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What Will Dee Gordon Do?

I think that the Dodgers success, or lack thereof in 2012, will depend upon the Rookie at Short Stop.   Will Dee Gordon be a 40/40 guy (40 SB’s and 40 errors or a 70/25 guy (70 SB’s and 25 errors)?    If he gets 70 stolen bases, it will mean that he is playing, and if he is playing, it probably means that he’s got at least a .320 OB%.  That probably won’t keep him in the lead-off spot however.

Dee will probably have to have a .330 or .340 on-base percentage (minimum) in order to hit lead-off.

What’s your prediction?

Here’s mine:

Dee Gordon:

.270 BA – .335 OB% – 78 SB – 31 Errors

I can live with that… and so can the Dodgers.

What do you think Dee will do?

One more prediction:   Will Logan White stay or be the GM in Houston?

I say, he’s gone!

Give James Loney a break – he’s been a good guy.  He was drunk – move on – there’s nothing to see here folks.

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9 Responses to “What Will Dee Gordon Do?”

  1. Mark_Timmons says:

    You mean Jeff Luhnow. Naw, that’s not real… That was kind of a slap in the face wasn’t it, IMHO!


    I’m kidding, guys.

    Another year with Logan…

  2. Glass Is Half Full Again says:

    I thought Houston hired a GM and it wasn’t Logan…

  3. Bluenose Dodger says:

    I think the Dodger success will be aided greatly by Dee having a good year. I don’t think our success depends on him nor is it fair to expect him in his second year to assume that status.

    I think our success depends on a combination of factors – Kemp, Ethier, Loney all having good seasons, Kershaw and Bills both pitching well, our young relief pitchers pitching well, and Dee showing he has arrived. Also a chance for Jerry Sands to play.

    In other words, our success depends on our home grown players primarily and also on how well the old guys we acquired do. It is a team game and I don’t think we can lean on Dee yet, as important as the table setter is. I think he has to get his walks and K’s into a better balance. If he does he will hit in the .280 range, steal 60 bases and make 30 errors. His range will more than compensate for his errors. His OBP will be in the .335 range.

    As for James Loney. I am extremely disappo1nted. I know he is a good guy but moving on isn’t that easy. If he was under an influence. he was putting others at risk. If he wants to put himself at risk, OK, but remember Nick Adenhart. His lack of responsibility can’t just be passed off. I have seen too many good people killed or maimed for life by drunk drivers. Those killed includes children.

    Further to that, James didn’t notify the team of the incident. They found out through a third party. That’s not good enough. Being drunk is not an excuse for anything, other than stupidity.

    What if James was under the influence of drugs banned by baseball? Does he face a 50 game suspension? You pass on it too lightly, IMO, Mark.

  4. Bluenose Dodger says:

    James’ interview with ESPN gives hope he was just in an accident. Hopefully so. Then we move on.

  5. Dave says:

    I can see Gordon putting up those numbers, too. I also can see batting Hairston second. With what we have, and IF we got Fielder, who else would you put in the 2 hole? Hairston has decent to good on base percentage. I don’t see any other table setter to put in the 2 hole. I would bat Fielder 3rd though, then Kemp, then Ethier to break up the lefties. Fielder would get more at bats in the 3 hole. Kemp is an obvious choice for clean-up hitter. Wishful thinking though with Fielder. I still say he signs with the Rangers. They have the money and it would be their answer to their rivals signing Pujols. Can you imagine that Rangers’ line-up with Fielder? Wow!

  6. Bill Russell says:

    If Texas or someone doesn’t offer up the big contract, Boras could have Fielder sign for 1-2 years with someone else until the big market teams need a 1st baseman again. It would be great if we could figure out a way to sign him until the new owner takes over. I think we could contend with his bat in the lineup. I bet he would love to be a Dodger. Wishful thinking.

    Dave, I would bat Gordon, Ethier, Kemp, Fielder, Rivera, Uribe, Ellis, Fed Ex. 5-7 interchangeable…………… Kemp ahead of Fielder because of speed on the bases.

  7. coloblue says:

    Gordon….275 BA…52 steals…33 errors and 1 hr..(inside park)..

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    What does this mean:

    Ryan Braun Tested Positive for PEDs

  9. Torsten says:

    Ellis (Mark, not AJ) will hit second. They will figure that if Dee gets on base, Ellis will see a lot of fastballs and approach his form when he was in Oakland a few years back. Kemp third, Ethier fourth, Rivera fifth, Loney, then Uribe, then whoever is catching. That way you alternate lefty righty most of the way down and limit the other guys’ situational pitching options. Put it in Sharpie.


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