baggage.  Whoever heard of that?  It shall be interesting to see how it pays… I mean plays out, as Cohen is the one who can most afford to overpay for the Dodgers.  He’d be a slam dunk if not for that shadowy Hedge Fund…

Let’s hope there’s no fire, even if there is smoke.

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7 Responses to “Can Steven Cohen be the Next Dodger Owner?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    MLB and players want the Dodgers organization back in real business. Dodger fans want the Dodgers back in the tradition they are used to.

    I keep hearing that McCourt is broke, divorced, bills to pay, deadlines to meet, and is to sell his team — sometime soon.

    Bidders are lining up. I read that January 13, 2012 is the last date for suitors to file offers.

    Several thoughts:

    A) I want deep pockets some how, some way. Why? Look at the Cubs. New ownership, lifetime Cub fan, local ownership — but not deep pockets and cannot go after Fielder unless Fielder goes for fewer years (3). The experts says the Cubbies must build from within.

    B) Other owners must approve the sale at some point. But some of the owners, especially those in the N.L. West, and a lot of other owners — would rather not approve really deep pockets. For fear that the Dodgers could build and trade and buy teams like the Yankees and Red Sox.

    I think soon we will see some real action, development, and announcement. I do not know about these judges that differ from one another — and could there be legal problems and postpone dates . . . those issues are way over my head and reach.

  2. Mark_Timmons says:

    That is true, but here\’s what makes this different: If MLB doesn\’t approve the winning bid, McCourt can seek to have the bankruptcy court override MLB. It\’s all very strange indeed.

  3. Vince McMahon says:

    I would love to be the owner of the Dodgers. Quite frankly, I am thinking of bidding for the team.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      So Vince, have you been wrestlng with the idea of bidding on the team.

      Maybe Randy \”Machoman\” Savage will want to go in with you…

  4. Michael says:

    I believe that it has been stipulated that for a bid to be submitted it must have pre-approval from the baseball Gods for ownership in an expediated[60 second credit approval]not a drawn out ,arm twisting [you'll change leagues or else] process.

    So as I understand it, Frank will choose [unless he slithers under another rock] from Buds list.

    • Mark_Timmons says:


      I would say that Bud better have a good reason why someone like Cohen would not be included or the Bankruptcy Court might be forced to intervene. I am pretty certain that the high bidder will win unless he has a criminal record, be it Cuban or Cohen.

      However, Cuban won\’t overpay. Cohen will. He can afford it more than Cuban even though Cuban ain\’t chopped liver.

  5. Mark_Timmons says:

    … at least I don’t think Cuban will overpay.


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