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Are Dodgers Really in the Chase for Prince?

According to Bruce Levine of ESPN/Chicago ”The Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Dodgers are reportedly the main suitors for Fielder at this point, with the Cubs still in the running.

At the same time, Dylan Hernandez of The LA Times reports just the opposite: “With six days until Christmas, the Dodgers are nearly finished with their shopping. Their 2012 roster is practically set.”

Someone has it wrong.  Who is not telling us the truth?  Is Ned deliberately misleading Dylan and the rest of us?

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11 Responses to “Are Dodgers Really in the Chase for Prince?”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    If I were Prince, I am not sure I want to swing for the fences in Seattle. That field is one of the few I have not been to — so I cannot attest for the difficulty — except I keep hearing how hard it is to hit HRs there.

  2. Ken says:

    Trade Loney for anything.

    Fielder – 4 yr contract
    2012 (28) – $6 mil
    2013 (29) – $30 mil
    2014 (30) – $30 mil
    2015 (31) – $30 mil
    2016 – $16 mil deferred
    K = $112 mil or $28 mil per year

    Value of rights
    Fielder – $19 mil per year
    Protect Kemp – $2 mil per year
    Deferred $ – $2 mil per year
    Bonus for short term K – $5 mil per year

    Buy out the Boras long term K with an Opt-Out clause by shifting risk and compensating for risk.

    BE creative!

  3. Bobby says:

    I’m tellin you: Magic Johnson and MLB are telling Boras/Prince to just wait until this sale is final so they can make their instant splash!

    The longer he waits, the better chance we have of landing the Fresh Prince of Chavez Ravine!

  4. SpokaneBob says:

    Sounds good Ken.

    Is it possible that Prince actually WANTS to play in LA. His friend Matt will be there for a while and Tony for at least 2 more years. And then theres the weather….Chicago can be cold in the spring.

    Plus there is no rush to sign for Prince. The longer he waits the more he is likly to get.

  5. Bill Russell says:

    I think Ken may be on to something…………….

  6. DodgerDude says:


  7. THEdodgerdave says:

    Dear Santa:

    All I want for christmas is Prince Fielder.



  8. DRomo says:

    Prince has Scott Boras negotiating for him! Rememeber when Manny signed w/ the Dodgers? Spring Training!! Boras will wait as long as possible if the $$$ isn’t there. Our only shot is for no other team to offer Pujols money. Then swoop in and offer a 1 yr deal with deffered money!

  9. Voldomer says:

    This seems like a huge stretch to me, but Bruce Levine is one of the few guys in the baseball rumor business that I pay a lot of attention to.

  10. Jason says:

    Question 1:
    After reading the latest article “Dodgers likely done with offseason moves” from the dodgers website today… Are you guys buying it?
    It would be epic if they got Prince….But do you think this latest from Ned is just a smokescreen or do we all live in a dreamworld picturing the day he starts at 1st for the men in Dodger Blue?

    Question 2:
    Ok, how good would they hypothetically be with fielder if they actually get him? Too bad Loney can’t play third…haha. Loney in left Instead of Rivera? Trade loney?
    The lineup would be solid all the way through, especially if Dee continues to spark!

  11. DodgerDude says:

    You just never know…


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